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Interview with a Gen Zer: What Insights Can a 14-year-old Share with Marketers?
Mar 17 • 27 min
This week, we interview a real, live teenager to learn what a Gen Z kid thinks about social media and the internet. Our niece, Kira, talks about: How she and her friends use SnapChat Discuss whether or not Facebook is for “old people” Discover the…
Can Disgruntled Former Employees Blow Up Your Social Media and Martech Accounts?
Mar 11 • 23 min
How easy have you made it for an employee to compromise your social media and martech accounts? In today’s episode, we’re covering employee separation in the marketing department. Stacy will share her personal story. We’ll discuss the need to clarify, in…
Small Content Teams with Big Content Dreams
Mar 4 • 22 min
We’re talking about the challenges facing small content marketing teams. We’ll chat about: Dealing with executives who “don’t get it” — no support, no budget, no sanity. Being overly ambitious. Everything’s important and huge! Not being ambitious enough.…
Is Your Marketing Automation Platform a Glorified Email Solution?
Feb 25 • 32 min
Are you giving your marketing automation or inbound marketing platform the respect it deserves? Yeah, we said respect. If you aren’t fully utilizing the platform, you aren’t getting a return on your investment. In todays episode, we’ll cover what you may…
Is Video Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy?
Feb 18 • 24 min
In episode two of The Marketing Mix, Stacy and Alanna cover video and its importance in the buyer’s journey. Video examples mentioned on this episode: Explainer video example from Slack: Casual Social/Ad from…
So We Started a Podcast
Feb 11 • 20 min
Nobody ever said podcasting was easy … but it doesn’t have to be incredibly hard, either! Thanks for joining the first episode of The Marketing Mix. After years of encouraging clients to get into podcasting, business partners and sisters Stacy Jackson and…