This Week In APBA Anchor preview

This Week In APBA Anchor preview
Announcing our new podcast platform!

TWIA Episode #69 with special guest, Jim Sce
Sep 30 • 42 min
I speak with Jim Sce about retirement, replays, his dog Miles and if his wife, Lorraine is sick of him yet.
This Week In APBA episode #67
Sep 2 • 48 min
Greg Barath chats with me about his 2018-19 College Football Tournament Replay! 🏈🏈🏈
This Week In APBA Episode #6️⃣6️⃣❗️
Aug 11 • 55 min
This Week I talk with the Lancaster World Series tournament director, Dale Schreiner. Also, my conversation with 9 year old, Vince Cavanaugh, winner of the Robert Henry Tournament and his dad, Brian.
2019 APBA Convention Tournament Champions!
Jul 18 • 75 min
Chuck Sorce (Hockey), Steve Ryan (APBAGO NATIONAL Champion) and Amy Wyks (Baseball) talk about their titles at this years’ convention.
A look at the Down Under Baseball League.
Jun 30 • 57 min
“A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, better known as the DUBL, came to northern Kentucky for their annual league meeting, which results in a marathon of card and dice play.
APBA Convention roadie!!
Jun 19 • 77 min
John and Ken on the road to APBA-tetra Georgia.
This Week In APBA #63…2019 Convention Episode.
Jun 17 • 75 min
John Herson gives a rundown on the happenings for the 2019 APBA Convention!
This Week In APBA #62 with host, John Asalon!
May 25 • 53 min
This week my guests are Chris White who talks about the tournament he directs in Las Vegas and Dominick Provisiero with another edition of Commissioners’ Corner.
This Week In APBA Episode #61
May 12 • 45 min
My guests include Lisa and Randy Walker, Darrell May, and another Commissioners’ Corner with Dom Provisiero
TWIA upcoming podcast preview
May 9 • 9 min
A look at some future shows
This Week In APBA #60 with special guests John Cody and Dom Provisiero.
Apr 6 • 53 min
Host, John Asalon discusses APBA and music with John Cody. Dominick Provisiero introduces his “Commissioners’ Corner” segment.
TWIA #59 with special guest, APBA CEO, John Herson
Mar 31 • 66 min
Show host, John Asalon kicks off the re-boot of the This Week In APBA podcasts on Anchor with an in depth chat with game company CEO John Herson
This Week In APBA #58
Feb 26 • 56 min
We begin our inaugural podcast on the Anchor Podcast forum!! I hope you like it! My guest this week is author and APBA enthusiast, Don Zminda . Don talks about his interesting career and his latest book about the life of sportscasting legend, Harry Caray.
Feb 20 • 3 min
A quick introduction to our new TWIA podcast provider, Anchor!