The Daily Addict : The Anti Drug war podcast

The Daily Addict : The Anti Drug war podcast
Covering the latest news in the war on drugs and how it effects our culture. In the USA and abroad.

#52- Billion dollar cannabis bust in Cali, in Ohio enough fentanyl that the FBI considers it a WMD, Surgeon removes cannabis ballon from prisoners nose 18 years later
Nov 18 • 39 min
The DAP covering the stories you love to hear.
#51- A focus on psychedelics featuring Brenden @P5YCHON4UT
Nov 11 • 42 min
Brenden shares his experiences with LSD and how its helped him to conquer addiction and his upcoming podcast based on the newest breakthroughs in psychedelics
#50- Celebrating our 50th episode with stories from the first 49
Nov 4 • 47 min
We are recapping the DAP through the first 50
#49- Call 911 my roommate stole my weed stash, Mexican drug war off again /on again make up your mind already
Oct 28 • 30 min
In this episode we visit Colorado and cover a story that is a sad reality.What hastens when it snows on your bud? The mMexican drug war at its finest, and the true story of the Florida sheriff that tells a 911 caller to please stop reporting his wee…
#48- Two men busted with 4.5 million dollars in cannabis products walk away free men, What is Kratom? and drug traffickers who rescue the Police are heroes?
Oct 21 • 50 min
Tim and Dave cover 5 great drug war related stories in this episode.Do you ever wonder what makes these guys tick? Well….so do we
#47- We talk about the cannabis laws that are ever so changing in the Mid West with special guest Chad from Elite Wellness
Oct 14 • 45 min
Our guest today is Chad from Elite Wellness we discuss Michigans medical and recreational cannabis laws.How they effect the black market and how much revenue is being made at this point.
#46- Enough Chinese made fentanyl to kill 14 million, and what drugs Trump is using
Oct 7 • 29 min
We talk all kinds of stuff about drug use and abuse nation wide , world wide.
#45- US spends over 150 billion on illegal drugs, Florida teacher found guilty for selling drugs to her students
Sep 23 • 36 min
Our guests Sworthdog and Mike Biggs step in the house for a visit to The Dap
#44-Major league dealers, Seattle ahead of the war on drugs, and Trumps face on ecstacy pills
Sep 15 • 31 min
This episode we cover the leading edge approach Seattle is taking toward the WOD
43-Special guest Brian Watson- Smuggling weed in Jalapeño shipment, too much weed in Oregon
Sep 2 • 42 min
Mexico makes cocaine legal for 2 people!
#42- The Drug Bust Hall of Fame, and transgender frogs
Aug 28 • 32 min
We are the premier drug war podcast! Listen , subscribe, rate!!!
#41- Justin Neal joins from, Police say mice ate 1000lbs of Cannabis from an evidence warehouse
Aug 23 • 34 min
Justin talks about his website and the cannabis game out in California
#40- Matt Frazier from, Mike Tyson smokes 40K of cannabis a month!!
Aug 18 • 35 min
Matt joins us to talk about his quest to tell the truth about the drug war. How real it is and how it is designed to create a criminal scheme to imprison the minority.
#39- Million dollar drug dealer sentenced to 5 days, Germany setting new cocaine records!
Aug 10 • 31 min
Tim and Dave keeping shit real!
#38-Magic Mushrooms the next frontier in legalization, Luxembourg country minister admits drug war is a 50 year failure
Aug 7 • 45 min
Another magical episode of the DAP
#37-Asia’s meth trade is blowing up $60 billion a year, and guy with $140 million in meth in his van hits a parked police car
Jul 29 • 33 min
#36 - Meth - Alligators from flushing drugs down the toilet, Man tries to smuggle Cocaine under his toupee ( not making this up)
Jul 29 • 37 min
The one the only DAP were we get down on the drug war casualties.
#35- Harry Anslinger the godfather of the War on Drugs…..Racist Bastard
Jul 22 • 34 min
We also cover a bust in Kansas City that would make you think the cops there cured cancer or something
#34- Tim and Mike Biggs talk about the coast guard that pulled over a submarine, and JP Morgan owning a drug running vessel
Jul 18 • 33 min
The one the only the best DAILY ADDICT PODCAST
#33- Midwest drug busts, and how the drug war is theater for so many government agencies
Jul 14 • 33 min
The premier Anti-drug war podcast. Entertaining and informative.
32- Mike Biggs is our guest covering a meth fed attack squirrel and the new cannabis paracute that saves your ass when your too high
Jul 10 • 40 min
Americas #1 anti-drug war podcast
#31- Slinging drugs out of a daycare, most drug busts are for a gram or less WTF?!
Jun 28 • 36 min
The one, the only, the BEST, anti drug war listen out there!!
30- Billion dollar bust? hmmm really? Nevada says no to employers dissing cannabis smokers
Jun 26 • 36 min
The worlds first place anti-drug war show
#29- Part 2 Claudia Merandi drops the knowledge and truth behind the CDC and governments fumbling of the “opioid crisis”
Jun 14 • 37 min
The one and only drug war podcast that tackles one of the biggest problems facing the world today.
#28 Part 1 of 2 -Special guest Claudia Merandi tells her story about how she became involved with patient advocacy
Jun 7 • 37 min
The premier Anti Drug war podcast world wide
27- Police claim they are overdosing by touching Fentanyl, antique drug prices from early 1900’s
Jun 1 • 37 min
The anti-drug war podcast
26- Another visit from Mike Biggs and Jessie talking about cannabis transportation and cocaine and other drugs found in shrimp
May 26 • 36 min
The anti drug war podcast
25 - Special guests Mike Biggs from the west coast Uhhh! and Jessie we talk about shrooms in Denver and pot in Paris
May 18 • 38 min
The premier Anti drug war podcast
24 -Season 2 Michigan hemp, Canadas black market cannabis, and a trained Parrot lookout
May 10 • 34 min
The Anti- drug war podcast
#23- History of the War on drugs
May 3 • 40 min
#22- Cleveland looking towards decriminalizing addicts, major dealer gets off Scott free, honeymoon behind bars
Apr 27 • 31 min
#21- Under-covers bust each other for selling and buying drugs , Fentanyl labs , and mules flying kilos in checked luggage
Apr 19 • 41 min
Talking about issues surrounding the war on drugs.
#20- using the U.S. Military to fight the drug war ,and why convicted drug users and dealers deserve a second chance
Apr 17 • 34 min
#19 Spanish street weed has some poo, Aldi produce has a new frozen Bananas
Apr 12 • 41 min
We cover the war on drugs, and how it effects the culture, economy, and justice system.
#18 Sweden realizing the drug war is a failure, Darknet drug busts and the New Jersey savages back at it
Apr 10 • 32 min
Failed drug war
#17 murder in New Orleans, And a coast guard cutter that hauls in 17 tons of coke in 2 years time
Apr 7 • 36 min
We discuss the failed drug war.
#16 Cowboys Irving cannabis use accepted by players and fans, auctioning drug dealers cars for charity (just kidding) they keep the $$
Apr 5 • 33 min
Drug war
#15 tee shirt gun shoots drugs over a prison fence, Honey boo boo Mama smokin Crack at the casino
Apr 3 • 36 min
Failed drug war
#14 Doctor gets life for prescribing Methadone Port Hurons Blue water bridge is on drug busting streak
Mar 29 • 47 min
Failed Drug Wars
#13- History and facts of Meth and the Russian drug Krokodil that is derived from gasoline
Mar 27 • 54 min
The failed drug war
#12 The man who movie The Mule was based on. The 10 countries that legalized drugs & ended the drug war
Mar 22 • 44 min
#11-Drugs that are popular by country and taking down a king pin with a Playstation 4
Mar 14 • 35 min
The Daily Addict Episode 10- Us Military dropping bombs on Afghan poppy fields
Mar 1 • 37 min
US military bombing poppy fields, California cocaine love, Michigan Kin Pin, Dr. trading sex for pills, Asian drug war failure
The Daily Addict Episode #9 The 5 most addictive drugs and Cocaine flavored pineapples
Mar 1 • 32 min
War on Drugs taik.
The Daily Addict Episode #8- Brazilian bust nets 47 aircraft and 10,000 cattle
Feb 22 • 32 min
Big Brazilian bust nets 47 aircraft, Banana Plug enough said, Mama and her boys selling heroinedrugs, drug bust, raid ,marijuana ,cocaine, coke, police, military, meth ,methamphetamine, shrooms, mushrooms, heroine ,ice ,shabu ,fentanyl, smuggle, dealer,…
The Daily Addict (Episode #7) Loosing your job for being a medical Marijuana patient
Feb 22 • 31 min
Shipping pot using USPS,Megatron licensed to sell marijuana, Houston update #3, Oxycontin manufacturer lies to doctors
The Daily Addict (Episode #6) Biggest bust in history, Shonton Harris the real life Training Day cop
Feb 15 • 29 min
Shonten Harris Drug Boss, firefighters selling coke, worlds biggest bust, and a trunk full of weed while smoking at Dunkin Donuts
The Daily Addict (Episode #5) Veterinarian smuggling heroine in puppies
Feb 15 • 40 min
We talk about the failed drug war in America and the world
The Daily Addict (Episode #4) Still arresting people for legally grown hemp
Feb 8 • 32 min
7,000 lbs of Hemp gone wrong , 1 ton of heroine in Turkey, Butt dial to 911 gets people busted
The Daily Addict (Episode #3) doing drug deals in fast food parking lots as well as pulling it out at Target
Feb 8 • 36 min
Covering the failed drug war worldwide
The Daily Addict (Episode #1) The drug raid in Houston that started it all…
Feb 4 • 45 min
Drug war failure
The Daily Addict (Episode #2) A pharmacist that filled 750,000 prescriptions without a license…
Feb 4 • 34 min
Drug war failure