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The Ikonns
Alex and Mimi Ikonn take you on the journey of empowering inspiration to make your dreams come true

Your Relationship with Your Body
Aug 13 • 60 min
It’s truly rare to find someone who has a perfect relationship with their own body. It seems it’s something we all have to work hard on. In today’s episode Alex and Mimi explore some ideas about how we can start connecting with and treating our bodies…
Building Our Lives and Businesses | Interview with Aaron Alexander
Aug 8 • 66 min
Today we have a very special episode – the tables have turned and now it’s time for us, Alex and Mimi, to go deep and unpack our life journey. Interviewed by Aaron Alexander from Align podcast, we talk about entrepreneurial lifestyle, meaningful work,…
Reality of Moving Countries with Naila Abbasova
Aug 6 • 103 min
In today’s episode we chat with our long-time friend Naila Abbasova, a beautiful human being who goes after her dream life and wanders the world looking for meaningful life-transformative adventures. In this episode, we unpack Naila’s life journey and…
Can Money Buy You Happiness?
Aug 1 • 46 min
In today’s episode, Alex and Mimi talk about a very controversial, yet so essential and important topic – Can money buy you happiness? Coming from experience of having nothing and now being able to live in abundance, Mimi and Alex reflect on their life…
Corporate to Entrepreneur with Richard Turnbull of The Restored
Jul 30 • 82 min
Today’s episode is a deep dive into inspiring journey of a British entrepreneur and manager leader, Richard Turnbull. Driven by the passion of solving problems and making a real difference in other people’s lives, Richard founded The Restored, the most…
Fully Raw Episode with Fully Raw Kristina
Jul 23 • 93 min
In today’s episode we chat with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram – AKA, Fully Raw Kristina – as she takes us on her emotional and spiritually transformational life journey of being a fully raw vegan for the past 14 years. Kristina is an extremely vibrant,…
Caterpillar to a Butterfly - Karl Lokko
Jul 16 • 66 min
In today’s episode we chat with one of the UK’s most inspiring people, former gang leader and u-turned public speaker, poet, musician and rehabilitation leader - Karl Lokko. Whether it’s visiting Necker Island with Richard Branson or attending the Royal…
Alex and Mimi AMA | Passion vs Purpose, Women Empowerment, Climate Change, and more
Jul 12 • 56 min
Today we are connecting with you again through another exciting ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode. We take your recorded questions that you’ve submitted on our website and we go deep and get totally honest with our answers.
Becoming the Minimalist Baker with Dana and John Shultz
Jul 9 • 61 min
Today on The Ikonns, we have one the most fun couples we know, Dana and John Shultz from the infamous blog - The Minimalist Baker. Dana and John have been running this hugely successful blog since 2012, putting out quick simple recipes 3 times a week, non…
Power of Letting Go to Change Your Life - Alex & Mimi
Jul 4 • 58 min
In today’s episode Alex and Mimi chat about a concept that has proven itself time and time again, throughout both their business and personal lives. May you might want to sing along like in the Disney movie Frozen, as we are going to be discussing -…
100,000,000+ App Downloads with Denys Zhadanov, VP of Marketing Readdle
Jul 2 • 78 min
Today’s episode is a classic tale of rags to riches, with Denys Zhadanov, VP of Marketing at Readdle. Readle is a successful app company with over 100 million downloads and a legacy that extends beyond the launch in the App Store, all the way back to the…
Create Bliss in Life and Business with Marcia Kilgore
Jun 25 • 88 min
This episode should come with a WARNING, you’ll probably learn more here about how to run successful businesses than ever before… and this was a delight to record too. That’s because today we are talking Marcia Kilgore, the super successful serial…
How We Work Together as a Couple
Jun 20 • 27 min
In today’s episode Alex and Mimi chat about a question that always comes up - How do you simultaneously work and be in a relationship together? Do you talk about work over breakfast, can you switch work mode off at night, it must get annoying working with…
Live the Adventure with Louis Cole
Jun 18 • 70 min
Today’s episode is a true adventure, because we are interviewing a true adventurer. We’ve had Louis Coles from the infamous YouTube Vlog ‘Fun For Louis’, around for Dinner. Having visited 85+ countries, Louis is a true free spirit and he holds saint like…
What is your WHY? AMA with Alex and Mimi
Jun 13 • 27 min
Today we have another exciting ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode in which we take your recorded questions that you’ve submitted and we go deep and get totally honest with our answers. This week there is only 3 questions but they are super important questions we…
Money, Drugs, and Life Transformation with Brian Rose of London Real
Jun 11 • 85 min
Today we have one of our favorite episodes so far, as we’re totally excited to be speaking with our good friend and podcast veteran Brian Rose of London Real. We dive into the lessons learned from Brian’s 8 years of podcasting. From the drugs and a near…
Random Fun Questions with Alex and Mimi
Jun 6 • 37 min
Today we’ve got a bit of a spontaneous and fun episode as Alex and Mimi answer a wide variety of questions that ‘nobody ever really asks’.
Overcoming All Odds to Success with Susie Ma of Tropic Skincare
Jun 4 • 65 min
Today we’re honoured to welcome Susie Ma, Tropic Skincare founder, to the Ikonns Podcast. Appearing on the iconic Forbes 30 under 30’s 2018 list, Susie left us in awe as she spoke to us about her compelling career story and how her entrepreneurial spirit…
How to Have Deep and Meaningful Relationships in Your Life
May 30 • 55 min
In todays episode, Alex and Mimi discuss what it means to go deep both with yourself and others and how doing so can enrich your relationships.
Body, Mind, Soul Transformation with Lazo Freeman
May 23 • 58 min
In this episode Alex and Mimi chat with the good friend and regular visitor to the Ikonn household, but a first time guest on the show, Lazo Freeman. Lazo is so inspirational to us and a fantastic transformational healer that you need to listen to. He has…
Future of Education with Dr. Rhonda Lenton, President of York University
May 21 • 57 min
In today’s episode Alex and Mimi chat Dr. Rhonda Lenton President and Vice-Chancellor of York University. As the global work environment shifts to new technologies with bigger demands, our education also needs a reboot. Hear Rhonda’s thoughts on the…
How to Embrace Change in Your Life
May 16 • 35 min
As parents, seeing Alexa grow and develop so quickly, like others Alex and Mimi have seen the true magnitude of change. But to some people, change isn’t always welcomed so easily, some people fear change. Change can be a huge deal. This is the topic of…
Your Relationship with Money
May 14 • 74 min
In today’s episode Alex and Mimi explore what many would say is the most important thing in life… MONEY!! But does having more of it make you happy or do we just need to create an abundance mindset? What’s your relationship with money, we’ll find out in…
AMA with Alex and Mimi- Relationships, Fears, Travel
May 9 • 46 min
We are back with another ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode. We are going to be answering your questions again. This is one of our favourite ways to interact with you!
Living a Colourful Life with Vanessa Branson
May 7 • 48 min
Alex and Mimi are joined today by an important guest and great friend, Vanessa Branson. We chat about her up and coming memoir and explore how growing up in the Branson household was a clear path to Entrepreneurship. Show notes:…
Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy - Bingo Theory
Apr 30 • 54 min
In this episode Alex and Mimi have a long overdue talk about Mimi’s book The Bingo Theory. In this in depth conversation you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the amazing and life changing power that is masculine and feminine polarity.…
Ultimate Travel Guide - How We Plan and Book Travel
Apr 25 • 70 min
Have you wondered on how we plan and book our travel? Find amazing places to stay around the world? In this episode, we reveal our secrets on how we do this. Full show notes:
Overcoming Your Entitlement for Success
Apr 18 • 36 min
After 8 years of receiving employment applications throughout all of Alex and Mimi’s businesses, by far the most common unattractive trait that fails most applicants is ENTITLEMENT. Show notes:
Healing Health Journey with Yalda Alaoui
Apr 16 • 73 min
In today’s episode we are talking with our friend Yalda Alaoui from We chat about the incredible journey she’s been on and how she healed her body into remission after suffering from a near terminal immunity condition. Show Notes:…
Best Advice We’ve Ever Been Given - AMA with Alex and Mimi
Apr 11 • 43 min
Today we are answering your questions that you’ve sent in to us again. 5 great questions from school to creative blocks and our top advice that we’ve been given.
Exploration, Curiosity and Saying YES to Life with Joann McPike, Founder of THINK Global School
Apr 9 • 69 min
Where can life take you when you are curious and say yes to life? You will have to listen to this wide ranging conversation with our adventurous friend Joann McPike. Show notes:
Our Observations of Living in North America Vs. Europe
Apr 4 • 38 min
Fresh off the plane, in today’s episode Alex and Mimi chat about their observations, having just spent 3 weeks in North America. What are the main differences between North America Vs. Europe. Full show notes :
How to Create Your Dream Business on Your Commute to Work with Nate Checketts, Founder of Rhone.
Apr 2 • 68 min
Incredible story of how Nate Checketts and his partner built a multi-million dollar business on his daily commute to his corporate job. Full show notes:
Alex and Mimi play Husband and Wife Tag.
Mar 28 • 25 min
A golden oldie taken from video - it’s time for a game of relationship tag Full Show Notes:
Life of a Travel Influencer with Aggie Lal
Mar 26 • 67 min
In today’s episode Alex and Mimi are talking to a special guest Aggie Lal, AKA Travel In Her Shoes’ Instagram and successful travel blogger. Full Show Notes:
Answering Your Questions By Alex and Mimi - [The Ikonns, EP.15]
Mar 21 • 41 min
We were happy to see you guys had sent in more great questions, Alex & Mimi give you some real deep answers… Again! We love these episodes where we get to interact with you. Full Show Notes:
A Life Changing Conversation with Jim Kwik - [The Ikonns, EP.14]
Mar 19 • 87 min
Alex and Mimi chat with their good friend Jim Kwik, who is one of the world’s leading learning experts and brain coaches. He regularly works with A-list celebrities, movie stars and learns people - how to learn more effectively. Full Show Notes:…
Overcome Fear to Live Your Best Life - [The Ikonns, EP.13]
Mar 14 • 48 min
In this episode Alex and Mimi explore how to overcome and best use, the innate human emotion of fear. Full Show Notes:
Believing in Yourself with Valeria Lipovetsky - [The Ikonns, EP.12]
Mar 12 • 49 min
Alex and Mimi talk to Valeria Lipovetsky about her journey as one of the fastest growing and engaging YouTube content creators who has grown to almost a million subscribers in less than 3 years. In this episode, Valeria shares amazing advice on life,…
Answering Your Questions - [The Ikonns, EP.11]
Mar 7 • 38 min
Welcome back to The Ikonns, That’s right we dropped the word ‘Experience’ but this episode will only be dropping one thing - Deep and thoughtful answers to your deep and thoughtful questions. for full show notes
Selling Billions in Real Estate with Daniel Daggers - [The Ikonns, EP.10]
Mar 5 • 64 min
How a child from a council estate in London grew up to sell the most exclusive properties in the world.
Reacting to Your Assumptions About Us - [The Ikonns, EP.9]
Feb 28 • 41 min
In this Episode Mimi and Alex revisit the golden vault and comment on all the regular assumptions that people have about their relationship together..
Rowing the Atlantic Ocean Alone with Stephen Shanly - [The Ikonns, EP.7]
Feb 26 • 44 min
Alex & Mimi interview their good friend Stephen Shanly, who has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in a one man boat and believes that pushing your limits and trying new things are the key to seeing the world through a different lens.
Overcoming self-doubt with Celest Pereira - [The Ikonns, EP.7]
Feb 21 • 52 min
Today’s episode is a very special one, because Alex & Mimi are taking turns to share the mic, while interviewing their very good friend and favourite Yoga teacher - Celest Pereira.
The Truth about Mimi Ikonn - [The Ikonns, EP.6]
Feb 19 • 96 min
Today it’s time for Alex to shine the spotlight on Mimi. Behind all that public social media presence, who is the real Mimi…? And is that even her real name?
Are you a perfectionist? Episode-5
Feb 14 • 39 min
Is perfectionism a good thing or a bad thing? What should you do if you are perfectionist. How to embrace and realise your shortcomings when striving for perfection.
From Assistant to CEO in 3 Years - Lulu Liang Interview
Feb 12 • 67 min
How Lulu Liang changed her life direction from what she always had planned, becoming the CEO of a multi-million-dollar company in just 3 years.
How We Built, Scaled, and Sold Our Multi-Million Dollar Luxy Hair Business
Feb 7 • 127 min
Everything you ever wanted to know about Alex and Mimi Ikonn. From the humble beginnings - right up to the sale of Luxy Hair. Including all the beauty and struggles in one giant episode. A MUST LISTEN!
How To Create A Positive Mindset And Attitude In Life
Feb 6 • 67 min
In this episode Mimi shines the spotlight on Alex to get to the root of why he’s so positive. The happiest entrepreneur couple go deep and uncover 3 really important secrets that will put a smile on your face everyday.
Welcome - The Ikonn Experience, With Alex & Mimi Ikonn
Jan 31 • 19 min
The Ikonn Experience is about CREATING and LIVING your DREAM LIFE. Join Alex and Mimi Ikonn as they discuss life and business insights for creating a life of your dreams. Covering topics such as life purpose, building a life that you love, relationships,…