Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate

Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate
Welcome to the Passive income through multifamily real estate podcast brought to you by Limitless Estates where Kyle and Lalita talk to top experts and seasoned passive investors in the business to help provide clarity and key insights to keep you safe…

#65: The Land Guy with Jack Bosch
Nov 18 • 33 min
Who thought land flipping could be so easy while at the same time have such a huge ROI?! Jack Bosch explains his strategy for buying and selling land and how to best position yourself for a profitable exit.
#64: The 7-Hour Book with Nick Raithel
Nov 11 • 22 min
Have you ever wanted to write a book but do not have the time to dedicate to it? Today we talk with Nick Raithel, creator of the 7-Hour Book where he helps aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate investors take their business to the next level.
#63: From Active to Passive Investing with Bob Trapnell
Nov 4 • 31 min
Passive investing is all about using your experience to allow your money to work efficiently. Today, Bob Trapnell shares how his experience has allowed him to go from being an active investor to a passive investor.
#62: Quitting the Rate Race to Pursue Passive Income with Juan Vargas
Oct 28 • 24 min
Quitting your day job to pursue your dreams takes a huge leap of faith and that is just what Juan Vargas did. Juan takes us through the ups and downs of becoming an entrepreneur and full time real estate investor.
#61: Industrial and Flex Spaces with Rich Kent
Oct 21 • 25 min
Rich Kent oversees Avistone’s capital markets operations and brings more than 30 years of experience in financial services, real estate investment, and capital markets to the company. Today we talk with Rich about Industrial and Flex spaces and why they…
#60: How to Raise Capital the Right Way with Gene Trowbridge
Oct 14 • 31 min
Think just raising capital for a syndication is an easy route to take when you’re just starting out? Think again! Gene Trowbridge talks with us about the SEC rules and regulations when it comes to raising capital.
#59: Passive Income Saved my Life with AJ Osborne
Oct 7 • 32 min
Today we interview an absolutely inspirational guest, AJ Osborne who shares with us how creating passive income saved him and his families lives while going through a critical time in his life.
#58: Leveraging Passive Investments to Become a GP with Jimmy Edwards
Sep 30 • 34 min
Learn how Jimmy Edwards leveraged his passive investments to become a General Partner and active investor with more than 550 units.
#57: Delegate and Scale your Business with Dan Handford
Sep 23 • 29 min
Learn how delegation of day to day tasks can take you from working in your business to scaling to seven figures with Dan Handford.
#56: Investing in Manufactured Housing with Andrew Keel
Sep 16 • 21 min
Investing in manufactured homes may not sound like a sexy investment, but the lack of available low income housing and the huge value add this asset class provides makes it one to take a look at! Andrew Keel walks us through why manufactured housing is an…
#55: Using Data to Become an Elite Investor with Neal Bawa
Sep 9 • 40 min
Looking to become an elite real estate investor? Neal Bawa teaches us how to use data driven resources to make sure you stay ahead of the trends.
#54: The Real Estate Goddess with Monica Duhart
Sep 2 • 28 min
Passion, goals and action are the makeup of this Real Estate Goddess. You don’t want to miss this episode with Monica Duhart, her story is one of inspiration and discipline.
#53: Goal Setting & Finding your Passion with Rod Khleif
Aug 26 • 32 min
If you are looking to find your purpose in life or learn how to get started setting goals this is the episode for you! From $50M in real estate to zero in 2008 and then back again, Rod Khleif shares tons of value of how his mindset was the key to picking…
#52: Flipping Houses with Adriel Liwag
Aug 19 • 26 min
Did you know passive investing includes flipping houses? Today, we talk with Adriel Liwag about how he gets creative to beat out the hot competition in the SoCal market.
#51: Protect Your Assets with Wayne Patton
Aug 12 • 35 min
In today’s world it is crucial to understand how to best protect your assets. Today we cover asset protection with Wayne Patton and the many ways to keep your assets safe.
#50: 2,047 Units, $158M+ and Counting with Chad Hudson
Aug 5 • 25 min
Want to learn how to scale your real estate investments to more than 2,000 units and $158M!? You’ll want to tune into this episode with Chad Hudson and learn how he found investing passively to be the ticket to his success.
#49: Leaving Corporate America with the Help of Multifamily Syndication with Steeve Breton
Jul 29 • 23 min
From corporate America to full time Multifamily Syndication, Steeve shares his path of finding alternative investments and a shift in mindset from frugality to abundance.
#48: Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing with Michael Blank
Jul 22 • 26 min
Michael uncovers the mindset shift that was necessary to go from losing his IPO millions to a leading authority on apartment investing in the U.S.
#47: Multifamily Development with Jerome Maldonado
Jul 15 • 27 min
Jerome takes us into the world of development and shares his tips for making it through the next downturn.
#46: Qualified Retirement Plans with Damion Lupo
Jul 8 • 22 min
Damion talks about the benefits of QRP’s and how to avoid UBIT tax when investing with your retirement funds.
#45: 40+ Hour Work Week and Passive Investor with Frank Guistiani
Jul 1 • 24 min
Frank Guistiani, bought his first Single family home in 1996 in Sacramento, CA and now is a passive investor in 850 units across 3 deals and now looking to get into an active role.
#44: Building Systems for Success with Whitney Sewell
Jun 24 • 23 min
Whitney talks about building systems to set his multifamily syndication company up for success.
#43: Retail Apocalypse?! Think Again! with Adam Carswell
Jun 17 • 30 min
Adams explains why he thinks the retail apocalypse is just a myth and why retail is here to stay.
#42: Cost Segregation with Yonah Weiss
Jun 10 • 23 min
Yonah uncovers the extreme benefits of cost segregation and bonus depreciation and also touches on the few situations where this tool may not make sense for every investor.
#41: The 111 Questions Every Passive Investor Should Ask with Ellis Hammond
Jun 3 • 32 min
Ellis shares his tips on how he vets his sponsors and passive real estate deals.
#40: Marketing Veteran to Real Estate Syndicator with Matt Picheny
May 27 • 32 min
Matt covers investing in secondary and tertiary markets and the keys to being successful in them.
#39: Self Storage and the Capital Stack with Hunter Thompson
May 20 • 32 min
Hunter shares his take on why self-storage is a recession resistant asset class and the importance of the capital stack, most importantly debt.
#38: Self-Empowered Banking with Julie-Ann Hepburn
May 13 • 35 min
Julie Ann talks us through the details of Self-Empowered Banking and how to start earning money like the banks do.
#37: The Blissful Investor with Moneeka Sawyer
May 6 • 23 min
Moneeka takes us on her journey of finding bliss while sharing some of her morning rituals to get her day started off right.
#36: Full Time Tech Entrepreneur to Early Retirement with Rama Krishna
Apr 29 • 32 min
Rama takes us through his journey of leaving the tech industry to pursue active real estate investing and how to successfully invest from the other side of the country.
#35: Student Housing with Jeff Greenberg
Apr 22 • 29 min
Jeff talks about the do’s and don’ts of student housing along with the major differences between this asset class and multifamily.
#34: From Temporary Admin to BACOMM President with Jennifer Katsev
Apr 15 • 25 min
Jennifer walks us through how she went from credit card debt and a temporary admin position to Best-Selling Author and President of BACOMM, one of the largest real estate investment clubs in the Bay Area.
#33: Active Duty Passive Income with Eric Upchurch
Apr 8 • 28 min
Eric shares ADPI’s mission to help active military members and veterans get started in real estate investing through education and mentorship.
#32: Alignment of Interest and a Balanced Life with Mike Krieg
Apr 1 • 31 min
Mike talks us through raising money for other sponsors deals, alignment of interest with those sponsors and how living a balanced life will take him to the next level.
#31: Mobile Home Park Investing with Bryce Robertson
Mar 31 • 29 min
Bryce explains how investing in Mobile Home Parks can create massive cash flow in a near recession proof asset class.
#30: Multifamily Insurance and Policies with Derek Dickerson
Mar 30 • 33 min
Derek takes us into the world of insurance and shares how to keep your multifamily properties protected.
#29: Finding True Fulfillment in Helping Others with Chris Collins
Mar 29 • 25 min
Chris takes us on his journey in finding true fulfillment in helping others through real estate.
#28: Behind the Scenes of an Active Investor with Andrew Campbell
Mar 28 • 22 min
Andrew takes us behind the scenes of being an active investor in the Texas market.
#27: One Rental at a Time with Michael Zuber
Mar 27 • 31 min
Michael takes us through his journey of finding financial freedom and finding a passion in helping others achieve that same goal.
#26: Financial Independence Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) with Brantley Gunn
Mar 26 • 25 min
Brantley shares how he was able to achieve financial independence at the age of 26 through the F.I.R.E. movement.
#25: Mentorship, Relationships and Investor Returns with Brent Kawakami
Mar 25 • 31 min
Brent goes into detail about the importance of mentorship, building relationships and returns as a passive investor.
#24: Passive Income Really is Achievable with Marco Santarelli
Mar 24 • 31 min
Marco debunks the myth that passive income is too good to be true and also talks about his 2019 housing predictions, diversification and great book recommendations.
#23: How to Underwrite Multifamily Deals with Omar Khan
Mar 23 • 22 min
Omar touches on the key factors of underwriting a Multifamily deal and gets down to the basics of researching data.
#22: 1031 Exchanges with Dino Champagne
Mar 22 • 37 min
Dino takes a deep dive into 1031 exchanges and the power that this tool can provide real estate investors.
#21: Full Time Mom Finds Passive Income with Minna Folkman
Mar 21 • 25 min
Minna shares her story of finding passive income when making the decision to be a full time stay at home mom.
#20: Inspiring Women to Achieve Passive Income with Julie Lam
Mar 20 • 22 min
Julie discusses her mission to educate women, children and others to get on the path towards financial freedom.
#19: Senior Living and the Massive Need for Facilities with Doug Fullaway
Mar 19 • 27 min
Doug has extensive background in the senior living market and discusses why there is such a huge need for this asset class and the pitfalls to watch out for when investing in it.
#18: Passive Investing through Crowdfunding with Ian Formigle
Mar 18 • 46 min
Ian simplifies the concept of real estate crowdfunding and gives passive investors a look at how technology is changing the way of investing.
#17: 2,100+ Units Passively and Full Time Engineer with Lane Kawaoka
Mar 17 • 22 min
Lane discusses his journey of finding passive income and his 3 rules of investing.
#16: A Deep Dive into Multifamily Syndication with David Toupin
Mar 16 • 29 min
David takes us through the process of how a multifamily syndication works and how he successfully scales his company to purchase multifamily in 7 different markets.
#15: Investing in Out of State Turnkey Rentals with Antoine Martel
Mar 15 • 30 min
Antoine discusses how to cash flow passively through out of state turnkey rentals.
#14: The Importance of Tax Planning When Investing in Real Estate with Brandon Hall
Mar 14 • 36 min
Brandon discusses key tips to real estate tax planning and the first thing you should do to get started in setting up your tax strategy.
#13: Over 1,500 Units Passively and Do Your Own Due Diligence with Gary Lipsky
Mar 13 • 22 min
Gary gives us an overview of his passive investments and great advice for those looking to invest into their first deal.
#12: The Keys to Great Asset Management with Lee Ripma
Mar 12 • 26 min
Lee touches on the key reasons why having a great asset manager can take a real estate investment from average to optimal.
#11: Passive Investing through Non-Performing Notes with Jay Tenenbaum
Mar 11 • 35 min
Jay shares how to generate passive cash flow through non-performing notes by taking advantage of multiple exit strategies and buying right.
#10: Everything you Need to Know about Multifamily Lending with Hans Box
Mar 10 • 29 min
Hans covers all aspects of lending and sourcing debt and explains why having a mortgage broker who provides advisory services can prove to be beneficial.
#9: Full Time Chief Physician Officer and Passive Investor with Vanessa Peters
Mar 9 • 23 min
Vanessa offers her keys to success of juggling a full time job while investing in real estate. Vanessa is a prime example of how to get into real estate investing while having a full time job.
#8: Transforming Lives through Real Estate and Putting your Investors First with Matt Faircloth
Mar 8 • 30 min
Matt shares his opinion about where the real estate market is headed and what is takes to be a successful operator.
#7: Building Generation Wealth with Jacqueline Huynh
Mar 7 • 22 min
Jacqueline explains how building generational wealth is not just about money and why it’s important to not only yourself but for generations to come.
#6: Self-Directed IRA’s with Tyler Carter
Mar 6 • 28 min
Tyler sheds light on how to invest creatively with your IRA and why you should overcome analysis paralysis.
#5: The Real Passive Investor with Siva Venugopalan
Mar 5 • 30 min
Siva takes us through his journey in real estate and discusses what it takes to be a real passive investor.
#4: Success through Building Key Relationships with John Casmon
Mar 4 • 30 min
John shares key takeaways on due diligence for passive investors and discusses the importance of building relationships both as a passive and active investor.
#3: The Man Who Wrote the Book on Passive Income with James Kandasamy
Mar 3 • 35 min
James shares insights about the difference between passive and active investors and also talks about the key things passive investors should be doing before investing in Real Estate.
#2: Securities Law and the 3 Things you Should Ask Before Investing in a Multifamily Syndication with Gene Trowbridge
Mar 2 • 30 min
Gene shares his in depth knowledge of securities law and how they protect passive investors when investing in a Multifamily syndication.
#1: Networking & Diversification as a Passive Investor with Jeremy Roll
Mar 1 • 39 min
Jeremy talks about the importance of networking, diversifying your portfolio and where to educate yourself before stepping into the world of passive cash flow investing.
#0: Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate with Kyle Mitchell & Lalita Patipaksiri
Feb 8 • 6 min
Kyle & Lalita introduce themselves and talk about why they started the Passive Income through Multifamily Real Estate podcast.