Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried
Dad and Buried is a podcast about parenting from a couple of guys who hate parenting. Don’t get them wrong, they love their kids - to different degrees, depending on the day (and the kid) - but being a parent is tough, time-consuming, stressful, thankless, expensive, exhausting, largely unrewarding, really loud, often quite boring - did I say expensive yet?, how about thankless? - emotionally draining work. Join Mike and Pete as they mock children, bash parenting, and talk about the stuff that most parents don’t usually talk about. At least not out loud. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Is Drinking Really Necessary for Parents? Yes, Obviously
Mar 21 • 43 min
As parents all we need is something to take the edge off. Our kids aren’t going to give us a break so we need to create breaks. One way and pretty much the only way to do that is with sweet, sweet alcohol. On this episode Mike drinks and nothing weird…
Swearing Around Your Kids and Other Bad Habits
Mar 14 • 36 min
Swearing. C’umon, we’ve all done it. Ok well maybe not ALL parents but at least the sane ones, the normal ones. Those who don’t are on a different path. Remains to be seen whether it’s a better one. This is one of many bad habits that shape and mold these…
The Horror of Taking Kids to Restaurants
Mar 7 • 40 min
What are we thinking taking these kids to restaurants? It’s like yelling at home, but in front of people through your teeth. From packing a bag full of toys to making sure you have a plethora of screens we cover all the angles. When in doubt what to bring…
Screen Time for Kids: We All Scream for Screen Time
Feb 28 • 37 min
Screen time, the cause of and solution to all of parents problems. Mahatma Gandhi said that - TRUE FACT! Okay, so how much screen time is good for kids and more importantly how much screen time is good of us Moms and Dads? Spoiler, it’s a lot. Welcome to…
Sick Kids Edition: Stomach bugs to colds we cover it all in gross detail
Feb 22 • 42 min
You know that thick trail of thick green mucus that constantly hangs from your kids nose for three weeks? Yeah, of course you do. It haunts your dreams and makes you furious every time you see them. Good luck trying to get them to blow their nose. Ohhh…
Valentine’s Day is the “IBS” of holidays for parents
Feb 22 • 37 min
Valentine’s Day is the IBS of holidays. FACT. Why? It’s irritating, it’s a syndrome and the dislike comes from deep within our bowels. There’s many reasons to hate Valentine’s Day and we list them all. We uncover the fact that Valentine’s Day is just a…
Co-Sleeping With Your Kid, Should You Do It? Nope!
Feb 13 • 33 min
Okay, real talk? Sleep is the currency of us parents. Why would you trade a good night’s sleep for the sake of your kid. It just doesn’t make sense! Look, we get it. It may seem like a good idea at the time and your kids may even pressure you into it. But…
Don’t Bring Kids to a Super Bowl Party, That’s Crazy
Feb 13 • 32 min
The Super Bowl is like, well, the Super Bowl for dads. Food, drinking, and, god willing, a great game. Unfortunately, we have kids. “Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad? Dad?? Dad!? Dad!!! Dad, I want to watch Paw Patrol.” FML! —————— Fellow Moms and Dads WE NEED YOU!…
The Worst Advice for Dads
Feb 10 • 37 min
If you’re a dad then you’ve been the recipient of unsolicited parenting advice. It sucks. We expose the truth about how bad it sucks and destroy some half-shirt kids along the way. WE NEED YOU! Please support us on Patreon…