Big Fat Hikers

Big Fat Hikers
Welcome to bigfathikers! Follow two sisters on their amazing but funny journey to become better hikers/backpackers.

Meet our friend….Dr. Eric the Nature Made Professional
Sep 12 • 38 min
Eric is the ultimate outdoors guy. He teaches classes about edible plants and how to survive in the wild. He gives talks on rain garden planning. He writes articles on native plant gardens. He pretty much knows it all, that’s why we call him DR. Eric!!…
We’re Back Bitches!!!
Aug 18 • 27 min
We are so excited to be back for another season! In this episode we go back to Devils Den but this time we have our amazing sister-in-law, Paula, with us. Listen as we take her on one of our adventures.
Season 1 Bloopers
Jun 29 • 7 min
Listen to us do all the mess ups from the various recordings of season 1.
Interview with the one and only Deathblade
May 14 • 49 min
For our season 1 finale we interviewed Deathblade. But, who is Deathblade? He is our father! We enjoyed interviewing him about all things hiking and backpacking, and of course, giving him a hard time like only his kids can do. Also, find out who won the…
But did we die?
Apr 27 • 39 min
Join us as we almost died walking the Devils Eyebrow. Seriously! It’s the equivalent to 88 flights of stairs!
Sit Downy - Who are we?
Apr 10 • 37 min
This episode is all about who we are as people other than hikers and backpackers, (beginning ones at that)! We hope you enjoy getting to know us!
Devils Den Part 2 - Are we lost?
Mar 27 • 35 min
Listen as we navigate the rest of our Devils Den Extravaganza and learn when we first got high!
Devils Den part 1 - Where is the trail?
Mar 1 • 37 min
Welcome to Episode 3 of Big Fat Hikers. This hike took place at the beautiful Devils Den State Park in West Fork, AR. We just have one question, where the hell is the trail?
Pee in the woods at Brashore Loop
Feb 16 • 29 min
Welcome to our 2nd episode of Big Fat Hikers. April faces her fear of peeing in the woods!
Beginning Optimism at Clifty Loop
Feb 9 • 31 min
Welcome to the first episode of Big Fat Hikers. This episode documents the journey of our first hike at Little Clifty Creek Loop in Rogers, AR. This is when we learn how out of shape we really are!