For Your Reference

For Your Reference
Movie and tv show banter

John Wick – Winston a strong KING!
May 21 • 74 min
Secure your privates as we sploosh all over this episode talking about John Wick and his wife, the face that launched a thousand headshots. Listen to this ep or the Baba Yaga will be on your ass.
BONUS – Game of Thrones S08E05
May 19 • 55 min
With the help of Cristian from Nerds with Friends we navigate all the drama of this last season and recap the second last episode. Check out our full episode covering the 7 seasons of Game of Thrones
Burning – I’m hungry, how Paju?
May 7 • 74 min
This 2018 Korean film has had a another spotlight as it rolled into Netflix recently. Join us for our hot takes on the simmering of this movie’s pacing, our love for BTS and cancelling slum tourism.
Office Space – Emotionally unstapled
Apr 30 • 63 min
If you could go ahead and listen to this episode, that would be great. Join us as we unpack watching what is considered a cult classic. We teach kids how to tip drill and talk about our drone life.
Insecure – Loser Into-Lawrence
Apr 23 • 74 min
We inadvertently become the relationship podcast this week diving into HBO’s Insecure. With the break up of Issa and Lawrence as well as watching with your own Frame of Reference (if you’ll pardon the pun).
Escape room – Savant a clue
Apr 16 • 61 min
We give our brains a break this week with the easily consumable horror, escape room. In true FYR fashion, we not only discuss the movie but also the tv series alone and how soldiers should be treated better.
Game of Thrones – Unhand me you Baratheon!
Apr 9 • 76 min
We succumb to the worldwide phenomenon this week talking about Game of Thrones. Listen as a long time fan and first time viewer share their thoughts about the most loved and problematic characters!
Us – Souls of a tether, undock together
Apr 2 • 64 min
We discuss the highly anticipated movie Us from the mind of Jordan Peele. Join us this week as we share our honest thoughts and opinions about this movie that also create a broader dialogue of what makes a good story. Can a movie stand with cracks in the…
Money Heist – And Denver were none
Mar 26 • 71 min
Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao! Join us this week as we discuss the enthralling spanish series (La Casa de Papel) centred around El Professor and the gang in their execution of carrying out a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.
Get Out – Sunken Love
Mar 19 • 71 min
In the lead up to Jordan Peele’s second directorial release, Us, we revisit his 2017 debut of Get Out. Join us as we explore our own experiences with overt or unintended racism, exemplary performances from all the cast and separating milk from cereal.