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057- Cody Cast
Sep 19 • 128 min
In today’s episode we invite our friend Cody to reminisce about obscure childhood PS1 games, rodent pets, and getting great deals at conventions. We discuss the games we have been playing like Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remake, Okami, Miracle Piano for the NES,…
056- Precisely Dungeon Squid
Sep 5 • 160 min
In this episode we invite our friend Dank Dan from Purple Dungeon Squid podcast to enlighten us all about Canadian Maple Syrup. We talk long and hard about duck private parts, and reminisce about 007 on the N64. We learn about Subaru advertising, and the…
055- Retro Brewing with @Retro_Brewz
Aug 22 • 127 min
Beau and Kelly are back again with a very exciting episode dedicated heavily on beer and breweries. We invite Amir aka @retro_brewz on IG to give us the run down on his awesome photos where he pairs retro video games and toys with dank cans of beer! We do…
054- The History Of Paper Mario Games
Aug 8 • 106 min
We Invite Marcus from the Lit Game Arena Podcast to dive deep into the history of the Paper Mario franchise starting with Super Mario RPG and ending with the the newest installation, Origami King. We are all drinking on some very unique brews, so tune in…
053- Blinded by the Light Gun Games
Jul 25 • 112 min
Kelly and Beau dive deep into the history of Light guns and light gun games. We cover games from the original NES to the PS3. We are sipping on D9 Brewing Company TropiCulture, and really like it. follow us on IG at @ preciselypodcast and go to our…
052- A Solo Podcast With Beau
Jul 11 • 26 min
Beau records his first solo podcast because Kelly is away on vacation. I crack open a Daddy Fat Sacks America pale ale, and discuss my first time smoking meat on July 4th. I got burnt on a 1st gen PS3, but karma and an old friend of mine came through with…
051- Video Game Collecting Like a Pro w/ @Mezmoron
Jun 27 • 133 min
We sit down with Ken, aka @mezmoron and talk about all of his video game sets. He has over a dozen of them, and has so much insight when it comes to collecting for each one. We dive deep into collecting for sets, what to look for, and what to avoid. Give…
050- Do a Kickflip! The History of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater
Jun 13 • 128 min
We sip on some IPAs from local breweries and do a deep dive into the history of the Tony Hawk games, our love for skateboarding, and the culture surrounding it.
049- Selling the Cousi Way
May 30 • 136 min
Today’s episode we invite Christopher, aka to chat about buying and selling retro video games. The three of us are all drinking on some dank IPAs. Theres alot of great insight in learning where to look, the questions you ask, and the…
048- Gameboy Modding With Gamechanger_Mods
May 16 • 96 min
Beau and Kelly invite Greg, aka @Gamechanger_Mods, to talk about modding, gaming, collecting. Most importantly we discuss his new book release, “Gameboy Modding: A Beginners Guide to Gameboy Mods, Collecting, History, and More! Greg’s book is amazing! If…
047- Shidoshi Knows Best
May 2 • 108 min
Precisely is back baby, and we have a very special guest in this episode, Danny aka @Shidoshi_games We pick his brain on collecting, gaming, his writings, and how he lost his toe in a gaming accident Beau and Kelly review Plain Chicken Nuggets Pale Ale by…
046- PS5 Controller Reveal
Apr 18 • 108 min
On this episode Beau, Tony, and Kelly catch up with each other and talk about all the games they have played and how they are coping with the changes in this world. We then dive deep into the PS5 controller aesthetics and all the nifty new things Sony is…
045- Strawberry Bliss
Apr 4 • 96 min
Sit down, crack open a cold one, and laugh out loud with the Precisely crew. This was such a fun and well needed recording. We discuss the things we have been up to, the beer we have been drinking and just general bantering. We finish with a very unique…
Happy Hour: Animal Crossing New Horizons Spoilercast
Apr 1 • 74 min
On this episode Kelly and Beau do a deep dive into Animal Crossing New Horizons with a special guest, Matt Warren! Make sure you have your net equipped to catch all the tips we have for you as we all try to pay off our loans to our favorite capitalist…
Happy Hour: Ori and the Will of the Wisps Spoilercast
Mar 27 • 69 min
We played through Ori and the Will of the Wisps and beat it! Beau invites his wife Kaila, and their friend Chad Glazer to the podcast to dive deep into the story of Moon studio’s Ori games. We start at the Blind Forest and finish with Wisps and man it was…
044- Quarantine Cast
Mar 21 • 89 min
The gang is alive and well, and we hope all of you are too. We give you a run down on how things are going in our neck of the woods by doing our first remote recording away from each other. We talk about Covid-19 and how’s it affecting us, and the video…
043- Toy Stories
Mar 7 • 112 min
In today’s episode we are drinking on a variety of Alchemist brewery beers from Vermont. Beau gives his final thought on PlayStation’s Dreams, Kelly shares her experience with LEGO Jurassic Park for the switch, and Tony is searching & destroying in Call…
042- Precisely Into Dreams
Feb 23 • 49 min
Sweet dreams are made of these! Kelly gives us everything we need to know about Animal Crossing New Horizons by summarizing the Animal Crossing direct. We dive deep into Dreams for the PS4, and give our first impressions of it while playing it live on the…
041- Rule 34
Feb 8 • 79 min
Sip sippin on some Brewdog Punk IPA a delicious light, crisp beer. The gang discusses the new Animal Crossing Switch console, Kelly finds a dynamite cop arcade cabinet, and Beau finally downloads Call Of Duty Modern Warfare but ya internet issues. Tony as…
040- Call of Duty 69
Jan 25 • 80 min
We are kicking back with Otter Creek Brewery’s Bonus Stage IPA, a juicy hazy brew. The Precisely gang discusses Playstation not attending E3 this year. We come up with a plan on how to make E3 better for the developers and the consumers. We talk about the…
039- 2020 the Year of Gamer Socks
Jan 11 • 106 min
It’s 2020 everyone, time to celebrate!!!! Beau, Tony and Kelly recap their 2019 with their favorites games they played last year. Go give us a follow on IG at @preciselypodcast and give us a nice review on iTunes! Happy 2020 y’all!
038- I’m dreaming of a Precisely Christmas
Dec 28, 2019 • 69 min
Santa visits the Precisely household and brought us Deschutes Jubelale for the holidays. We share our Christmas stories and the gifts we received this year. We discuss all the great games we have played over the break and talk about what we are excited…
037- The State of the Indie Awards
Dec 14, 2019 • 120 min
State of play, Nintendo Indie World, and Game of the Year Awards! This episode is jam packed with content so grab a beer and listen in to the gang discussing their thoughts on these three big events! Follow us on IG @preciselypodcast and make sure to DM…
036- Officially Stranded
Nov 30, 2019 • 91 min
This weeks episode we have a returning guest, Tyler Manning @tylermanningsgamecorner with the usual trio of Beau, Tony, and Kelly. We talk about what we do and don’t do if we get a game lot that’s covered with bugs, we discuss the games we played. And we…
035- The Precisely Awards
Nov 16, 2019 • 92 min
The gang is back with a jam packed episode! We are sipping on Thomas Hooker Brewery, Super Duper Double Citra. We go back in time talking about Nickelodeon, old CRT TVs, and Black Friday horror stories. We talk about the new Sonic trailer, and all the…
034- Ori and the Zombie Apocalypse
Nov 2, 2019 • 59 min
We apologize for the audio quality on this one, something went wrong with the mics. Today’s episode we have returning guest, Beau’s wife, Kaila on to discuss how amazing Ori and the blind forest is on the Nintendo Switch. We ask the question, how long…
033- Precisely Ate My Neighbors
Oct 19, 2019 • 83 min
A very spooky episode as we talk about our favorite horror games and your ideas about what you’d like to see in your own spooky game! We talk about the games we played and finished all while drinking fall beers. Follow us at @preciselypodcast on IG
032- Tap Tap Tap that A button
Oct 5, 2019 • 86 min
The gang is all back together in this hilarious episode! We are drinking on Dog Fish Head’s Punkin Ale, getting ready for the month of October. Kelly tells us her adventures in Borderlands 3, Beau goes into depth about his love for Breath of Fire 2 on the…
031- It’s not bad being positive
Sep 21, 2019 • 44 min
Beau and Tony bring in our friend Stiv @wizard_of_ninjas to talk about collecting, moving across the country with a huge collection, and early memories of gaming. We all played The new Zelda game, Links Awakening, and we share our first impressions on…
030- Thirty for 30
Sep 7, 2019 • 61 min
The gang is back with a jam packed episode of our top 30 games! We are sipping on Springhouse brewery’s Joop, a succulent, hoppy IPA. Make sure to follow us on IG @preciselypodcast and let us know what games would be in your top 30!
029- I love the Nindies
Aug 24, 2019 • 76 min
@highwaytokell is back for a jam packed episode! We go over all of the games announced during Nintendo Indie World. We share our honorable mentions for weird controllers while sipping on some Evil Genius’ Flying Hawaiian. Beau finishes Super Mario Maker…
028-Control Freak!
Aug 10, 2019 • 96 min
We are sipping on Southern Tier today and talking about our love for Animal Crossing, and the whole 2nd half of the podcast is all about crazy/ weird controllers that were developed for consoles over the years. Find us on InstaGram @preciselypodcast
027-New game room, who dis?
Jul 27, 2019 • 61 min
In this episode we bring back Kelly @highwaytokell to tell us how designing a new game room is. We celebrate the Mother series 30th anniversary, talk about the cool new update from Pokémon Go, and discuss the games we have played over the week. Check out…
026- Super Precisely Maker 2
Jul 13, 2019 • 59 min
We are so happy to be back to give you guys episode 26 of Precisely! Tony and Beau discuss the new free games from the PlayStation Network, we talk about backing an 8 bit game for the original NES, called Orange Island. Beau gets super heated from the…
025-Being Present
Jun 29, 2019 • 57 min
@beaus_gameroom & @precisely_tony recap their experience at Too Many Games. We had an amazing time playing on retro arcades, watching a Capcom wrestling match, and cheering on the kids competing in the state wide yo-yo competition! We purchased some…
024- Too Many Games
Jun 22, 2019 • 71 min
In this episode we have returning guest, Kelly @highwaytokell . We discuss what to expect, what we will see, and all the games to play and buy at a gaming convention, because we are going to Too Many Games this weekend! We talk about the games we played…
023- Hot or Not at E3
Jun 15, 2019 • 63 min
E3 is here, and we pull out our favorite games we saw to talk about! We predict who might be the next Super Smash Bros character, and discuss the games we have played this week! Make sure you are following us at @preciselypodcast on Instagram. We are…
022- Hoptronix
Jun 8, 2019 • 100 min
We have special guest @samkrepps this week! We dive into our opinions on the new Pokémon Direct, choose the best gamer names for google stadia, and discuss emulating over collecting. Please follow us on Instagram @preciselypodcast We are Precisely!
021-Death Stranding Plus +
Jun 1, 2019 • 82 min
In this episode we discuss the movie, Glass (spoiler alert) We talk about how ridiculous Pokémon Sleep is. We react to the new Death Stranding trailer and predict what it might be. The new Call of Duty Modern Warfare is coming out soon, and might be to…
020- Inside a Pokeball
May 25, 2019 • 90 min
Thank you all to our dedicated listeners and the new ones too! We are growing our brand because of you guys, so thank you! In this episode we talk about Detective Pikachu, Game of Thrones (possible spoilers), our new Xbox kiosk, PlayDate the new handheld…
019- Art, Comics, and…
May 18, 2019 • 84 min
This week we have special guest Steven Zerbe. He is a local artist and gamer. We talk portable gaming, and what we would like to see. As well as what tv shows would make the best and worst video games. Follow us on instagram @preciselypodcast and dont…
May 11, 2019 • 71 min
On this week’s podcast we have @tylermannings_gamecorner back for a second time. We speculate the shape of the new PS5, flying squirrels, and virtual reality games that we would make if we could. This might be the most off the wall, obscure, and funny…
017- If we were Game Creators
May 4, 2019 • 92 min
Special guest @highwaytokell This episode is full of laughs! We discuss our impressions on the new sonic movie coming out this year. We talk about a game we would design/make if we knew how to, and Beau finally shares his last impressions of a Link to the…
016- Saturday’s Market
Apr 27, 2019 • 52 min
During this episode we share the experience of our local flee market, talk video games in space, as well as some extremely odd world records. We review Mutant Football League for the Nintendo Switch, talk a bit about Cup Head, and the new VR for Breath of…
015- Game of Cups
Apr 20, 2019 • 34 min
This week we talk about CupHead, a great game that finally made its way to Nintendo Switch. Also, we chat about Game of Thrones and discuss in our opinion what the greatest TV series of all time might be. We give our updates on A Link to The Past. And…
014- Saving Lives and Kicking Ass
Apr 13, 2019 • 58 min
Tonight we discuss some epic games we have been playing West of Loathing, REZ VR, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Axiom Verge. We talk about saving people’s lives, and lastly we do our Retro Recap of Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. Give us a follow on…
Precisely Podcast-013
Apr 6, 2019 • 77 min
We are doing something very different but very exciting! Who loves Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past? Beau and Tony have been playing it religiously this past week and we are so excited to share our impressions of the game with the rest of the world! If…
Precisely Podcast-012
Mar 30, 2019 • 42 min
Beau and Tony are back at it again sipping on Thomas Hookers, Golden Nymph. We discuss the games we are playing and finished this week and have a whole segment on cheese! Tune in and follow us on IG @preciselypodcast
Precisely Podcast-011
Mar 23, 2019 • 46 min
Episode 11 is here! Join us as we talk about Stadia, googles new gaming platform and what this means to us. We review the Nintendo Nindies, a series of Indie games for the switch. We give a rundown on what games peaked our interest, and insight on games…
Precisely Podcast-010
Mar 16, 2019 • 65 min
This week our special guest is Beau’s wife Kaila. We debate whether or not video games can be considered a “sport” while enjoying Sip of Sunshine IPA by Lawsons Brewery out of Connecticut. Also, we answer some of life’s toughest questions, what household…
Precisely Podcast-009
Mar 10, 2019 • 40 min
Beau and Tony are back with episode 9! We recap the past month with podcasting and the things we did after recording with our guests. Tony beat God of War, and Beau finished the first play through of Nier: Automata. We discuss video game addiction, and…
Precisely Podcast-008
Mar 2, 2019 • 80 min
This week we traveled to New Jersey to interview Jaybaam aka @team1upem. We talk to Jay about his massive collection of games, what he has given to the community , and some experiences video games have brought him. We touch on rare consoles, games, and…
Precisely Podcast-007
Feb 23, 2019 • 84 min
This week we have a show packed with beers, games and a fantastic guest, @highwaytokell aka Kelly! We’ll be tasting multiple brews from The Alchemist Brewing Co. located in Vermont. We are also discussing our thoughts on the new Tetris 99 for Nintendo…
Precisely Podcast-006
Feb 16, 2019 • 91 min
Beau and Tony are back with the 6th edition of Precisely! We have our first guest, Tyler @ Tylermannings_gamecorner on this cast talking all about collecting and getting platinums in the games he plays! We are sipping on Bear Republic’s Hop Shovel Ipa,…
Precisely Podcast-005
Feb 10, 2019 • 42 min
Precisely Podcast #5!! @beaus_gameroom & @precisely_tony are not drinking beer this episode…but we discuss some cool topics and excellent video games! God of War for PS4, Let’s Go Pikachu, Shadow of the Colossus, and Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes to name…
Precisely Podcast-004
Feb 2, 2019 • 50 min
Beau and Tony are back for the 4th installment of Precisely Podcast!! We are sipping on Doc G’s brewing, Evilution. We talk about a cowboy like Earthbound game that never made it outside of Japan, Ganpuru. We discuss the experience of award winning video…
Precisely Podcast-003
Jan 26, 2019 • 47 min
Beau and Tony are back with their third installment of Precisely! We discuss Melvin Hubert MPA beer, talk about the largest animal we could beat up, crazy bucket list things, and also our thoughts and predictions on the Nintendo Switch! Shout out to…
Precisely Podcast-002
Jan 19, 2019 • 49 min
The boys are back with episode 2! We talk Evergrain beer, Persona 5, Firewatch, Yooka-Laylee, and other great topics. Tune in for your chance to win Pokemon Red Chapter!!
Precisely Podcast-001
Jan 13, 2019 • 45 min
In this episode we talk beer, video games, and answer some interesting questions. Enjoy!