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Open Topic
Welcome to Open Topic (the Podcast) section. This Podcast will be mainly about media/news events as well as some interesting stories/topics. For example. Visit the Open Topic Feedback Page and if you see something that you would like to leave your audio feedback on once there are enough audio comments on a subject, Open Topic will air that Podcast. If you have any ideas that you would like to add to the feedback list please send them to the Open Topic contact form. Thank you.

The Opinion of what people think… See Description below - 3
May 27 • 15 min
If you go to the Open Topic Feedback form you will see a list of topics that you can leave a voice opinion recording and send it to Open Topic via an email form. Once enough audio files have been received on a certain topic Open…
Conversion Therapy and the negative effects it has on the LGBTQ community - 2
Apr 15 • 54 min
Warning: Explicit language is used throughout this Podcast. Hi I’m Eric the host of Open Topic the podcast section. My guest today is Katya and together we will be discussing amongst other things how Conversion Therapy is totally wrong and should be made…
Suicide Prevention Specialist Speaker - 1
Mar 4 • 35 min
On today’s show, I’d like to introduce my guest Susie. She is a Suicide Prevention Specialist Speaker. She goes to different locations throughout the United States and speaks at Groups, Conferences, Schools etc… about Suicide Prevention. Listen to the…