The Booze Hags Podcast

The Booze Hags Podcast
Meet your new, boozy BFFs! Each week join Terri & Cassie as they catch up over a glass of wine to chat about what they’ve been drinking and learning lately. If you’re keen to geek out over the joy of drinking with a couple of normal, booze-loving gals

Whisky Business
Oct 22 • 55 min
This week your fearless Booze Hags brave that elusive spirit known as whisky, Scotch, Bourbon. Did you think they were different spirits? So did we. But as always seems to be the case when we dive deep into a type of booze, we discover a helluva lot…
Pinot Noir: Your Gateway Red Wine
Oct 8 • 38 min
Pinot Noir: gateway red wine; the world’s most popular red wine; the world’s most revered and collected variety. Sure, we ALL love Pinot Noir, but have you ever given this humble little grape much thought? Neither had we, so off the back of Australi…
What the F#$% is Pet-Nat?!
Oct 1 • 49 min
WE’RE BACK! We’ve got some exciting episodes planned between now and the end of the year, and the perfect way to kick these off was with a bottle of Pét-Nat and a deep dive into just what this type of sparkling wine actually is. We also visit some o…
Spring Cleaning
Sep 10 • 50 min
Spring is in the AIR! And what could signal the arrival of springtime more than the gusto to crack a bottle of rosé? This episode your Booze Hags bust open an unexpected new release of their all-time favourite pink drop, plus reminisce on a long wee…
Bali, Blobfish & Bangers
Sep 3 • 42 min
This week your Booze Hags are reunited and we continue our winter-love-affair with Italian wine! Terri gives us the highlight reel from the highly anticipated Blobfish Festival and Cass gives us the lowdown on her trip to Bali. We also totally fangi…
Under the Tuscan Fun
Aug 27 • 57 min
The Riesling Queen is BACK! Hannah and Terri talk Tuscan wines, finding wonderfully cheap wine, and not turning your nose up at wine from surprising regions - plus get into some gossip about success, smutty videos and Taylor Swift (of course). Happy…
Root Beer, Hot Toddies & Taylor Swift
Aug 20 • 44 min
What’s your take on root beer? Do you turn to a hot toddy to cure your winter woes? Are Margranitas™ the next big thing? And will the Booze Hags ever recover from their tragic disagreement over the latest Taylor Swift single? All this and more a…
Que Sirah Sirah
Aug 13 • 43 min
Did you know that Durif and Petite Sirah are exactly the same variety? Are you seriously over the gloomy, dark days of winter? How’s your Instagram Collections game? We’re talking all this and more in this week’s episode of your favourite boozy podc…
Vin de France
Aug 6 • 49 min
It’s a bumper episode this week guys! We try and make sense of the whole Vin de France category and discover why this historically disregarded wine might actually be a hidden gem. Plus, Terri meets a wine idol who completely lives up to her expectat…
Getting Blind
Jul 30 • 40 min
This week we tested out our tastebuds and wine-knowledge by hosting a blind wine tasting event. Our goal was to deduce the variety of the wine we were tasting. Let’s just say one half of the Booze Hags would smash the Court of Master Sommeliers exam…
A Barrel of Laughs
Jul 23 • 44 min
This week, two slightly hungover Booze Hags push through thanks to an engaging Australian wild ale. It was a big beer week with new and old favourites from Wildflower Brewing, Garage Project and Sailors Grave, topped off by a Friday-night j…
Jul 16 • 50 min
Our minds get blown this week after we discovered that Gamay is grown outside of Beaujolais in France. Thanks to a delicious bottle of red, we take a journey through the Loire Valley from the comfort of Terri’s living room. We’ve also got a jam-pack…
Shadowhunters & Shiraz
Jul 9 • 37 min
The Booze Hags continue to uncover delicious medium-bodied “big” reds thanks to the wonders of a good Yarra Valley Shiraz. Terri double-downs on Yuzu and Stranger Things and Cassie starts over again with Shadowhunters and slow-cooking.
Not-So-Guilty Pleasures
Jul 3 • 47 min
Do you have a guilty pleasure that shouldn’t actually make you feel guilty? This week we unpack Terri’s, return to some old favourites on Netflix and have two important podcast recommendations. We also chat about booze we’ve been enjoying from Unico…
Something to Celebrate
Jun 25 • 53 min
It’s our 21st and you’re invited! In this bumper episode we celebrate our coming-of-age with a special bottle of Champagne, get the lowdown on where to drink and eat in Queenstown NZ thanks to Terri’s recent trip there, and have a general catch up a…
From Goon Summit to the Bellarine Peninsula
Jun 18 • 35 min
With Terri on holiday in NZ, Cass journeyed down to Geelong to visit one of The Booze Hags’ favourite girlfriends, Tiff. Between finishing work and Tiff’s two adorable children getting home, we chat about the incredible drinking scene that is flouri…
To Booze or Not to Booze?
Jun 11 • 39 min
Following on from our discussion last episode, we reflect on the moments of joy we’ve each found over the last week, while rediscovering our love for Shiraz with a delicious blend from Margaret River. We also try to get our heads around the idea of …
Jura & Joy
Jun 4 • 41 min
As winter settles in, The Booze Hags turn their palates to medium-bodied reds and their minds to seeking joy. Terri has also been planning her upcoming trip to Queenstown, NZ and she wants your recommendations STAT!What we’re drinking:
Under the Influence
May 28 • 39 min
This week our drink of choice is heavily influenced by our wine-idol Marissa A. Ross – to the point where we ended up with two bottles of the same wine! We get schooled on typicity, drink from two of Australia’s hottest natural winerie…
A Very Good Beer Week
May 21 • 37 min
This week your Booze Hags finally deviate from drinking wine and go all in for our own version of Good Beer Week. While undertaking our own little beer degustation, we chat about all the other beer we’ve been drinking, review the much-anticipated Ne…
When it Rains, We Pour
May 14 • 40 min
In yet another wild adventure of matching drinking to the weather, Terri & Cassie get stuck into Patrick Sullivan’s 2018 Rain (a delightful red/white blend) on a … yep you guessed it, rainy Friday evening. Cass also finally delves into the world…
It Takes a Villages
May 7 • 46 min
OK, so this week we get deep into French wine terminology with a delightful Burgundy Pinot Noir. Ever wondered what a Villages actually is? Or how it differs to an Appellation? Or why they don’t put varietals on the label? Yep, so have we! We try an…
Bey, Tay and IPA
Apr 30 • 38 min
It’s a jam-packed episode this week, booze hags! What happens when you fall out of love with those beautiful, big reds that made you love wine in the first place? Where the hell is New England (spoiler alert: it’s not England) and what’s it got to d…
The Booze Bunnies’ Easter Escape
Apr 23 • 36 min
After a week apart your faithful Booze Hags had a lot of wines to catch up on while recording this episode down on Victoria’s stunning Mornington Peninsula.What we’re drinking this episode:
Getting Wild with the Riesling Queen
Apr 16 • 44 min
While Cass is off gallivanting in Peru this week, Terri is joined by our resident Riesling Queen (AKA our good friend, Hannah) as guest Booze Hag. From the wilderness of Survivor to the passion of MAFS, and the throes of the great yeast debate to on…
In High Spirits
Apr 9 • 40 min
As Cass gears up for a sojourn in Peru, we discuss the highs and lows of drinking on planes - plus get reacquainted with a very special wine from our early Booze Hags days. What we’re drinking this episode: 2016
Let’s Talk About Yeast, Baby
Apr 2 • 42 min
We round off our We Can Drink It! month with a bottle of Melbourne-made red, a feeling that we’ve come full circle, and in the process have learnt that there is much to be hopeful about in the world of women-made booze. We also get a little dorky an…
How to Survive a Wine Event
Mar 26 • 45 min
After a massive wine event, a couple of subdued (one more so than the other) Booze Hags discuss strategies for getting the most out of different types of wine tastings AND how to remain standing at the end.What we’re drinking this episode:
Champagne Widows: The OG Booze Hags
Mar 19 • 44 min
We Can Drink It! month continues as we discuss the innate qualities that women bring to winemaking, and discover the incredible widows behind the great Champagne houses of France. What we’re drinking this episode:
Girls Just Want to Drink Women-Made-Wine!
Mar 12 • 42 min
This week we chat about how difficult it has been to find wine made from female (only) winemakers – even though there are heaps out there! We also create a little Riesling experiment for us and our girlfriends, and discuss how we balance safe drinki…
We Can Drink It!
Mar 5 • 39 min
Hey Booze Hags!With this episode we kick off our first boozy campaign: We Can Drink It! For the month of March we’ll only be drinking women-made booze, because in an industry that has always been male dominated, there are some amazing women …
Go Get That Gut Oggau
Feb 26 • 34 min
Terri & Cassie celebrate a month of podcasting with a special bottle of wine from Gut Oggau
FiaNO Thanks!
Feb 19 • 24 min
Happy hump day BHs!Just as you’ll probably be struggling to get through today, Terri was struggling a little when we recorded this episode thanks to a very fun wedding the day before. As a result, we chatted about our favourite hang over cur…
Savvy B, Are You For Me?
Feb 14 • 41 min
Hey Booze Hags!In Episode 2 we discuss one of our least favourite wine varietals and why you shouldn’t write it off completely, how long you can actually keep a wine bottle open for, whether we’ve ever done any drunk online shopping … and …
New Year, New Vintage!
Feb 3 • 40 min
Get to know Terri & Cassie, a.k.a. The Booze Hags!