Four of a Kind Podcast

Four of a Kind Podcast
Four women describe their journey and lessons learned as they look beyond the corporate world and dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Four of a Kind podcast weaves in upbeat and frank conversations with founders, investors, and leaders fr…

Season One Finale
Aug 9 • 20 min
What We Learned: Our Podcast Journey
Innovations in the Baby Food Industry with Founder and CEO Zoi Maroudas
Aug 2 • 29 min
Listen to an interview with Bambino’s Baby Food Founder and CEO Zoi Maroudas
Mini-Sode: A Little Bit, Every Day
Jul 25 • 15 min
Hear about how we keep track of accomplishments at work
Lessons from Techstars Managing Director Mee-Jung Jang
Jul 19 • 32 min
From Hedge Fund Analyst to Techstars Managing Director: Lessons from Mee-Jung Jang
Mini-Sode: Your Wish Has Been Granted
Jul 12 • 13 min
In this episode, we decide in what area we instantly want to become experts.
Happy 4th of July - A Quick Out of Office Message
Jul 5 • 0 min
Happy 4th of July!
HealthTech Startup Founder and CEO Rachna Govani on Fundraising and Getting Acquired
Jun 28 • 33 min
HealthTech Startup Founder Rachna Govani on Fundraising and Getting Acquired
Mini-Sode: Introvert, Extrovert, or a Somewhere in the Middle (aka a Vert)?
Jun 21 • 12 min
Are Your Hosts Introverted or Extroverted?
What We Learned: On Starting a Business
Jun 14 • 23 min
Listen as we share what we learned from our guests so far on Season 1 about starting a business
Mini-Sode: What other podcasts do you listen to?
Jun 7 • 11 min
Podcasts inspiring podcasts
SportsTech Investor and 8-year MLB Infielder Brendan Harris
May 31 • 34 min
Interview with SportsTech Investor and 8-year MLB Infielder Brendan Harris
Mini-Sode: What drove you to go to business school?
May 24 • 12 min
Why did you go to business school?
See you all next week!
May 17 • 0 min
From Finance Analyst to Founder: An Interview with Patrick DePeters
May 10 • 39 min
Interview with Owl Ridge Group Founder and CEO Patrick DePeters
Mini-Sode 6: What makes your hosts truly Four of a Kind?
May 3 • 11 min
Quick bios of your Four of a Kind hosts
A Gem of New York’s Diamond District: Cassy Saba Shovak
Apr 26 • 30 min
An interview with founder and jewelry designer Cassy Saba Shovak
Serial Entrepreneur and Overall Superwoman, An Interview with GeNienne Samuels
Apr 19 • 31 min
Lauren, cohost of FoaK, interviews GeNienne, a serial entrepreneur about her ups and downs so far in her adventure!
Mini-Sode: What is the nerdiest thing you’ve done?
Apr 12 • 8 min
Nerdy moments
Succeeding in Entrepreneurship with Beauty and Wellness Founder Nicki Carrea
Apr 5 • 29 min
Founder Nicki Carrea describes her journey from the corporate world to running a $2M business
Mini-Sode: What is your favorite board game?
Mar 29 • 10 min
Fun board games for game nights
Startup CRO, College Professor, and General Good Advice Giver: Interview with Jen Vaziralli
Mar 22 • 33 min
Interview with Startup CRO, Professor, and our Friend, Jen!
Mini-Sode: What kind of help do people usually come to you for?
Mar 15 • 6 min
Our hosts describe what kind of help people usually come to them for.
Mentorship - Do it!
Mar 8 • 35 min
All about mentorship, and why it’s an important (and maybe sometimes overlooked) part of your career
Mini-Sode: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Mar 1 • 12 min
All about our career aspirations (at approximately age 7)
Embracing Risk-Taking
Feb 22 • 31 min
Deep dive on risk-taking and a few helpful frameworks on taking that first step
Mini-Sode: What company would you start tomorrow?
Feb 15 • 7 min
Hear about the companies we want to start (if we could, tomorrow!)
Let’s Talk About Mission Statements
Feb 15 • 24 min
This episode is all about mission statements, including ours!
Introduction to Four of a Kind: Why the Podcast?
Feb 11 • 17 min
Hear about our decision to start a podcast on navigating careers, business and entrepreneurship.