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25 | Astronomy
Jul 17 • 13 min
It’s the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing and what better way to celebrate than with thirty Astronomy trivia questions! Once again, we’ve got the one and only Blaine Dowler as the host this week. Buckle up and check your pre-flight checkl
24 | French Revolution
Jul 10 • 13 min
Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men? This Sunday marks the 230th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, in Paris, France. A huge moment in the French Revolution. The week, we’re diving into the sordid and bloody affair
23 | Spider-Man
Jul 3 • 13 min
Does whatever a spider can… This week we’re all new with a guest host, Blaine Dowler! Get ready for Spider-Man: Far From Home with thirty questions about everyone’s favorite wall-crawling super hero. Book of the Week Spider-Man: Death
22 | Canada
Jun 26 • 13 min
O Canada! This week we’re diving into the history and geography of the Great White North in honor of Canada Day this July 1st. Book of the Week Canada: An Illustrated History From the early days of exploration and settlement to Canada’s par
21 | Pixar
Jun 19 • 12 min
You’ve got a friend in us. This week, ahead of Toy Story 4, we’re putting up thirty questions about the animation juggernaut, Pixar. From their humble beginnings in the 1980’s to one of the highest grossing studios in the world, Pixar h
20 | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Jun 12 • 12 min
Who’s up for some Harry Potter Trivia? Every great journey has to start somewhere. The billion dollar plus franchise got its start with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Or, to us North American’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer&#
19 | Physics
Jun 8 • 14 min
Today we’re heading into the beyond with Physics. How well do you know your waves and particles? Dive into thirty trivia questions and see how you score. Programming Note: This marks the end of the Saturday episodes. We’ll go back to Wednesday only
18 | X-Men
Jun 5 • 13 min
Hey Bub, you ready for the X-Men? Join Charles Xavier and the whole crew for some x-tremely x-citing trivia this episode as a run-up to the new movie, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Additionally, we have a shout out to Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men podcast for
17 | The Life and Works of William Shakespeare
Jun 1 • 13 min
Forsooth! This week we adjourn from the lab and head to the theater. Or theatre, if you prefer. Regardless, we’re all about the life and works of The Bard, William Shakespeare. Get your scripts handy and let the play begin. Book of the Week Willia
16 | Godzilla
May 29 • 15 min
Oh no, there goes Tokyo. This week we dodge the giant feet and awesome breath of Godzilla and the many monsters that have come with him. A huge, Godzilla-sized thank you to Luke Jaconetti from the Earth Destruction Directive for helping out with this epi
15 | Biology
May 25 • 14 min
Open In Your Podcast App Summer School continues and this week we head into the lab. Genetics, hierarchies, and fluids, oh my! This is our second Summer School episode and we’ve left Mathematics behind and now
14 | The Disney Renaissance
May 22 • 12 min
Open In Your Podcast App With the new Aladdin movie rolling out into the theaters this week, it seemed like a good time to revisit the decade in which Disney Animation got its groove back. In the 1980’s, Disney Animation had fallen on hard ti
13 | Mathematics
May 18 • 14 min
Open In Your Podcast App Summer is here and it’s no time to let your brain rot. Dorky Geeky Nerdy is here to keep that gray matter working over the break. Today we present thirty trivia questions about the field
12 | Jaws Franchise
May 15 • 13 min
Open In Your Podcast App Think it’s safe to head back into the water? Summer vacation is at hand (for some people) and that often means a trip to the beach. What better time than now to revisit the classic Stephen Spielberg film and its seque
11 | 1950’s Sci-Fi Films
May 8 • 15 min
Open In Your Podcast App The Golden Age of Science Fiction is back! Watch the skies! Make sure your neighbor is who they say they are! And beware of radiation in all its forms! Relive the days of old with thirty questions about Science Fiction film
10 | Star Wars: A New Hope
May 1 • 13 min
Open In Your Podcast App A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…there was some Star Wars trivia It’s our tenth episode and that called for something special. Plus, this Saturday is May the Fourth, so it works on multiple levels. Y
9 | Marvel’s The Avengers
Apr 24 • 13 min
Open In Your Podcast App OK girls and boys, Marvel’s The Avengers trivia is here! The end is near or at least, the Endgame is near. This Friday, what appears to be the final Marvel Avengers movie ro
8 | Looney Tunes
Apr 17 • 13 min
Open In Your Podcast App What’s up doc? It’s time for some Looney Toones Trivia! I figured after battling our way through Westeros, it was time for something a little lighter and we could all use a laugh from Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, and
7 | Game of Thrones
Apr 10
Open In Your Podcast App From one set of games to another. Winter is coming or has come. At the very least, the final season of the epic television series rolls out this Friday. It’s time to bone up on your knowledge of dragons, White Walkers
6 | Classic Board Games
Apr 3
Open In Your Podcast App Rainy days and Mondays getting you down? Check the closet and blow the dust off those old, tried and true games from your youth. Just make sure all the dice and pieces are there. This week,
5.5 | Leftover Questions
Apr 1
We can’t always fit every question we want into a given episode. As a result, those leftovers are stuck in a drawer to be forgotten and unused. At least they were, until today. Previous Episodes Quotable Whedonverse Lord of the Rings
5 | Quotable Whedonverse
Mar 27 • 14 min
Open In Your Podcast App Do you like snarky dialogue? If you do, we have got you covered. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Marvel’s The Avengers, we love some Joss Whedon. Our first “Quotable” epis
4 | Lord of the Rings
Mar 20
Open In Your Podcast App Is is secret? Is it safe? Grab your uncle’s mithril shirt, we’re going on an adventure! It’s time to head to Middle Earth, fight some orcs, destroy the ring, and get home before
3 | 1980’s Video Games
Mar 13
Open In Your Podcast App We’re heading back in time to get some 1980’s Video Game Trivia As a kid, I spent a lot of time and quarters in the arcade during the 1980’s. It was a noisy, chaotic, awesome pla
2 | Captain Marvel
Mar 6 • 13 min
Open In Your Podcast App We’re back for another round! The latest Marvel superhero to grace the silver screen comes out this Friday and we’re celebrating the release with a look back at the convoluted hi
1 | Star Trek The Original Series
Feb 27 • 13 min
Open In Your Podcast App We’re launching with Star Trek trivia! For many people my age and older, Star Trek was our first geek love. We wanted to sit on the bridge with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Or go drinking w
0 | Hello World
Jan 30 • 1 min
Hello there! And welcome to the Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast! This our teaser trailer, beta test, and Hello World episode. Tune in to learn more about what’s coming from Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast. Thanks for listening and be sure to s