Wealth Advice From a Leading Tech Investor And Founder Of AngelList
Product Leverage Is Egalitarian in Its Outputs
Apr 19 • 5 min
The outputs of labor and capital are limited to the people who control those resources. But the best outputs of product leverage reach global markets.
Product and Media Are the Leverage of New Wealth
Apr 17 • 5 min
Product and media are the leverage of new wealth. Create software and media that work for you while you sleep.
Labor and Capital Are Older Forms of Leverage
Apr 15 • 4 min
Wealth requires leverage. Labor and capital are older forms of leverage that everyone is fighting over.
Take on Accountability to Earn Equity
Apr 13 • 4 min
If you have high accountability, you’re less replaceable and you can get a piece of the business.
Embrace Accountability to Get Leverage
Apr 11 • 4 min
Embrace accountability. Society will reward you with leverage.
There’s No Actual Skill Called Business
Apr 8 • 5 min
There’s no actual skill called business. Avoid business schools and magazines.
The Ultimate Foundations Are Math and Logic
Apr 5 • 3 min
If you understand mathematics and logic, you have the basis for understanding everything else.
Read What You Love Until You Love to Read
Apr 3 • 4 min
You should be able to pick up any book in the library and read it.
Learn to Sell, Learn to Build—You’ll Be Unstoppable
Mar 31 • 5 min
Learn to sell. Learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable.
Specific Knowledge Is Highly Creative or Technical
Mar 28 • 5 min
Specific knowledge tends to be creative or technical. It’s on the bleeding edge of technology, art and communication.
Arm Yourself With Specific Knowledge
Mar 25 • 6 min
Arm yourself with specific knowledge. It can’t be trained but it can be found by pursuing your genuine curiosity.
Partner With Rational Optimists
Mar 22 • 5 min
Don’t partner with cynics and pessimists. Their beliefs are self-fulfilling.
Pick Partners With Intelligence, Energy and Integrity
Mar 22 • 4 min
Picking partners with high intelligence, energy and integrity is the three-part checklist that you can’t compromise on.
Play Long-term Games With Long-term People
Mar 19 • 6 min
Pick an industry where you can play long-term games with long-term people. All returns in life come from compound interest over many turns of the game.
The Internet Has Massively Broadened Career Possibilities
Mar 19 • 4 min
The Internet has massively broadened the possible space of careers, by allowing you to scale any niche obsession.
Give Society What It Doesn’t Know How to Get
Mar 14 • 2 min
Society will pay you for creating what it wants, but doesn’t know how to get, and delivering it at scale.
Live Below Your Means for Freedom
Mar 11 • 2 min
People living far below their means enjoy a freedom that people busy upgrading their lifestyles just can’t fathom.
You Won’t Get Rich Renting Your Time
Mar 8 • 4 min
You won’t get rich renting out your time, because you can’t earn non-linearly.
Make Luck Your Destiny
Mar 7 • 4 min
Build your character in a way so luck becomes deterministic.
Making Money Isn’t About Luck
Mar 6 • 5 min
Making money isn’t about luck. It’s about becoming the kind of person who makes money.
Free Markets Are Intrinsic to Humans
Mar 6 • 4 min
We’re the only animals who cooperate across genetic boundaries, because we can track credits and debits in voluntary exchanges.
Ethical Wealth Creation Makes Abundance
Mar 5 • 3 min
Wealth isn’t about taking something from somebody else—it’s about creating abundance for the world.
Seek Wealth, Not Money or Status
Mar 5 • 6 min
The difference between wealth, money and status.