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The Pure Flix Podcast
“The Pure Flix Podcast” is a weekly show that offers interviews with your favorite pastors and celebrities, insight, inspiration — and a preview of what’s to come in faith and family friendly entertainment. The podcast is part of, a faith, family and fun video streaming service offering more than 10,000 movies and shows which can be viewed anytime, anywhere on smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions with Roku, Amazon FireStick, or Chromecast devices. Get a free one-month subscription today at

The Face of Persecution: Here Are the Most Dangerous Places in the World to Be a Christian
Jun 17 • 35 min
Persecution continues to rage in nations across the globe. On this episode of the Pure Flix Podcast, David Curry, CEO of Open Doors USA, takes us deep into the plight of Christians. The statistics and information are eye-opening. Plus: hear what Pure Flix…
‘Growing Pains’ Star Jeremy Miller’s Battle With Alcohol — and the Friendship That Transformed His Life
Jun 10 • 41 min
“Growing Pains” star Jeremy Miller shares his powerful journey of battling alcohol and finding a life-changing friendship with Brandon Lane Phillips. The incredible way they met and the friendship that followed proves that God can use people in our lives…
Erwin McManus: ‘You’re Seeing a Culture That is Short Circuiting’ — But There’s Hope
Jun 3 • 39 min
Erwin McManus discusses gratitude, culture and so much more. If you’re finding yourself struggling, this episode will offer true hope. “One of the reasons we lose inner peace is we have allowed ourselves to get to a place of ungratefulness … when you’re…
Greg Laurie’s ‘Jesus’ Message — and Meet the Man Who Saved 16,000 Unborn Babies’ Lives
May 24 • 51 min
Shawn Carney and his organization “40 Days For Life” have saved 16,000 unborn babies’ lives — and they’ve helped scores of clinic workers. Listen to Shawn discuss his ministry and his friendship with pro-life activist Abby Johnson. Also, hear Pastor Greg…
His Wife Was Killed During the Charleston Church Shooting — and This Pastor Chose Forgiveness
May 17 • 41 min
Pastor Anthony Thompson’s wife, Myra, was murdered during the 2015 Charleston church shooting — an event that horrified the nation. But rather than choose hate or anger, Thompson opted for forgiveness. And his amazing, Christian act stunned America.…
Author Ben Courson’s Journey From Near-Suicide to Radical Hope — and Ray Comfort’s Quest to Save Lives
May 10 • 25 min
Author and speaker Ben Courson is a lifelong Christian who shares his story about overcoming extreme depression and near suicide. His new book, “Optimisfits: Igniting a Fierce Rebellion Against Hopelessness” has a powerful message for us all. Plus, dive…
Olympian Ryan Hall Reveals Amazing Lessons He’s Learned From the Bible, the Real Meaning of ‘Beauty’ and More
May 3 • 40 min
Olympian Ryan Hall reveals his favorite Bible verse — and how his faith has guided him through the ups and downs. And filmmaker and author Rebecca Friedlander — director of “Radical Makeovers” which is currently streaming on — discusses the…
Protecting Truth (and Love) in an Age of Chaos — and How We Can All Heal America’s Division
Apr 28 • 49 min
This week’s episode includes interviews with evangelist Matt Brown and pastor and former NFL player Miles McPherson. We’ll explore chaos, division and ways we can heal our country. Plus: explore what the Bible says about hard work and dedication.
Jackie Hill Perry’s Incredible Transformation — and a Presidential Writer’s Must-Hear Jesus Story
Apr 19 • 46 min
This special Easter episode of “The Pure Flix Podcast” dives deep into former presidential writer Douglas MacKinnon’s overcomer story — and his powerful Easter book, “The Forty Days.” Plus: we discuss Jesus’ resurrection and author, poet and speaker…
America’s First ‘Post-Christian Generation’ is on the Rise — but Here’s How You Can Change That
Apr 12 • 28 min
Generation Z — comprised of today’s children — is collectively shaping up to be America’s first “post-Christian generation,” with atheism doubling among its members. But while culture is secularizing and kids are experiencing a slew of issues, Christian…
Abby Johnson Reveals Shocking Impact of ‘Unplanned’
Apr 4 • 27 min
Abby Johnson’s story of transforming from a pro-choice, Planned Parenthood clinic director to one of the most well-known pro-life advocates in America is absolutely captivating. It’s a journey of faith, hope and redemption — one that is taking the box…
‘There’s a Human Being There’: Author’s Bold, Pro-Life Proclamation
Apr 2 • 34 min
What does it mean to be made in God’s image? How should Christians react — and interact — in the modern era? This episode of “The Pure Flix Podcast” dives deep into ways you can build your faith. We speak with author Daniel Darling about the Bible and the…
9 Common Lies Christians Believe, Truth — and the Meaning of John 3:16
Mar 22 • 27 min
Author and pastor Shane Pruitt dives into the lies he said too many Christians have come to believe — and his take on how these common proclamations and theological statements can be corrected. Plus: learn more about how you can respond to atheists’…
‘America’s Got Talent’ Singer Lost Her Hearing and Almost Gave Up Hope Entirely — Then She ‘Wowed’ Millions
Mar 15 • 34 min
Mandy Harvey’s story is absolutely incredible. She wowed millions when she delivered a stunning performance on “America’s Got Talent” back in 2017 — a viral performance that came after Mandy lost her hearing and almost gave up hope entirely. But her…
Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson Reveals What Made Her Flee the Organization
Mar 7 • 38 min
Abby Johnson’s story of redemption and transformation is truly inspirational. Johnson was once the director of one of Planned Parenthood’s clinics, before an event on September 26, 2009, left her fleeing the organization, changing her views entirely and…
Chick-fil-A Family’s Incredible Faith Story Will Inspire You
Feb 25 • 30 min
On this episode of “The Pure Flix Podcast” we chat with Trudy Cathy White, daughter of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy. We also offer up some inspirational content — and a sneak peek into a new TV series you’ll surely love.
Comedian Jeff Allen’s Incredible Journey From Atheism to Belief, Chris Pratt’s Faith & More
Feb 14 • 32 min
Comedian Jeff Allen’s story is pretty incredible. He overcame alcohol, drugs and non-belief and is now inspiring millions. Plus: we explore the faith of actor Chris Pratt — and offer you a devotion worth pondering.
Billy Graham’s Grandson Reflects — and an Ultimate Overcomer Story
Feb 6 • 38 min
This week’s episode offers a powerful devotion about how to grow your faith. Plus: we have interviews with Will Graham, grandson of the Rev. Billy Graham, and Dr. Jeff Huxford. Huxford discusses suffering a traumatic brain injury, truly finding Jesus —…
Mike Rowe (and His Mom) Talk Life, Civility and Plenty More
Jan 29 • 29 min
This episode is filled with fun tidbits of knowledge. From a quick devotional on John the Baptist to a fascinating conversation with TV host Mike Rowe and his mom Peggy there’s plenty to enjoy. Plus: get some insight on how “The Pure Flix Insider” can…
Encouraging Scripture, Chris and Cully Pratt’s Kind Act — and a Fun New Movie!
Jan 18 • 53 min
Our first episode offers scripture to focus on, information on the new film “Sweet Inspirations” — and interviews with SQuire Rushnell (host of “Godwinks at Pure Flix”) and Cully Pratt (brother of actor Chris Pratt). Also, read the accompanying blog…