Storytime Seedlings

Storytime Seedlings
Storytime Seedlings is an educational program to grow young readers. Episode are all on early literacy development for children from newborn to five years old. Storytime Seedlings is presented by children’s librarian for young children, parents, careg?

29 - By the Beautiful Sea
Aug 21 • 24 min
By the Beautiful Sea will bring you the sand, sea, and fun with books, songs, fingerplays, stories all about the sea.
28 - A Starry, Starry Summer
Jul 27 • 20 min
A Starry, Starry Summer, episode 28 is here to twinkle and shine with songs, stories and fingerplays for babies and children, 0 to 5, and their parents.
27 - Picnics and Popsicles
Jul 7 • 25 min
Episode 27 Picnic and Popsicles for a Summer Storytime Treat!
26 - A Garden Green
Jun 14 • 20 min
It’s time to dig deeper for Summer Reading 2020 at and to dig the Garden Green, Episode 26. Join us for books, songs, rhymes, fingerplays, poems and a pre-literacy tip on gardens green in summer! For a handy print out, click here.
25 - May Flowers
May 21 • 22 min
May Flowers - songs, fingerplays, poetry, stories for kids and pre-literacy tip for parents.
24 - Sheepish Lambs
May 6 • 24 min
Episode 24 - Sheepish Lambs join in for frolicking in stories, songs and fingerplays.
23 - Earth LOVE
Apr 22 • 22 min
Episode 23 is all about EARTH LOVE - celebrating our beautiful Earth with books, songs, fingerplays and poetry about bees, flowers, blooming, growing and taking care of our Earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling.
22 - Eggs and Chicks
Apr 7 • 22 min
A podcast to grow new readers from ages 0 to 5 years and their parents, teachers, librarians and other caregivers.
21 - Happy and Healthy
Mar 20 • 22 min
Happy and healthy - read, play and sing your way there! A storytime for parents and young children together. Join for the happiness and the good, healthy habits for a lifetime.
20 - DOGS!
Mar 3 • 20 min
A storytime for young children and their parents or other caregivers with stories, songs, fingerplays and more all about DOGS!
19 - Hugs and Kisses
Feb 13 • 19 min
Valentine’s Day is a good time for loving some books and stories for storytime—so wrap your arms around Episode 19 - Hugs and KIsses. For a handy printout PDF of the songs, fingerplays and stories for Episode 19 - click here:…
Jan 19 • 24 min
Brrr! Winter is here so put on your mittens, coat and hat and listen to snowy-wintery songs and stories.
17 - A Wonderful New Year
Dec 28, 2019 • 18 min
Celebrate the New Year with a storytime of songs and stories.
16 — Jingle All The Way!
Dec 13, 2019 • 22 min
Santa and jingle bells are here—time to sing all about it - and read some good books. Join us as we celebrate the storytime season with Episode 16 Jingle All the Way! For a print-out of the fingerplays and stories in Episode 16:…
15 - Thanksgiving and Families
Nov 18, 2019 • 23 min
It’s Thanksgiving - a good time for Families and a gobble-gobble good time for Storytime! Join us for storytime all about the holiday of Thanksgiving, together with family. For a handy Episode 15 print-out of the picturebooks, fingerplays, songs and…
14 Fall Into Autumn
Nov 17, 2019 • 20 min
Autumn leaves are falling down! Time for some stories, songs and fingerplays so we can all fall into autumn! For handy print-out guide of the storytime, Fall into Autumn, click this…
13 - Apples
Nov 5, 2019 • 19 min
It’s all Apples in Episode 13 - apple books, songs, fingerplays and more.You can find a PDF of Apple fingerplays and books for episode 13 Apples at
12 Pumpkins!
Oct 18, 2019 • 21 min
It’s that time of year - for PUMPKINS! Get ready for the season with this episode on pumpkins—books, songs, finger plays, poems, a story and more. Pumpkins are so much more then Jack-O-Lanterns!A PDF of the songs, fingerplays for this episode:…
Sep 28, 2019 • 21 min
Episode 11 — CATS are meowing, purring, pouncing and more. Join us for songs, finger plays, books and a story all about cats - MEOW!More info at: get a PDF…
10 The Little Red Caboose: Old Time Music for Children, From America Part 2
Sep 16, 2019 • 19 min
Old Time Songs for Children, From America, Part 2, episode 10, is focused on cultural literacy and history. The old songs, like The Little Red Caboose or Rock-a-By Baby, are part of our history and are our cultural heritage with a history all their own.…
9 Down By The Station: Old Time Music for Children, From America, part 1
Aug 16, 2019 • 21 min
Down by the Station—Old Time Songs for Children, from America is an episode focused on cultural literacy in young children. The old songs, like Down by the Station or Hush Little Baby, are part of our history and are our cultural heritage. When we sing…
8 Summer Fun
Jul 18, 2019 • 16 min
Episode 8 - It’s summer and time for fun—ice cream, popsicles, s’mores and much more. Join us for books, fingerplays, songs, a story, and pre-literacy tips for caregivers—all about having fun in the summertime.See the PDF of fingerplays and be sure to…
7 Hello, Goodbye Spring Season Finale Super Edition
May 12, 2019 • 22 min
Hello and Goodbye in picturebooks, fingerplays, songs and stories are a fun way to learn about making transitions for children and parents. In this episode we talk in our pre-literacy section about the importance of helping children cope with transitions,…
6: Bunnies
Apr 23, 2019 • 17 min
Join us for our storytime theme of Bunnies, which will include picture books, fingerplays, songs, a story, and a pre-literacy tip for parents. Check out the blog post for Episode 6 at with the PDF of fingerplays at…
5: Silly Super Edition
Apr 3, 2019 • 20 min
Join us for our storytime theme of Silly Stories Super Edition of picture books, fingerplays, songs, stories and a pre-literacy tip for parents. Check out the blog post for Episode 5:…
4: Colors
Mar 18, 2019 • 14 min
This week our storytime theme was colors. Join us for picture books, finger plays, songs, stories, and a pre-literacy tip. Learn about the concept of colors and how they relate to the foundation of reading comprehension. For more information see the…
3: LOVE is a Storytime
Feb 27, 2019 • 11 min
This week our storytime theme was LOVE. Join us for picture books, finger plays, songs, stories, and a pre-literacy tip on love and it’s importance to healthy child-rearing. For more information, see the blogpost:…
2: Teeth
Feb 13, 2019 • 13 min
Our storytime theme for this episode is Teeth — February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. We have books, songs, finger-plays, and even a short story titled, “Baby Bear’s Loose Tooth” for you and your child to enjoy. Just for parents—literacy…
1: Delicious and Nutritious
Feb 4, 2019 • 12 min
Heidi and Lauren share books, fingerplays, songs, and a pre-literacy tip with the theme, “Delicious and Nutritious.” For more information and a PDF of the fingerplays for Episode 1, checkout the blogpost:…