Trees A Crowd

Trees A Crowd
Join artist and actor David Oakes for a series of informal, relaxed conversations with artists, scientists, creatives and environmentalists, as they celebrate the beauty of the natural world and how it inspires us as human beings.

Dr Guy Stevens: Guarding the Big Blue’s Gentle Giant
May 16 • 49 min
Dr Guy Stevens is the CEO and co-founder of The Manta Trust. An experienced marine biologist and expert in conservation, he set up the Maldivian Manta Ray Project in 2005. Working closely with the Maldivian government to establish protective measure…
Dr Fay Clark: Ring-tails, Killer Whales and the history of the British Zoo.
May 6 • 57 min
Dr Fay Clark is an animal welfare scientist. A self-confessed “zoo geek”, she specialises in the assessment and enhancement of captive animal welfare in traditional zoos, safari parks, sanctuaries and aquariums. She is currently based at Bristol Zoo…
Dr Ellinor Michel: Snail shells and concrete dinosaurs in deep time
Apr 25 • 60 min
Dr Ellinor Michel is a molluscan systemetist and ecologist at the Natural History Museum and chair of the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. Her work focuses on malacology (the study of molluscs), taxonomy and nomenclature, and the ecology of the …
Dr Steve Etches: Plumbing the prehistoric depths of the Kimmeridge Clay
Apr 22 • 55 min
Dr Steve Etches MBE is a renowned fossil expert. His collection of over 2,000 pieces from the Kimmeridge Clay include remains of ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, pterosaurs and a whole host of Jurassic marine life. Once housed in his garage, the collectio…
Dr Katherine Brent: Morris dancing, bees and badger cull protestors
Apr 11 • 31 min
Dr Katherine Brent from Wotton-Under-Edge has danced the Morris since she was 18 years old for sides including Red Stags, Winterbourne Down, Rag Morris and Madcap Morris. She also teaches beekeeping for Rory’s Well, a charity dedicated to regenerati…
Astrid Goldsmith: Puppets, politics, and The Wind in the Willows with extra Wombles
Apr 4 • 52 min
Astrid Goldsmith is an award-winning stop-motion animator. After tuition from Great Uncle Bulgaria and 12 years of hand-making models for other people - including Garth Jennings (for “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”), the boy band Blue and the…
David Fettes: Going against the crowd - and the best moment to press the button
Mar 24 • 48 min
David Fettes is technically a wildlife photographer but is far better described as a force – and primarily a part – of nature. Growing up in India and in England, surrounded by snakes, langur monkeys and even more baleful creatures, he has stretched…
Polly Morgan: Form and colour rather than life and death
Mar 6 • 43 min
Polly Morgan is a modern artist known for her sculptural taxidermy. Growing up in pastoral Oxfordshire, she’s been surrounded by animals from an early age. After moving to London to read English literature at university, she took a one-day course in…
Mark Frith: a legacy of Britain’s ancient oaks
Feb 20 • 47 min
Mark Frith is an artist and film-maker. His documentaries include “The War on Love”, “Hotel Splendide”, and BAFTA award-winning documentary “The Lie of the Land”. In 2011, he began a project which was commissioned by the late publisher and poet Feli…