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Craft Business Life
A podcast about the day-to-day lives and careers of actors and other artists. [email protected] This podcast will always be completely free and completely ad-free but if you wish to support it you can do so here: Thank You So Much

Cooper Shaw
Aug 1 • 210 min
My guest is Cooper Shaw who has a very versatile career in acting, improv, teaching, and writing. She has both intensive improv and comedy training from Second City where she still teaches and an MFA in acting. She has lived and worked in Chicago, New…
Colin Colford
Jul 20 • 53 min
My guest is actor and carpenter Colin Colford. We discuss many things including how he uses his carpentry skills both backstage and as a day job and how a background in carpentry informs his approach to acting.
Joe Staton
Jun 16 • 47 min
My guest is actor Joe Staton, originally from the UK and now based here in New York. We discuss his unique childhood wherein his mother turned a tragedy into something positive for him and his brother including living in France and Spain, his parents’…
Jill Jackson
Jun 16 • 91 min
My guest is actress Jill Jackson who just moved to NYC quite recently. We discuss her decision to do so, how she found an apartment and a whole bunch of day jobs and how she juggles those along with pursuing her acting career, and more. References/Links:…
Abingdon Mullin
Jun 14 • 105 min
My guest is Abingdon Mullin who, among other things, is the founder and CEO of both the female active watch company The Abingdon Company and the nonprofit organization The Abingdon Foundation which helps with education and scholarships for women in STEAM…
IRTE Go To Sleep, Stupid Kids
Jun 2 • 19 min
A special interview with the cast, director, and technical director of the Improvisational Repertory Theater Ensemble (IRTE)’s current production, “Go To Sleep, Stupid Kids”, which is the final show of their eighth season and has one more weekend of…
Katherine Gage
Jun 1 • 99 min
My guest is actor and writer Katherine Gage. From a young age she always knew exactly what she wanted and was never afraid to focus completely on it and ignore the rest. She was also always willing to make the bold risky choice, not be satisfied if she…
Double D (Nannette Deasy & GraceAnn Dorse)
May 20 • 77 min
My guests are Nannette Deasy and Graceann Dorse, who comprise the improv duo “Double D”. They not only perform improv live but they have also made several films which have been in various festivals etc. We talk about that, structure and technique for duo…
Joy Salomon-Corlobe
May 14 • 73 min
My guest is actor Joy Salomon-Corlobe, who is here on a visa from France. She discusses the many and unique challenges of that situation as well as her intense acting training from a young age back home in France and here in New York and the versatile…
Lauren Rooney
May 11 • 89 min
My guest is Philadelphia-based spokesperson and actress Lauren Rooney. She gives tremendous insight into the promotional category of the acting business discussing her careers on QVC and in the auto show world, among other things. She also exemplifies…
Rogue Players’ As You Like It
Apr 23 • 12 min
Special mini-podcast with the director and cast of the Rogue Players’ As You Like It coming up this week! Info/Tickets:
Lisa Danielle Buch
Apr 21 • 103 min
My guest is actor/writer/producer/teacher Lisa Danielle Buch. We talk about her powerful autobiographical solo show, “Simple Math” which is performing at The Tank next Sunday and Monday, and the difficult but important subject it deals with, as well as…
Bobby Mittelstadt
Apr 19 • 96 min
My guest is actor Bobby Mittelstadt who has, among other things, a unique job in the industry as a nonsinging actor with the Metropolitan Opera. We discuss that, day jobs, his journey from music to business to comedy to acting, his strong self-discipline…
Dawson Moore
Apr 13 • 77 min
My guest is Dawson Moore, playwright and coordinator of the Frontier Theater Conference, a long-running yearly conference in Valdez, Alaska to workshop new plays. We discuss the conference and its history as well as Dawson’s own life and career.…
Mary Sheridan
Apr 13 • 73 min
My guest is actor Mary Sheridan. We discuss keeping her passion for acting in and producing theater alive despite its many challenges, balancing life with a day job and being a parent with being an actor, how she was able to merge her academic study of…
Claire Kraus
Apr 13 • 93 min
My guest is actor/writer/improviser and many other things Claire Kraus. We speak thoroughly about many interesting subjects including her introspection and process while training as an actor, balancing day jobs and your career goals, being self-motivated…
Dr. Bethany Miller
Apr 1 • 91 min
My guest is Dr. Bethany Miller whose varied life, career, and experience culminated in a doctoral thesis which became a book and a company all called Flux Agents which is about the characteristics of people who crave variety and challenges in their career…
Christie Bishop
Mar 27 • 66 min
My guest is advertising executive and podcaster Christie Bishop. We had a tremendous conversation about the advertising world, the economic impact of 9/11, being a manager, balancing professional and personal life and relationships, and many other topics.…
Meagan Selinsky
Mar 27 • 78 min
My guest is dancer Meagan Selinsky. Meagan has been in serious dance training pretty much her entire life. We talk about that, a unique physical obstacle she had to overcome along with other challenges, the struggles of being from Canada and on a limited…
Genevieve V. Beller
Mar 27 • 97 min
My guest is costume designer Genevieve V. Beller. We had an immense discussion all about the costume design and construction field. References/Links:
Group Discussion - Julie McNamara & Lydia Kalmen
Mar 24 • 79 min
In the first of many group discussion episodes where previous guests come back on together to chat, Lydia Kalmen and Julie McNamara join me for some updates and a conversation on various topics. References/Links: Rogue Players’ As You Like It April 25-28:…
Megan Rae Little
Mar 24 • 87 min
My guest is actor and singer Megan Rae Little. We cover quite a few subjects including budgeting, living with roommates, balancing life and money when you work at a restaurant, taking care of your voice, out of town theater and specifically the large…
Thomas Daniels
Mar 23 • 102 min
My guest is actor Thomas Daniels. We had a great conversation about many topics including catering serving as a survival job, Meisner training, portraying villains, and much more. We also discuss his theater company, Tantrum East, which is devoted to…
Nannette Deasy
Mar 21 • 82 min
My guest is actor and improviser Nannette Deasy. Among other things she is the founder and director of the Improvisational Repertory Theater Ensemble (IRTE), a unique improvised theater show series now in its eighth season. We discuss that, how improv can…
Amy Jo Jackson
Mar 14 • 95 min
My guest is actor/singer/cabaret performer and producer/dialect coach Amy Jo Jackson. We delve into the dialect coaching aspect of her career for most of the episode but also touch on the difference in lifestyle when she’s home in NYC vs out of town doing…
Haley Ostir
Mar 13 • 126 min
My guest is dancer/actor/singer Haley Ostir. She was born and raised in Canada, trained at the Boston Conservatory, and is now based in New York. She discusses the challenges of being an international on a limited visa and how that pushes her to extra…
Jennifer Breslin
Mar 12 • 108 min
My guest is actor Jennifer Breslin who has a very unique tale in that she’s now based in Ireland just because she wanted to live there and is applying for acting work there and still everywhere remotely. She discusses how she realized you really can do…
Julie McNamara
Mar 8 • 104 min
My guest is actor and classically trained singer Julie McNamara. We cover a range of topics including practical advice for actors, choosing to live a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, creating your own content, yoga, and many other things. References/Links:…
Ella Smith
Mar 8 • 78 min
My guest is actor Ella Smith. We discuss a variety of things including her notable work teaching acting to inmates at Riker’s Island and a great discussion about actor training which unfortunately we had to cut short but we will have a part two soon and…
Rachel Romack
Mar 1 • 83 min
My guest is actor Rachel Romack. As of the recording she’s only been in New York City about 5 months so we discuss finding an apartment, jobs, etc and transitioning to life here, as well as finding auditions etc. We also talk about smaller markets with…
Lydia Kalmen
Feb 21 • 124 min
My guest is Actor Lydia Kalmen. We go in-depth on what it’s like to be an actor in New York City, her work, her training, how she balances life, etc. Her website is
Lori Malkin
Feb 21 • 65 min
My guest today is Casting Director Lori Malkin. Lori has been in the business a long time and shares her story as well as insights and advice from both the CD side and the Actor side.