Craig Brain

Craig Brain
Craig Brain is not your brain or my brain, but neither must unity be predicated upon uniformity, and this is an invitation for you to take a peek inside the gross (pun intended), squishy alien matter inside of Craig’s Brain. Take a peek.

32 - My Vows (And Our Victories)
Oct 8 • 19 min
One night, my wife and I were talking about what we should do for our twentieth wedding anniversary. We decided it’d be fun (and far funnier) to throw a massive celebration for our nineteenth, instead. Who the hell throws a random nineteenth wedding…
31 – Sexpectations (Get Some)
Oct 1 • 16 min
I’ll start here: I was a virgin when I married Jeanette. She wasn’t. Given the “purity-ring” idealism I’d been raised with and the resulting expectations about the way life “should happen,” I almost allowed that reality to ruin our dating relationship…
30 – I Only Have Eyes for You (& Your Penis)
Sep 24 • 21 min
Beyond our situation, what we’ve learned through our work at XXXchurch is that wives, in general, have a difficult time believing that they live up to the women their husbands see every day – on the street, on a billboard, watching porn. The comparisons…
29 – Tics (& Trials & Parenting Through Pain)
Sep 17 • 22 min
In 2014, I wrote the following email to a woman at the Tourette Association of America. — To Whom It May Concern, First, though I am writing this letter to you today, I would ask that you do not share the following story publicly. At least for the time…
28 - The Opposite Sex (A Lesson Learned During A Private Massage In A Hotel Bedroom)
Sep 10 • 25 min
Hotel properties, in my opinion, have the best spas, and especially in tourist-trap cities like Vegas. Jeanette and I enjoy the Aria and the Palazzo, and of course, the Cosmo was where my “official” Spa Day encounter with the Lord took place a few years…
27 – Wear One Hat (Give The Rest To Tech)
Sep 3 • 17 min
I wanted to close out this Work & Workmanship section with something a bit more pragmatic– less “self-reflective journal entry” and more “practical thoughts on getting ideas launched and work accomplished.” As mentioned previously, I work with a ton of…
26 - An Instagram Husband (In The Amazon)
Aug 27 • 17 min
People get popular (or–if not popular–discover some measure of success) doing what they love to do. But growth, success and/or popularity involve maintenance, and it doesn’t take long before you’re stuck in the weeds, where working on “maintaining” your…
25 – Just Say No (To No)
Aug 20 • 36 min
How often do we dream without ever even trying to chase after our desires, quenched by insecurities that keep us from giving ourselves permission to start? I did my best to silence every no with a yes. To look past the fears that arose, and the what ifs?…
24 - Not So Talented Shows (Yet)
Aug 19 • 16 min
I’ve always hated talent shows, and I’ve always thought that we should probably be calling them something more appropriate, like: Not-So-Talented-Shows. Like, “Hey, would you like to come watch me be not-so-talented on stage tonight?” That was before my…
23 – Alice Cooper Was Right (School Sucks)
Aug 6 • 21 min
Our education system is broken, and with over one trillion dollars in U.S. College debt, I think it’s a waste of time and money. Of course, God decided it’d be fun to give me a daughter who is a Number One on the Enneagram – the Perfectionist – who wants…
22 – The Babysitter Club (How To Be A Responsible Adult)
Jul 30 • 33 min
My question for you – grown-ass-adult that you are – is: whether or not you’ve got a job that affords you the privilege of choosing your employer… are you capable of being a reliable employee? Can you hit a deadline (without having to be chased down)? Can…
21 – Christian Cannabis
Jul 23 • 30 min
In this episode, Craig Gross gives you a behind the scenes look behind the launch of Christian Cannabis.
20 – Stepping Out (And Trust Falls)
Jul 16 • 14 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain shares about letting go and trust.
19 – Quarterbacks & Coaches (You Do You, Boo) 100%
Jul 9 • 23 min
In this podcast, Craig Gross talks about stepping away from from his role at XXXchurch.
18 – Dave, What The Hell? (Career, Life and Passion Paralysis)
Jul 2 • 17 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain shares about the letter to his friend. The opposite things they have and the things that he learned from him.
17 - Sixteen Candles (Money, Work & Rolex Wrist Wrap)
Jun 25 • 20 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain shares about the letter to his son and the struggle that his wife’s been through.
16 – Pioneers & Builders (& Our Thing)
Jun 18 • 17 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain shares about the personality being a builder and pioneer.
15 – On Clarity (And Creating Fun)
Jun 11 • 17 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain talks about the clarity in creating fun.
14 – Don’t Sit On Your Gift (My One Thing)
Jun 4 • 21 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain talks about the what is one thing that you can do that others can’t.
13 – For Elise (You’re my A-Team)
May 28 • 27 min
In this podcast, Craig Gross shares about her relationship and that he would do anything for her daughter.
12 – Thanks Dad (Now & Not Yet)
May 21 • 13 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain shares his upside down relationship with his dad.
11 – The Gross Goods (Life Over Revenue)
May 14 • 20 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain talks about why this project named as The Gross Goods.
10 – Traditions & Staycations (You Pick Up The Tab)
May 7 • 22 min
In this podcast, Craig Brain was discussing about how Traditions in life changes when time pass by.
9 - My Nine Questions (Who Do You Listen To?)
Apr 30 • 15 min
In this podcast, Craig Gross discuss on who do you choose to listen.
8 – My Sunday Best (And All The Hurt Beneath It)
Apr 23 • 11 min
In this podcast, Craig Gross shares about what’s underneath your Sunday’s best and his own experience with his family.
7 – The Godforsaken Devil’s Lettuce (Saved My Life)
Apr 16 • 31 min
In this podcast, Craig Gross talks about a sensitive topic about Marijuana. The benefits and a good help of that plant in a person’s condition/sickness.
6 – A Letter To My Son (and You)
Apr 9 • 9 min
In this podcast, Craig Gross shares that he writes a letter to my son. He also mentioned that he was asked “How do you do a better job of expressing your feelings, expressing your thoughts or how proud you are of the people in your life?”.
5 – A Gross Christmas
Apr 2 • 11 min
In this podcast, Craig Gross’ shares about their family’s Christmas tradition and how they handle the true essence of Christmas to their kids.
4 – Turn Your Damn Phone Off (a PSA from Old Man Craig)
Mar 26 • 11 min
In this podcast, Craig talks about the urgency that we feel in receiving many notifications from technology. He emphasize in talking the person personally rather than reaching out at the phone and enjoy some moments without your phone.
3 - Spa Day (or, Sin City Jesus)
Mar 19 • 10 min
In this podcast episode, Craig was sharing about his first journal entry that he wrote way back January 20, 2017 that changes his whole life.
2 - Levi’s Foreword
Mar 12 • 15 min
In this podcast episode Craig introduces Levi Macallister.
Craig’s Introduction
Feb 18 • 15 min
In this first episode of the CraigBrain podcast, Craig Gross goes behind the scenes and explains why he started this series.