The Left Page

The Left Page
A podcast about Literature and Leftism! Understanding literary works, themes, authors and more from a Left perspective!

7 - The Blind Man (O Cego). Getting to know the ones we forgot
Jun 14 • 50 min
Shorter episode with a very Brazilian short story, and fresh too! Talking about disabilities, police, and Brazil in general, it’s a wild one!
6 - Haunted by Reality. The Red Crown of Mikhail Bulgakov
May 15 • 53 min
CW: blood, violence, suicide, trauma, ptsd That out of the way, be warned, it’s a somber and intense episode, if a little all over the place! We talked about a short story by Mikhail Bulgakov, The Red Crown!
5 - Finding the Light of the Shades, in the Living and the Dead. The James Joyce Short Story
Apr 30 • 68 min
An introspective and deep conversation on James Joyce’s short story, The Dead! It’s an emotional one, so get ready!
4 - Investigating Sherlock Holmes. The Detective Novel, Part I: The Importance of the Analytic Detective Then and Now
Apr 10 • 71 min
A fun talk on the detective novel, violence, subversion and right-wing delusions, it’s a good one!
3: Dreams, Writing and Ridiculousness. A Dostoyevsky Short Story
Mar 19 • 66 min
We bring Dostoyevsky this time to have a weird and fun discussion about writing, dreams, what does ridiculousness entail and even the reason for the podcast, it’s a strange one!
2: Slavery’s Stick. Looking at the Background with Machado de Assis
Feb 28 • 53 min
This time we tone it down and look at a short story, “The Case of the Stick” by one of the greatest Brazilian authors of all time, Machado de Assis!
1: Dystopia, Utopia and Science-Fiction. A Look at the Brave New World
Feb 15 • 57 min
The first episode of The Left Page! This time we delve into the 20th Century Dystopias, including Brave New World, 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, with criticisms to all.
The Left Page Introduction
Feb 13 • 4 min
The Left Page! A podcast about Literature and Leftism! Here two Brazilian students, Frank in History and Bruno in Linguistics and Literature, look at individual works, movements, themes and a lot more of literature form a perspective on the Left!