Lyft Mobile

Lyft Mobile
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Jun 4 • 39 min
Jeff Hurray joins us to talk about refactoring, tech debt, and architectural contagion. Also the “Swarm of Drones Lux” ride mode.
Leading Mobile Teams
May 16 • 40 min
Patrick Sunday joins us to talk about how to lead a team of mobile engineers as an Engineering Manager. Topics include advice for new managers, humility, and focusing on people problems not technical problems. And the TV show Survivor.
Vector Graphics in Mobile
Apr 25 • 37 min
Alex Lockwood joins us to talk about using vector graphics in mobile development, design consistency, and the near impossible task of morphing letters into other letters. Also what animal is best qualified to pilot Alex’s body for a day.
Working with a Counterpart
Apr 4 • 37 min
JP Simard and RJ Marsan join us to talk about working with an iOS or Android counterpart, when feature parity isn’t the most important thing, and healthy competition. Also what things taste like cricket and taking tables off of your sandwiches.
Designing for Quality
Mar 7 • 30 min
Linzi Berry joins us to talk about her role designing quality into Lyft’s user experiences. Also fluffernutters.
Taking on Side-Projects
Feb 13 • 22 min
Parul Shukla joins us to talk about her role on Lyft’s Driving team, but also her role on multiple other teams she’s helped in order to gain experience. Also, cheesecake.
Managing Our Releases
Feb 13 • 30 min
Polly Peterson joins us to talk about about her role protecting the quality of the releases we make to our users. Also bargain-basement superpowers.
Tooling for iOS Productivity
Feb 13 • 21 min
Keith Smiley joins us to talk about his role making every other iOS developer more productive. Also vim.
Mobile Design System
Feb 13 • 26 min
Sam Soffes joins us to talk about how Lyft designs its applications with a focus on consistency. Also boat-cars.