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The Statist Quo
Everyday for your entire life, you’ve been force fed garbage, and you’re expected to take it with a smile! Now is the time to stop those pesky schools, social media, and news networks from leading you off a cliff into an eternal sleep. Wake up today!

A Conversation With Todd Hagopian
Dec 2 • 48 min
Today’s episode, we’re joined by a special guest, Todd Hagopian, who WAS running for LP Chair, until his announcement of withdrawal on 12/3. While getting his name out for Libertarian Party Chair race is now irrelevant, there was still a very produc…
BONUS: On Killing/On Combat (w/ Pat Watson - Uncensored Tactical)
Nov 26 • 137 min
Pat comes back on to discuss two books that have some great value.
Embracing the Suck ( w/ Chuck D)
Nov 25 • 97 min
Matt sits down with our buddy Chuck, an Army Iraq War vet, to discuss Iraq, deployment, and struggles we’ve had afterwards. We also discuss a project he has in the works that I am super stoked about, a podcast series on PTSI, …
Unlawful Orders and Unjust Wars
Nov 21 • 121 min
Matt discusses the recent pardoning of some military veterans.
“It Will Take a Republican…” (w/ Monica Perez)
Nov 14 • 110 min
Matt has an entertaining conversation with radio host Monica Perez, of WSB ATL, and host of The Propaganda Report!
The Bonus Army
Nov 10 • 83 min
Veterans Day Special - Matt reviews the origins of veterans day and tells the forgotten tale of the bonus army.
Represent Thy Self (w/ Donnie Gebert)
Nov 5 • 124 min
An insightful conversation with Author, Donnie Gebert.
Pnochet’s Legacy: Disarmed and Brutalized
Oct 25 • 76 min
In today’s Statist Quo, Matt goes into some current events, including some of the militarized Musical Chairs going on in the Middle East, and notes the few recent casualties in the 18 year old Afghanistan war. He also goes int…
The Road To Voluntaryism (w/ Theodore - Crowd Funded Govt)
Oct 18 • 80 min
Interview with Theodore, of Crowd Funded Govt!
On Conversations We Refuse to Have (w/ Jared - Biting the Bullet)
Oct 14 • 131 min
Jared from Biting the Bullet joins Matt to discuss an article about veterans issues.
MuH kUrDz!!!!
Oct 9 • 73 min
Every Statist loses their mind when the empire is at stake
TFW you have more suicides than combat deaths every year!
Oct 2 • 95 min
First up, PLEASE listen through to the end. There is a Public Service Announcement we want everyone to hear. Be advised, today is a pretty heavy topic. We go over a report on active duty military suicides, which also says that the National Guard out…
BONUS - Matt on Biting The Bullet podcast
Oct 1 • 139 min
Our host matt guest appears on the kim kardashian of podcasts
Big Brother Infringes Best!
Sep 26 • 66 min
Kiss Your Rights Goodbye thanks to big brother and red flag laws.
Fourth Generation Warfare and You
Sep 23 • 58 min
Summary of the culture wars, as perpetuated by the state
Hell Yes, We Are Going To Take Your Vape! (And Start Another War!)
Sep 18 • 77 min
Statists Gonna State
9/11: Gateway Drug to War
Sep 11 • 101 min
9/11 is the warhawks christmas.. Bolton however, received a lump of coal and severance pay.
Uncensored Tactical (w/ Pat Watson)
Sep 4 • 81 min
Pat Watson comes on to shoot the breeze about military, police, tactical training and the state!
Diagnosing Planet Earth
Aug 30 • 117 min
A show record today…Matt had his first podcasting injury. Today’s show touches on a ridiculous Afghanistan tweet by Marianne Williamson, and we expose the corrupt targeting of Backpage by the Feds. Also, we cover some of …
Gordon Clark, The Church, and Libertarianism (w/ Mike Lewis)
Aug 23 • 75 min
Is Christianty pro big govt, or does the bible argue different…?
Matt Freeman “Mental Defective”
Aug 22 • 97 min
With a new batch of congress, comes a new batch of problems. In this latest episode, Matt singles out the media’s new darling, Dan Crenshaw and exposes his snake-like instinct to ease the population into accepting the new proposed red flag laws, via…
The REAL story with the Philly Shootout!
Aug 18 • 49 min
Economics , gun control and corporate media propaganda.
Aug 14 • 85 min
Is the Epstein death a conspiracy?
The Red Flag
Aug 11 • 86 min
The state attempts to move closer to stripping away our god given rights.
Bulletproof Logic
Aug 7 • 91 min
Democrats are tyrants. Republicans are spinless. Surpised?
Kamala Harris - “Al Qaeda Apologist”
Aug 4 • 51 min
Join us today for a solo episode where Matt easily debunks the logic of the militant left. The drum beats for gun control. With 2 mass shootings occurring within a single 24 hour news cycle, you can rest assure that the pro state, anti freedom left …
Mossad Spy?
Jul 31 • 99 min
Jeff Epstein theories, Desperate US military, and exposed police corruption!
Church of Statism
Jul 28 • 46 min
Involuntary Collectivism leads to big states, and bigger problems.
Crime of the Mind
Jul 24 • 99 min
Trust in mainstream news is at record lows, for good reason. But the War Party and Deep State still must propagandize us all, so they pursue other avenues of messaging. One is Google and it’s Global News Initiative, funding local news to put out the…
Domestic Violence
Jul 22 • 65 min
in the right company, one can get away with murder.
Blue Snowflakes
Jul 18 • 29 min
Get out the Hurt Feelings Reports! The Plain View Project is an online database of questionable (at best) Facebook posts made by police officers. It gives us a peek into modern police culture, and it also caused 22 St. Louis cops to be put und…
Erasing History
Jul 16 • 66 min
If history is erased, it is doomed to be repeated.
Taser Happy Outlaws
Jul 11 • 24 min
Join us again this week for another mini episode where our host Matt, goes solo again, and addresses a very disturbing situation that occurred 2 years ago, however it is still topical enough to warrant our attention today. We discuss an articl…
A Well Regulated Militia
Jul 10 • 36 min
People say that the National Guard is over 300 years old. That’s half true. The National Guard as we know it has only been around for 103 years. The State Militia system, which the Guard grew out of, predates the founding of the USA, and was origina…
Independence Day
Jul 4 • 88 min
Happy Independence Day, although the state wants us dependent on them.
Debate Recap 2
Jul 1 • 65 min
On today’s solo show, Matt reflects on the passing of the heroic Justin Raimondo. Final thoughts are also shared on the 4 hour snooze fest, known as the first Democratic Presidential debate. Our host also dives a little deeper into the media reactio…
Dem Debate Review 6/26
Jun 27 • 44 min
analysis of the first democratic debate!
The Burn Pits
Jun 26 • 101 min
Today on the Statist Quo we catch you up on Iran..again. We go over the latest events in the manufactured “crisis”, recap the “evidence” of Iran’s “aggression”, and look at Congress’ dereliction of it’s Constitutional duties. We also take a deep…
Myth of Objectivity
Jun 19 • 90 min
The war drum beats for Iran! The US officials blame the recent oil tanker attacks, which took place in the Gulf of Oman, on Irans IRGC force, for what would only go down as one of the stupidest and most unnecessarily elaborate attacks si…
NEVER Bend the Knee! (ft. Pete Raymond)
Jun 11 • 58 min
an epic chat with the one and only, Pete Raymond!
Bang Bang
Jun 5 • 97 min
a coupe dudes discussing serious stuff
Memorial Day
May 29 • 86 min
What to make of memorial day.
The Military Industrial Agenda
May 22 • 90 min
Current issues, but only not bs.
Iran: Past & Present
May 16 • 93 min
With the establishment warmongers leading the charge, and the corporate media advertising the statist agenda, it sometimes can be difficult to find a solid point of view on the US foreign policy. With history books being void of any narration which …
Drugs are Bad, Mkay?
May 8 • 86 min
In the newest edition of The Statist Quo, we revisit the timeline presented in episode 12, which follows the history of the drug war. We learn Reagan isn’t the constitutional conservative that proponents claim. We tie in topics from previous episode…
Bad Papers
Apr 30 • 74 min
The effects of war, and bad paper discharge.
Origins of The Drug War
Apr 26 • 118 min
History of the war on drugs
State Sponsored Terror!
Apr 17 • 60 min
Foreign Policy, except done up in a truthful manner
Truth is Treason
Apr 11 • 60 min
Assange Arrest, NSA, and Police state spying appartus!
The Bill of Wrongs
Apr 4 • 80 min
War on Drugs, The abandoned Constitution, and Prison! Check it out now!
History of The War on Terror - Part 1
Mar 28 • 56 min
History goes back a little further than 9/11, in the War of Terror.
Department of Propaganda
Mar 23 • 82 min
The Military, and Hollywood make a deceptive duo!
Das Sozial (Socialism SUX - Volume 2)
Mar 17 • 75 min
You don’t have to sit on the sidelines. Are your friends advocating democratic socialism? Do they kick your ass when you try to debate it? We got you…get what you need to win the debate, and hopefully turn them away from favoring destructive government…
Socialism SUX - Volume 1
Mar 8 • 62 min
Socialism Sucks and we will prove it.
Foreign & Domestic
Feb 27 • 67 min
Get the scoop on the war in Yemen, and the war at home with a militarized police gone rampant.
Feb 23 • 66 min
Feb 19 • 47 min
join us for another episode where we lay it all out about the true state of things in our current situation with venezuela!
The School of the Americas
Feb 19 • 40 min
tune in as our host matt takes you through the school of the americas! learn about the atrocities and war crimes committed by people who still are working in the state to this day!