In The Cut Podcast by SBLTN

In The Cut Podcast by SBLTN
Explore intersectionality in various forms. Everything from design to philosophy to gender to music and much more in-between. Transcripts/shownotes are available at Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Instagram (@sublationcut) anytime!

008: Entrepreneur Rant: Getting Started #LetsGetReal [Explicit]
Jun 21 • 26 min
Join the ride in my petty-copter as I hit hot topics about starting the entrepreneur journey. This salty song by Petty LaBelle features classics such as Misleading Webinars, Skip Those Fancy Systems, Greedy FB Members, and more! Listen to the end for the…
007: Surveillance Capitalism #Tech
May 9 • 18 min
Companies and governments have gained new powers through a problematic market that trades in predicting and influencing human behavior by collecting data. Many people are not even aware of, let alone have consented to, the extent to which they are being…
006: 3 Tips for Scheduling and Personalized Productivity #LetsGetReal
Apr 24 • 8 min
Do you finish your to-do list before most people have even hit snooze? Or maybe you do your best work during the graveyard shift with a mellow beats playlist. As a new entrepreneur, I’m still exploring schedules but have found solid techniques to…
005: Methods of Modern Advocacy
Apr 2 • 14 min
Getting people to care about something has been around as long as there has been stuff to care about. But in the age of instantaneous communication and lives on public display, how is technology being used for advocacy? Transcript is available at…
004: POC and Mental Health f/ Jayann Pinto-Samuda, LCSW
Mar 18 • 72 min
We tackle mental health treatment for people of color/minorities. Guest Jayann Pinto-Samuda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who explains the importance of cultural competency, how misconceptions influence treatment, and ways you can get help. Reach…
003: It’s Okay To Fail #LetsGetReal
Feb 16 • 7 min
One of the best ways to learn and grow is to fail, so don’t be afraid! How do you expect to level up if you don’t face some bosses and a few lost battles? Transcript is available at and feel free to reach out on Twitter @sublationstudio…
002: My Hard of Hearing Journey
Feb 3 • 22 min
As someone that is Hard of Hearing, I go over my journey of being “mainstreamed” in Hearing schools, how being differently-abled relates to social anxiety, and the beautiful new culture I look forward to learning more about. Transcript is available at…
001: Introduction
Jan 21 • 5 min
Welcome to the Sublation Studio podcast! I’ll be touching on everything from design to philosophy to gender to music to sports and much more in-between! Transcripts are available at and feel free to reach out on Twitter or…