Make Him Wonder

Make Him Wonder
Coaching Conversations For Women In Love
8 - Riley
Mar 18 • 49 min
44-year-old Riley is in a relationship with 25-year-old Justin. The two have been friends for over 4 years and became romantic 6 months ago. Justin has been discussing marriage, but Riley has been married twice before and promised herself she would never…
7 - Heather
Mar 8 • 60 min
Heather Havenwood is an entrepreneur and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Like a Boss. At 43 years old, following a devastating breakup with her fiancé and business partner, Heather had to start over. In the process, she discovered that her…
6 - Stephanie
Mar 5 • 54 min
Stephanie is 40 and has been living with Mike, 57, for 7 years. Stephanie wants to know if, after so many years of living together, there is any possibility of marriage. Paula talks about how making excuses for a man you love - no matter the circumstances…
5 - Jessica
Feb 19 • 54 min
Jessica is 40 and wants to be married. At 37, she rediscovered The Rules and has been using them religiously. Jessica states that for the last 3 years she has gone on a minimum of 3 to 5 dates a week with only two 6 month relationships that were “the…
4 - Kaye
Feb 10 • 47 min
Kaye is 37 and divorced. She is disappointed by a divorced man who shows real interest in her, but an inability to commit. She has met a man who is recently out of a 10-year relationship and is concerned about moving forward despite him showing a lot of…
3 - Amanda
Feb 10 • 63 min
Amanda is a 26 year old divorced mother. She is involved with Brian, a 33-year-old divorced man with older children. Amanda called in wanting to know how to keep the fire alive in a longterm relationship, but she ends up having her mind changed about…
2 - Olivia
Feb 10 • 54 min
Olivia is a single mom in her thirties. Olivia is in a long-distance relationship where she has been struggling to gain secure commitment for nearly 2 and 1/2 years. While she’s grown tired of waiting for her long-distance boyfriend to step up, attention…
1 - Norah
Feb 10 • 57 min
Norah is a divorced mom in her forties. She’s been involved with Todd for a little over a year. Todd wanted Norah to relocate and move-in with him despite not asking her to marry. Norah didn’t believe a proposal was ever going to happen due to Todd’s…