Kindness Economy

Kindness Economy
Doing business from the heart outward.

May 17 • 53 min
What does it mean to have autonomy? Does everyone get it? Listen for more.
May 10 • 47 min
Does your parenting have an economic impact? Are you setting your children to be people or products? Listen for more.
May 3 • 64 min
As a tool shame has been paramount to human development. Have we gone too far? Listen for more.
No More Secrets
Apr 26 • 54 min
Secrets are a tool. How are you using yours? Listen to learn more.
Feedback Loop
Apr 19 • 72 min
What is a feedback loop? What can we do with it? Can we steer it in the direction we want to go? Listen to learn more.
How We Money
Apr 12 • 87 min
Learn from our stories and the things that taught us! Listen for more
Apr 5 • 92 min
We’re a little all over the place, but mostly talking about TikTok and our vacation time. Come hang out. We missed you!
Back next week
Mar 29 • 10 min
We’re taking the week off with family. We’ll miss you. Check out our more popular episodes if you want to catch up or reup. For now, he’s a copy of our very first Rantifesto. We’ll be back next week. Post Capitalism Price of Admission From the Heart…
Mar 22 • 76 min
How do you define it? How does one value luck? Do you find it empowering to think of or disempowering??? Listen to learn more.
Price of Admission
Mar 15 • 91 min
What is the price to get into top colleges? What sacrifices can be made? We’ve got a tiered system that favors the rich in awful ways, but what motivates parents to get behind such schemes? Listen to learn more.
Art VS Protectionism
Mar 8 • 86 min
Steven Spielberg has feelings about the Oscars. We have feelings about his feelings. Listen for more…
Finite and Infinite Business
Mar 1 • 84 min
What is the definition of “winning” in business? Is it collecting all the trophies? …Punching the card? …doing business for the sake of itself? Listen for more
Freedom To Fail
Feb 22 • 66 min
No one wants to fail. It is the root of all protectionism. What if we were fearless? This week we talk about how to let failure teach us. Listen to learn more!
Lets Get Self Conscious
Feb 15 • 61 min
There’s more to learn from a position of discomfort, but I often just don’t wanna. I know perfect is the enemy of the good, but my art still seems too weird for me to release it. There’s power in being vulnerable, but there are a million reasons to just…
Post Capitalism
Feb 8 • 78 min
Post Capitalism - This week we get into imagining the post capitalist world. What can we do to help? Listen to find out!
Welcome To Retail
Feb 1 • 73 min
This week we talk about giving permission for self care. We get deep into the reality of retail and question if it’s what we really want. I think we can do better.
From The Heart
Jan 25 • 61 min
Our new podcast!!! In our premiere episode we talk about what it means to do business from the heart outward.