This Ripe Fruit

This Ripe Fruit
A podcast exploring what it means to be sexual by interviewing people in the sex industry about their experiences and insights

S1Ep9 - Final Thoughts on Series 1
Apr 29 • 10 min
In conversation with Diarra Smith, some reflections on Series 1: what was learnt, what was missing and what was surprising
S1Ep8 - Lorelei
Apr 21 • 24 min
(multidisciplinary sex worker) In our final episode of Series 1, with great conviction and clarity, Lorelei talks about her change in career from being a lawyer for 11 years to a sex worker, how she experiences pleasure in her sessions, and her work…
S1Ep7 - Rooster
Apr 14 • 29 min
(non-binary performer in feminist porn, sex educator on consent and ethics) In this fascinating interview, Rooster breaks down so many preconceived ideas about sex work: they discuss what distinguishes feminist porn from mainstream porn, how they…
S1Ep6 - Miss Kim Rub
Apr 7 • 29 min
(professional dominatrix, BDSM educator, fetish club promoter) With a great sense of humour and realness, Miss Kim discusses the nature of domination and what her clients get from submitting to her, the different styles of female dominatrices and what is…
S1Ep5 - Kayden Gray
Mar 31 • 35 min
(gay pornstar and sexual and mental health advocate) With a lot of passion, frankness and humility, Kayden reveals what it has been like for him to be a pornstar and escort, the boundaries between his work and his private life, how he experiences pleasure…
S1Ep4 - Rebecca Lowrie
Mar 24 • 39 min
(neo-tantra practitioner, conscious kink, sex magic) With an abundance of warmth and kindness, Rebecca explains how she understands and works with conscious sexuality and tantra, how she engages with safety, boundaries and consent in sexual encounters,…
S1Ep3 - Graham (Tania)
Mar 17 • 39 min
(transvestite sex worker) In this episode, Graham discusses what it was like working as ‘Tania’, how he experienced his own sexuality while dressed as a woman and how he made sense of what his predominantly straight male clients wanted from him.
S1Ep2 - Sassy Lapdancer
Mar 10 • 32 min
(Erotic dancer and stripper) Sassy is a beautiful and empowered British stripper. In this episode, she reveals what it is like for her to dance in a big central London strip club, how she performs in front of the male gaze vs the female gaze and what…
S1Ep1 - Jason Domino
Mar 4 • 36 min
(gay pornstar, escort and sexual health advocate) Jason starts us off in Series 1 with a disarmingly open and honest discussion about erections and the type of conversation he would have with his body if he can’t get erect, performing/performance anxiety…