Slow Death Podcast

Slow Death Podcast
A podcast for absinthe enthusiasts, creative people, or anyone who likes to have fun. Join Dan and Jerry as they follow the Green Fairy into places where they probably shouldn’t go.

Secret bars, absinthe runs, and beer reviews gone bad
Apr 26 • 61 min
It’s 2019, do you know where you absinthe is? For Jerry, it’s in his basement man-cave waiting for a party. Meanwhile Dan tells of giant marijuana shopping centers in Vegas and we spontaneously make a plan to go there. You’re invited, too! Also, Jerry…
Our Interview with Andy Prieboy
Apr 21 • 85 min
Writer, songwriter, musician, and former member of the band Wall of Voodoo talks about the creative process; about pitching shows to Hollywood; about writing books vs. writing music; and about riding in an ancient steam-powered car with Jay Leno. He also…
Behind The Green Curtain
Apr 9 • 62 min
We are drinking absinthe during every episode and this one is no exception. Some of the alcohol-inspired confessions included here: neither Dan or Jerry feel like they’re adults. In day-to-day dealings with “adults” both of us have to put on our “adult…
We see drunk people … they don’t even know that they’re drunk
Apr 2 • 79 min
We couldn’t decide whether to call this episode “We see drunk people,” or “Hairy Man Cleavage.” We went with the one that wasn’t quite as disgusting. Featured in this episode is music by Jim’s Big Ego (check them out at (and also check out the…
Lawyers, Guns, and Plutonium
Mar 25 • 62 min
As the evil girl scout says, “Next time just buy the damn cookies.” Music featured in this episode is the awesome song, “We Are Hearty Drinking Men” by Andy Prieboy who (spoiler alert) will end up being a guest on a future episode. Send in a voice…
Mr. Satan’s Wild Ride
Mar 22 • 83 min
Drinks covered in this episode are Absinthe Dew’d, Redeye, and Mean Leprechaun. Also featured is the Molly Lewis song “Peep Fight,” and the burning question: what is more romantic, a Winnebago or a mule? Speaking of burning … what if there was a Disney…
More about Absinthe and Creativity
Mar 19 • 72 min
Hello listeners in the future! Dan makes a prediction from 2011 about 2020 … tune in to see how accurate it is (or isn’t) turning out to be. Also we talk a lot about absinthe and creativity, automated razor blades for your head, Dita Von Teese pouring…
Chaotic Evil and Lawful Good
Mar 15 • 68 min
Hello future people! We’re broadcasting this episode from the not-so-distant past of March 12, 2019, and discussions range from the band “Ghost,” to Wake Brewing in Rock Island, Illinois, to doom metal, to Jerry’s new puppy who looks like it should be a…
Caffeinated Beer and Microwaving CDs
Mar 12 • 89 min
Hello people in the future! This is Jerry and Dan in the past broadcasting to you through time and space, and probably through some snow and ice as well. We talk about the wonders of caffeinated beer; about how the women in Finland are especially…
100 Cigars and Alcohol in Pringles Cans
Mar 7 • 63 min
This brand new episode was recorded on March 5th, 2019, celebrating both Fat Tuesday and National Absinthe Day. We’re still in the past broadcasting into your future, but at least now every other episode with be in the less distant past. For detailed show…
Here, have a box of spiders
Mar 5 • 55 min
This episode is dark, has eight legs, and there’s a nice touch of absinthe in the middle. Basically, Dan and Jerry discuss their raging arachnophobia, and hilarity ensues. Send in a voice message:
How and Why Absinthe can Boost Creativity
Mar 1 • 69 min
Included in this episode: how and why absinthe boosts creativity in some people; vicious attack bunnies; Marilyn Manson’s art. Also included are things probably not appropriate for gentle ears. Send in a voice message:
What would it be like to date Snow White?
Feb 26 • 51 min
This episode was recorded during a blizzard. Jerry actually has snow on his bed because he’d left his window open. Things discussed and explored (besides absinthe) is the wonderful dish that we’re calling “spagaleto” [spa-gah-leto]; adventures in sleep…
Santa Clause Flash Mobs and Zombie Car Washes
Feb 22 • 66 min
This is the episode where Jerry discovers the perfect mixer for absinthe that isn’t champagne nor water with a sugar cube. Also we cover Santa Clause flash mobs, zombie car washes, bowling with skulls, and why the mafia is awesome … because we don’t want…
Chased by a Buffalo, being Attacked by a Zebra
Feb 19 • 72 min
In this episode we discuss Dan’s run-ins with Data Von Teese, famous for doing a burlesque routine in a giant glass of [simulated] absinthe; searching for and collecting absinthe paraphernalia; and the rare vodka named Zubrowka. We also tell tales of…
Top 5 Myths about Absinthe
Feb 15 • 79 min
Hello future people! In this episode we debunk the top 5 myths about absinthe, we propose a drinking game based on how many times Jerry mispronounces things, and Dan reveals he is coming down with a case of germaphobia. We also touch upon the sometimes…
Ernest Hemingway’s Favorite Drink
Feb 13 • 50 min
Broadcasting from the past into the future, we regale you with tales of absinthe discovery, of close encounters with Hugh Hefner, of guilty pleasures and the long road leading to Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink: Slow Death in the Afternoon. Send in a…