Catch My Logic

Catch My Logic
JN Reign is a Lesbians Living And Navigating Life In Los Angeles. We Discuss The Trials Overcome And Ones We Continue To Battle. Subjects Range From Relationship, The Latest Trends And Gossip, To Life Lessons And Politics. We Look Forward To Giving Y…

Say what you mean - Gay bashing on the low
Nov 4 • 52 min
Just say you don’t like gay people
Don’t be a bigot by accident
Oct 14 • 48 min
An evaluation of a beginners look at respectability politics
Thats not my job
Oct 8 • 52 min
This episode JN Reign talks about things that are simply not her job and reminds people don’t get upset about that :) Links to social media: Facebook: Catch my logic :
The supreme court and gay rights
Sep 30 • 30 min
LGBTQ and the Supreme Court
People Pleasing can be dangerous
Sep 23 • 57 min
Please pleasing can quickly become a full on issue that corrupts your will so be aware.
Adult school
Sep 16 • 42 min
Adult, school. LBGTQ, Los Angeles, Women of Color,
A Little logic two
Sep 9 • 27 min
A little logic
Social Media and relationships
Aug 26 • 80 min
Social Media and Relationships
Little Logic show
Aug 20 • 43 min
I got eye lashes
Intergenerational dating
Aug 12 • 58 min
Today JN Reign and Michelle discuss Intergenerational dating. Both of us have had some experience with dating someone a little more then a few years older or younger then us. As a matter of fact intergenerational dating happen pretty often. We are g…
The Zodiac Part 2 The elements
Aug 5 • 84 min
Joe Biden website review, Drake’s album drop, and a which sign told me to stop trying to save the person she was trying to get revenge on
Breaking up part 2 The let go
Jul 27 • 44 min
JN Reign and Michelle talk about things that have done to in the past to get over a break upLinks to social media: Facebook: Catch my logic : www.twitter…
Just a message to let you know we are alive and well.
Jul 22 • 33 min
Just and episode to let you know we did not disappear …..we had a mic situation. :)Website www.catchmylogic.comLinks to social media: Facebook: Catch my logic :
Breaking up part 1 We shouldn’t even be talking
Jul 11 • 69 min
1st poem intro and breaking up what does it mean
Catch my Logic the catch up and the run down
Jul 6 • 58 min
A causal Catch My Logic Conversation
Social Anxiety
Jun 27 • 65 min
Social anxiety, party, friends, dating, work
Don’t police my body
Jun 20 • 51 min
Back off judgement of booty shorts.
Why are you a friendenemy
Jun 12 • 44 min
Is your friend also an enemy?
Jun 5 • 53 min
The situations that made us think. ” I have to give more to myself”
Sex Positive
May 29 • 84 min
What does sex positive really mean
What about yo friends
May 22 • 82 min
WWW.catchmylogic.comTopic for today : What about your friends .There is a spoiler for Game of Thrones timed from 30:00 to 51:00Link to soul food vegan :
Who is JN Reign
Apr 17 • 67 min
Self, Catch my logic, Women
Apr 1 • 35 min
DONT act like you don’t care about the signs.
Giving up being Single
Mar 10 • 64 min
Sometimes the person is great but the person is not all to consider.
Don’t Break
Feb 28 • 57 min
Its ok to say No
Feb 2 • 40 min
Lies have a process
New Years New Me……Maybe NOT
Jan 13 • 75 min
New Years resolutions
Dec 30, 2018 • 1 min
Sometimes my choice of words are just a too much
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Dec 30, 2018 • 0 min
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