Geek and The Girl

Geek and The Girl
Can jocks know a lot about comic books? Can geeks know a ton about sports? YES, they can… and they DO! Geek and The Girl is a weekly podcast that tackles everything from comics and superheroes to sports and epic blockbusters. Each week, the Geek (Car…

Hellboy and The Power of The Hoff
May 15 • 35 min
The Geek and The Girl FINALLY get around to talking about Hellboy and the world’s obsession with The Hoff.Geek and The Girl is a Left Turn Media production and is hosted by Carlos Sousa and Tammy Allen. You can follow the show on Instagram and Facebook…
It’s All About The Endgame, Baby!
May 2 • 62 min
The Geek and The Girl are still buzzing from Avengers: Endgame but they each have very different views and takes on the the Marvel record breaker and there may be some yelling and table flipping in this episode. The Geek is convinced the ending could have…
Hodge Podge and Avengers: Endgame Has Arrived!!
Apr 27 • 44 min
It gets salty once again as the Geek and The Girl debate NHL playoff hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs and binge-worthy TV. Plus, we also take guesses at how Avengers: Endgame will end and which prominent characters will die!GIVEAWAY TIME!! On this episode,…
Talking Shazam and How The Geek Would Save the DC Cinematic Universe
Apr 17 • 39 min
We’re back…a little late but hey, better late than never!Carlos and Tammy break down Shazam! and what it can do for the DC Cinematic Universe. The Geek also tells us how he would improve the DC CU if he were in charge, PLUS we tackle the NHL Stanley Cup…
Could Kingdom Come Be What The DC Cinematic Universe Needs?
Apr 5 • 40 min
This week’s episode sees the Geek get a little salty when we discuss the new Joker trailer that debuted. PLUS, we tackle Avengers: Endgame ticket sales, talk about DC’s Kingdom Come and Alex Ross’ art, Shazam! being a huge opportunity fort the DC…
Talking Tron, The Dude and ComicGate!
Mar 22 • 37 min
Things get interesting in this episode of Geek and The Girl as Carlos and Tammy finally get around to talking about the original Tron movie and Jeff Bridges epic Golden Globes speech. The duo also tackle ComicGate, Hot Wheels and why Tammy loves the…
Captain Marvel and Some Hidden Gems in the Marvel Universe
Mar 14 • 36 min
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Debating Frank Miller and Batman Year One
Mar 7 • 27 min
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What’s Up With Marvel 1602?
Mar 5 • 19 min
We’re back on track for Episode 4 of Geek and The Girl and The Geek (Carlos) has completed his homework assignment, which was to read Marvel 1602 written by none other than Neil Gaiman. Did the Geek love it or is it just another Marvel fluff piece?Geeks,…
BONUS EPISODE! Captain Marvel, Shazam and Doom Patrol
Feb 26 • 36 min
We switch things up a little with a Bonus Episode of Geek and The Girl. There are just too many awesome movies and TV shows coming out this spring and we take a look at 3 of them: Doom Patrol (DC), Shazam (DC) and Captain Marvel (Marvel).Geeks, Jocks and…
Breaking Down Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Feb 19 • 24 min
Welcome to Episode Numero Uno! In this episode, the Geek Carlos and The Girl Tammy breakdown what this show is all about. We also dissect Carlos’ homework assignment for Tammy, which is to watch Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Will Carlos and Tammy see eye…
Geek and The Girl: Origins
Feb 12 • 19 min
Congratulations! You have just discovered the origin story of Geek and The Girl; a podcast that covers everything from comics books to sports to the Golden Girls. In this first episode, we tell you what you can expect from the podcast, how it will change…