Upstage Left | Intimate Conversations with New York Theater

Upstage Left | Intimate Conversations with New York Theater
Rachel Lin speaks with the theater artists shaping the landscape of American Theater today. Join her, as she chats with the most exciting theater makers of our generation about their careers, the challenges, and how they live a life in the arts.

Playwright: Jaclyn Backhaus
Jul 11 • 47 min
Jaclyn Backhaus chats with Rachel Lin about
Director: Annie Tippe
Jun 20 • 46 min
Rachel and Annie Tippe discuss her latest project, “Octect,” how she came to directing, and what’s next for her!
An Interview with: Wendy Vanden Heuvel
May 3 • 41 min
An interview with actor, teacher, producer, Wendy Vanden Heuvel.
Actor: Layla Khoshnoudi
Apr 18 • 48 min
Actor, Layla Khoshnoudi talks about her recent roles, coming to acting after getting to New York, and her journey.
Fiasco Theater’s Jessie Austrian & Noah Brody
Apr 6 • 54 min
An interview with two of Fiasco Theater’s co-artistic directors and founding members Jessie Austrian and Noah Brody.
Actor: Ronald Peet
Mar 21 • 51 min
Rachel interviews actor, Ronald Peet, currently starring in “Daddy” by Jeremy O. Harris.
Playwright: Charly Evon Simpson
Mar 7 • 45 min
Rachel speaks with Charly Simpson, playwright of “Behind The Sheet” and “Jump” about her experience writing new plays.
Playwright: Ming Peiffer
Feb 18 • 51 min
An interview with Ming Pieffer, New York based playwright, and writer of the critically acclaimed “Usual Girls” that premiered at Roundabout Underground.