The Wild Podcast

The Wild Podcast
The Wild Podcast is a show about the outdoors. In each episode, we talk with world class adventurers, athletes, scientists, and creatives to unpack the untold stories of high performers, modern explorers, and our wild places.

#17 Ben Brown - The Life of New Zealand’s First Red Bull Athlete
Sep 17 • 49 min
Ben Brown is considered a New Zealand whitewater legend. He’s completed at least nine first descents of rivers or rapids in nine different countries. He became the first Kiwi to be given a Red Bull helmet, which is akin to being knighted in the worl…
#16 Andy McDonald & Jonny Carson - Behind the Scenes of The Wild Podcast
Sep 3 • 38 min
Andy and Jonny talk about starting The Wild Podcast and our own outdoors adventures.
#15 Kieran Mckay - Death in the Outdoors & Learning from Tragedy
Aug 20 • 36 min
What happens when tragedy strikes in the outdoors? It’s a possibility we all have to reckon with when we head out on an adventure. But few of us ever experience it. In this special episode, New Zealand caver and explorer Kieran Mckay op…
#14 Naomi Arnold - Missing Trampers & Journalism in the Outdoors
Aug 7 • 30 min
Naomi Arnold is a journalist and writer based in Nelson, New Zealand. We talk about prominent missing tramper cases she’s covered, search and rescue and other important issues facing the outdoors in New Zealand.
#13 Brando ‘Wildboy’ Yelavich - Expedition Dust: Crossing the Red Centre on Bike
Jul 23 • 39 min
We catch up with Brando ‘Wildboy’ Yelavich at the half-way point of Expedition Dust, his bicycle journey across Australia.
#12 Warren Bates - What Doesn’t Kill You: The Story of GODZone
Jul 9 • 49 min
Warren Bates went from investment banker to world champion adventurer racer to co-founding GODZone the world’s largest expedition adventure race.
#11 Dr Mike Joy - Solving New Zealand’s Freshwater Crisis
Jun 25 • 44 min
Dr Mike Joy is a freshwater ecologist who’s blowing the whistle on NZ’s freshwater crisis.
#10 Robert Bruce - Finding Yourself & Creating Community in the Outdoors
Jun 12 • 45 min
Robert Bruce is the founder of Got To Get Out, a social enterprise adventure group that aims to get more people into the outdoors.
#9 Miriam Lancewood - Living in the Wilderness for Nine Years
May 28 • 40 min
Miriam Lancewood is a true wild woman who has lived as a nomad in the New Zealand wilderness for close to a decade.
#8 Craig Potton - Can Wildlife Photography Save the World?
May 13 • 51 min
Craig Potton is New Zealand’s best known landscape photographer, an ardent conservationist, and a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.
#7 Brando Yelavich - Becoming ‘Wildboy’ & The Pursuit of Happiness
Apr 30 • 64 min
Brando ‘Wildboy’ Yelavich is an explorer and the first person to circumnavigate the coastline of New Zealand on foot.
#6 Kieran Mckay - Exploring New Zealand’s Uncharted Underworld
Apr 15 • 47 min
Kieran Mckay is a caver and arguably one of New Zealand’s greatest living explorers.
#5 Dulkara Martig - Finding Mental Wellbeing in the Wildest Places
Apr 3 • 47 min
Our guest today is Dulkara Martig, adventurer, athlete, and pack rafter.
#4 Ben Logan - Survival, Resilience & Becoming the Best Version of Yourself
Mar 20 • 51 min
Ben Logan is a survivalist, bushcraft expert and outdoors specialist, based in New Zealand.
#3 Kyle “Barekiwi” Mulinder - Keeping it Real in the Wild World of Social Media
Mar 4 • 43 min
Kyle Mulinder aka Barekiwi is a New Zealand-based photographer, social media influencer (although he’d cringe to hear us say that), and sea kayak guide in Abel Tasman National Park.
#2 Neil Silverwood - Documenting Our Changing World
Feb 18 • 42 min
Neil Silverwood is a New Zealand caver, adventurer and award-winning photographer whose assignments have taken him to the ends of the earth.
#1 Hollie Woodhouse - Breaking Through the Comfort Zone
Feb 3 • 41 min
Hollie Woodhouse is an adventurer who has completed a 560 kilometre traverse of the Greenland icecap, ultra-marathons in the Amazon Jungle and Sahara Desert, and three Coast to Coast races.