Soccer Stupid! the Soccer Podcast

Soccer Stupid! the Soccer Podcast
Join the beer infused conversation as two soccer rivals discuss the games of the top clubs around the world in this weekly Soccer Podcast show! They may not always agree but their love of soccer keeps the kinship alive!

36: Breaks on a Bus and Breaks on a Car, Breaks That Make You a Superstar!
Nov 13 • 47 min
In Episode 36, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the intense match up of Liverpool FC vs. MCity - spoiler alert, Liverpool (João) won! Pulisic (AKA Captain America) continues to score for Chelsea, Poachettino Coachittino continue to struggle, Jamie Vardy…
35: 🎶 Mané! Mané! Mané! It’s a Mané! World! 🎶
Nov 5 • 51 min
In Episode 35, hosts Joao & Lui discuss ALL the excitement of this weekend’s EPL games including Mané! Mané! Mané’s! amazing last second header for the Liverpool win! MCity staying close behind Liverpool, Pochettino Coachettino not winning, Son …
34: The LAFC vs. LA Galaxy MLS Playoff Podcast Special Special Special Special
Oct 25 • 40 min
In Episode 34, hosts Joao & Lui surprise the world with not just one but two podcast episodes in one week with this very special LAFC vs. LA Galaxy MLS Playoff Podcast Special Special Special Special! They discuss the craziness that took place a…
33: “Make It So, Number One”!
Oct 24 • 66 min
In Episode 33, hosts Joao & Lui discuss coming back from a two week sabbatical and a little late to the party, EPL over the weekend, Liverpool vs. Manchester United, La Liga and the MLS Playoffs - go LAFC. Joao reveals his inner nerd and talks a…
32: The Hand of God and VAR Brings a “Friend” to the Soccer Podcast Studio!
Oct 7 • 57 min
In Episode 32, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the unpredictability of the EPL season, scrappy teams winning, Mcity, TOT and MU losing, Liverpool taking a good lead, La Liga “realigning” and becoming normal again, Messi’s beard injury has healed, fun f…
31: Crickets Invade the Soccer Podcast Studio! Ahhhhhh!!!!
Sep 30 • 69 min
In Episode 31, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the week’s EPL action -spoiler! Who was expected to win won this past weekend! Pep and his sneaky sneaky set pieces, Jamie Vardy once again having a party! Willian remembers he can score for Chelsea! La Li…
30: Don’t Cry! It’s a Soccer Podcast!
Sep 23 • 87 min
In Episode 30, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the unpredictability of EPL and La Liga, the various games over the weekend - Pep’s 8-0 lashing over Watford, Manchester United falling apart, Barca losing, Neymar to Real Madrid or Barca, Cheeeeeeeech in …
29: We’re Back! By order of the Peaky Blinders!
Sep 16 • 80 min
In Episode 29, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the return of EPL and Liga, Liverpool continuing their winning streak (João’s happy), the Norwich beating MCity surprise (João is happy), gotta love Pukki, Lui names a prospect, João’s prospects continue t…
28: Welcome Back Lui and Here Comes an International Break
Sep 2 • 68 min
In Episode 28, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the pulsating and tremendously exciting EPL action of the weekend, new player prospects, scrappy teams that win, La Liga magic, the future and fait of Barca and Real Madrid, Neymar, Alexis Sanchez, Messi, …
27: El Traffico Part 2 and Other Soccer Too!
Aug 26 • 67 min
In Episode 27, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the second LAFC vs. Galaxy game of the season or as the kids call it El Traffico after having witnessed the game at the Banc of California!
26: VAR and the Gloves Come Off!
Aug 18 • 75 min
The gloves come off in this episode while João and Lui disagree on almost everything!
25: Hey Gallina And “MLS is Sh*t”
Aug 11 • 80 min
In Episode 25, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the kick off of the 2019/ 2020 EPL Season - Life is back to normal! Liverpool vs. Norwich, the FA Community Shield Game - Liverpool vs. MCity, Zlatan’s thoughts on MLS as a whole - spoiler alert! He …
24: Vodka Lui Part 2 and Sexy Walk
Aug 4 • 61 min
In Episode 24, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the MLS All-Star game against Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa being Deigo Costa, João Felix scoring in America, LAFC, the upcoming Community Shield game and Sexy rivalry between Klopp and Pep - it’s not a Dar…
23: Lui is a Grandma Shopper, LAFC & the Banc! - Soccer Podcast
Jul 28 • 50 min
In Episode 23, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the weeks MLS action, LAFC victory over Atlanta, João at the Banc of California, LAFC fans, Atletico Madrid 7-3 victory over Real Madrid, Diego Costa - the Man, the Myth, the Legend and the Boy! (João Feli…
22: The “El Traffico” Special Soccer Podcast
Jul 21 • 52 min
In Episode 22, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the LAFC vs. LA Galaxy (aka El Traffico) game in detail! Zlatan being Zlatan “The Lion”, who is the real LA team, 3252 supporters, the introduction of “VAR” to the soccer podcast as well as a new beer of t…
21: Soccer Withdrawal and Transfer Rumors
Jul 15 • 55 min
In Episode 21, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the feeling of “Soccer Withdrawal” during the soccer lull between cups and season soccer, MLS action, LAFC the best team in MLS, transfer rumors, thoughts on confirmed transfers - Griezmann to Barcelona, H…
20: The Finals!
Jul 8 • 81 min
In Episode 20, hosts Joao and Lui discuss Women’s World Cup, Copa America and Gold Cup finals! Earthquakes hit California, Lui has trouble getting to the soccer, Joao sings a lot again and a new Beer of the Week gets introduced!
19: Diarrhea Cha! Cha! Cha!
Jul 2 • 88 min
In Episode 19, hosts Joao and Lui discuss the insane quarterfinals of Copa America (Brazil/ Paraguay PKs, Chile going for the gold, Argentina winning in regulation time), Women’s World Cup (USA! USA! USA! beating France and the upcoming USA vs. Engl…
18: So Much Soccer! And Cricket?
Jun 24 • 75 min
In Episode 18, hosts Joao and Lui discuss all the Copa America action (Chile’s consistency, Brazil finally looking like Brazil, Argentina looking lost). The Women’s World Cup craziness (USA looking like winners, Brazil getting knocked out, Argentina…
17: Vodka Lui!
Jun 17 • 76 min
In Episode 17, hosts Joao and Lui discuss the USWNT 13-0 whomping of Thailand, more Women’s World Cup, the Brazil National Team making it happen, Argentina not making it happen, Copa America, the start of the Gold Cup, a new Beer of the Week is intr…
16: It’s Getting Serious!
Jun 10 • 59 min
In Episode 16, hosts Joao and Lui discuss the Women’s World Cup, U20 World Cup and the upcoming Copa America games. Who. Will. Win. It. All?! They introduce a new Beer of the Week and discuss their new supporters page!&n…
15: The UEFA Champions League Final Special..Thaaaat Joao Didn’t Accidentally Delete
Jun 3 • 51 min
In Episode 15, hosts Joao and Lui discuss Liverpool winning the UEFA Champions League final, an almost forgotten fancy Beer of the Week, the new Soccer Stupid! HQ, the new logo by Oscar Melendez (aka Spacekidd_Art)…then Joao accidentally deleted t…
14: Gareth Bale! Not Batman!
May 20 • 79 min
In Episode 14, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the FA Cup results, Manchester City dominating soccer, Messi in his prime, great players in losing clubs, poop vs. throw up, LAFC’s disappointing draw against Dallas, various transfer rumors, upcoming Copa…
13: Championes! Champions! Ole! Ole!
May 16 • 53 min
In Episode 13, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the end of the EPL season, Manchester City winning over Liverpool, Manchester United losing to relegated Cardiff, upcoming Copa America, Gold Cup and Women’s World Cup. A new beer of the week is introduced…
12: “Heavy Metal Football”
May 8 • 67 min
In Episode 12, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the Liverpool 4-0 defeat of Barca in the UEFA Champions League semi-final, EPL title race, MU and their continued losing streak, La Liga action and MLS! MLS! MLS! Joao & Lui also introduce the new Beer…
11: Soccer Stupid! the Musical!
Apr 29 • 66 min
In Episode 11, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the fall of Manchester United, the too close to call EPL title race between Liverpool (Joao) and Manchester City (Lui), Coach “Poch” forever losing, the West owning MLS, upcoming UEFA Champions League game…
10: The Adventures of Lui and The Missing Balls!
Apr 22 • 82 min
In Episode 10, hosts Joao & Lui discuss Lui’s recent surgery to save his future and the future health of the planet! A very fruity beer of week, UEFA Champions League, the exciting EPL title race, La Liga action and the many many goals of MLS. O…
9: Midlife Crisis or Just a Mohawk?! Wipe Out 7%, Beatles and Soccer Moms!
Apr 15 • 67 min
In Episode 9, hosts Joao & Lui discuss Joao’s new and terrible “conservative” mohawk haircut, the Beatles, 7% beer of the week, UEFA Champions League - MU vs. Barcelona, Liverpool vs. Porto, Juventus vs. Ajax, EPL - Liverpool, Salah, Salah, Sala…
8: Suds, Tackling the Week Like Diego Costa and Horrible Facial Hair
Apr 8 • 68 min
In Episode 8, hosts Joao & Lui discuss this week’s 9% beer of the week, the EPL table with only six games left to play, La Liga and MLS Games of the week - Liverpool vs. Southampton, LAFC vs. D.C. United, Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid and much m…
7: Arrogant Bastard like Lui! Rooney is a Legend and Isco is Back!
Apr 1 • 52 min
Hosts Joao & Lui discuss all things EPL, La Liga, MLS and the upcoming UEFA Champions League games
6: Stick Around! Let’s get to the Soccer and Mané! Mané! Mané!
Mar 18 • 46 min
Hosts Joao & Lui discuss the top clubs in EPL, MLS, La Liga, UEFA, FA Cup and the upcoming International Break!
5: Back from a Soccer Sabbatical and Zinedine Zidane is back too!
Mar 11 • 46 min
In this fifth episode, hosts Joao & Lui discuss keeping up with Soccer after Joao’s one week sabbatical from the sport, coach Zidane’s return to Real and the impact to the team, PSG losing to MU, LAFC and the constant winning, Diomande the “Norw…
Bonus Episode: The Genius Commentary of Ray Hudson
Mar 3 • 11 min
In this first ever Bonus episode of Soccer Stupid! Hosts Joao and Lui play their favorite sound bits of Ray Hudson reacting to masterful goals of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and various other La Liga players. Enjoy and stay tuned for Episode Five whic…
4: Pogba or Pogba? 9.5 % Beer Buzz and Landon Donovan is back…indoors.
Feb 25 • 43 min
In this fourth episode, hosts Joao & Lui discuss the right way to pronounce Pogba, Ray Hudson’s brilliance, incomparable Messi, Pep hugs, power struggles between coaches and players, Alexis at MU, David de Gea’s clean sheets (nothing to do with …
3: How do you pronounce that? Beer is back! And let the cat in!
Feb 18 • 39 min
In this third episode, hosts Joao & Lui discuss bringing beer back into their lives, UEFA week, a break from EPL, La Liga, FA Cup, “Barca Dreams” the documentary and “More Than Just A Game” the most important soccer story ever told. Dug the dog …
2: We are Everywhere Man! Pizza Breaks and Who Let the Dog Out?
Feb 11 • 25 min
Hosts Joao & Lui discuss the top clubs in EPL, MLS, La Liga, French League 1 and Serie A
1: Too many cats and babies! Is there enough time for soccer?
Feb 4 • 29 min
Hosts Joao and Lui kick off the inaugural Season 1 of Soccer Stupid! Where they discuss find gin the time for soccer and the games of the week!