The Women I Know

The Women I Know
The women I know have taught me countless lessons and brought immense joy into my life. This podcast is where I honor them, their unique stories and their teachings. Special thank you to VIAA for our intro song: Blind Love

Investing Like A Woman: Ep. 5 With Jennifer Burks
May 15 • 81 min
Jennifer Burks is a Philly native who has been working in finance for over 10 years. She is a brilliant financial mind and also one of my best friends! We discuss everything from meeting as two freshman college girls at The University of Delaware to…
Sister Check In: Ep. 4
Apr 24 • 26 min
In this mini episode, I check in with you! I admit to falling short, share some information about The Wing, a co working space for women, wax poetic about Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” album, talk about generational trauma and shoutout some of the women who have…
Your Comfort Zone is Killing You: Ep. 3 With Karina Cabreja
Mar 21 • 60 min
Karina Cabreja is, like myself a Native New Yorker of Afro Latina decent. She is EXTREMELY Dominican and EXTREMELY New York. She is also a mother, a music industry vet and a radio host. She recently uprooted her life to pursue her dream of being on the…
Being Brave is Hard: Ep. 2 With Chiquita Brujita
Mar 6 • 47 min
We made it to episode 2! Hooray! This episode is pretty special because you’re meeting my first ever guest and she is someone I have known for a long, long time. Chiquita Brujita (@chiquitabrujita) is the inspiring HBIC behind Brooklyn Brujeria, the…
Failure to Fly: Ep 1 With Host, Zoila Darton
Feb 20 • 29 min
Welcome to The Women I Know! This is a podcast about extraordinary women hosted by me, Zoila Darton, founder of LA based agency, WORD Creative. Special thank you to VIAA for our intro song: Blind Love On this first episode, I dive into a bit of my…