Bear's Den: So that you might hear me - The Podcast

Bear's Den: So that you might hear me - The Podcast
‘So that you might hear me’, the brand new podcast series from Bear’s Den.

S2 E7: Blood Orange Pellegrino
Oct 30 • 21 min
Danny and the band chat with Max from Wilderado to find out the realities of being the opening act on tour with Bear’s Den.
S2 E6: Worst. Show. Ever.
Oct 23 • 20 min
In this episode the guys reminisce about their first bands, some of their worst ever shows and the time Kev came down with the norovirus before playing in front of 20,000 people at one of London’s biggest venues.
S2 E5: Border Crossing
Oct 16 • 12 min
The band remember the time they ran in to trouble with the law trying to cross the border with a sack full of potatoes.
S2 E4: The Wheels On The Bus
Oct 9 • 15 min
In this episode the band discuss the experience of going on their first tour bus and the interesting cast of characters they’ve had driving the bus for them over the years.
S2 E3: Le Trianon
Oct 2 • 10 min
In episode 3 the band discuss what they miss about their early days of touring, what ‘MFT’ stands for and Danny finds out what the band’s tour manager Doug gets up to whilst the band are on stage.
S2 E2: The First Gig
Sep 25 • 10 min
Kev and Davie remember their first ever gig as Bear’s Den, discuss whether or not they still get nervous before a show & reveal how the process of playing live helped them to establish who they are as songwriters.
S2 E1: The Big Pink Bus
Sep 18 • 12 min
We’re back with a new season of the Bear’s Den podcast ‘So that you might hear me’. This time around our host Danny joins Kev and Davie as they travel across the US & gets to grip with the reality of being a band on tour.
S1 E13: Live Q&A
May 3 • 19 min
Danny hosts a special live Q&A session with Davie and Kev before their second night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in front of an audience of fans.
S1 E12: Blankets of Sorrow
Apr 24 • 12 min
The band talk about the closing track of the album ‘Blankets of Sorrow’, how it connects to their song ‘Bad Blood’ and how it felt to complete making the album.
S1 E11: Evangeline
Apr 17 • 5 min
Discover more about the penultimate track from the album ‘Evangeline’, including how the band’s love of Kanye West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ had an influence on the sound of the track.
S1 E10: Conversations With Ghosts
Apr 17 • 9 min
The band discuss the use of piano on ‘Conversations With Ghosts’, how they referenced Emily Dickinson in the lyrics and how Mexican literature helped to inspire the track.
S1 E9: Crow
Apr 10 • 10 min
The band discuss the track ‘Crow’. Find out how Max Porter’s book ‘Grief is the Thing with Feathers’ inspired the track and how the band strangely found themselves surrounded by crows during the writing of it.
S1 E8: Laurel Wreath
Apr 3 • 9 min
In this episode, Danny lets his imagination run away with him trying to work out the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Laurel Wreath’ and Davie reveals how the film ‘Call Me By Your Name’ had an influence on the record.
S1 E7: Not Every River
Mar 27 • 7 min
Hear clips from the fifth track of the record ‘Not Every River’ and find out why Davie believes this song encapsulates the overall theme of ‘So that you might hear me’ more than any other track.
S1 E6: Breaker / Keeper
Mar 20 • 6 min
In this episode the band dive into track four from the record, ‘Breaker/Keeper’. Kev explains where you can hear his Steve Reich influence in the music and Davie reveals some of the hidden meaning behind the lyrics.
S1 E5: Fuel on the Fire
Mar 13 • 8 min
Danny and the band dissect track three from the album, ‘Fuel on the Fire’. Kev reveals what he thinks is the ‘loneliest sound in the world’ and Davie explains the need for both creation and destruction whilst writing music.
S1 E4: Fossils
Mar 6 • 8 min
The band discuss ’Fossils’ and explain the importance of setting scenes in their songs and the themes of regret and forgiveness found on the track.
S1 E3: Hiding Bottles
Mar 6 • 8 min
Kev and Davie reveal the story behind the music and lyrics of the record’s opening track, ‘Hiding Bottles’.
S1 E2: Writing A Song
Feb 25 • 11 min
Danny finds out the story behind how Kev and Davie first met, how the band go about writing a song and recording their first EP at an isolated cottage in Wales.
S1 E1: The Church
Feb 25 • 13 min
Danny visits the band’s recording studio ’The Church’. Danny and the band discuss Kev’s love of Lego spaceships, who plays what role in the recording process & their recent experiences in America.
Trailer: So that you might hear me - The Podcast
Feb 11 • 1 min
‘So that you might hear me’ is the brand new podcast series from Bear’s Den and here we introduce you what we’re going to get up to over the course of the series. Join Kev, Davie and host Danny Carissimi, as they take a deep dive into the band’s new…