The Blue Collar Gold Podcast

The Blue Collar Gold Podcast
Mark Stoner runs a multi million dollar service business, has written the Amazon best selling book Blue Collar Gold “How to Build a Service Business From the Dirt Up and has appeared on CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaires TV Show. This podcast will talk about the secrets to running and building any type of business focusing on service based businesses.

#25 Jake Loeffler - Selling on Amazon
Jul 19 • 29 min
On this weeks episode, Mark talks to entrepreneur Jake Loeffler. Jake started off working on Wall Street but found more satisfaction in Blue Collar businesses His latest business is an Amazon based business that has no employees but fierce competition.…
#24 - Guest - Stacy Files - Female Chimney Sweep
Jul 12 • 26 min
The guest this week is Stacy Files She is a mother of 4 and a Certified Chimney Sweep in Charleston South Carolina. Stacy talks about her journey to become a chimney sweep as well as what its like in the day in the life of one of only a very few female…
#23 Education is Your Competitive Advantage
Jul 5 • 29 min
Mark talks about the heath effects of over hustling. Also, In today’s competitive market place you compete for customers and talented employees. The single best weapon to help beat your competition in both categories is your focus on education. a better…
#22 Dumb is Real - Rant
Jun 28 • 28 min
This is a bit of a rant about dumb stuff and especially dumb business policies that hinder the customer experience. Also, real dumb laws that are on the books in certain states Enjoy Blue Collar University Summit is August 8-9 To fond out more information…
#21 German Chimney Master Andreas Gaetner
Jun 21 • 26 min
Mark interviews Chimney Master Andreas Gaetner on the podcast today. He discusses the differences in the trade and their businesses between the United States and Germany. The education of chimney sweeps in Germany is taken much more seriously than in the…
#20 Lt. Colonel Tim Stoner
Jun 14 • 31 min
We announce our first ever Blue Collar Gold Summit August 8-9 in Nashville TN More details and links to come! Today the podcast has its first ever guest Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stoner. We talk about hiring vets ( and how to employe and…
#19 There is No There
Jun 8 • 29 min
Its a myth that there is a “THERE” that you will magically arrive at in life and then everything will be perfect. Don’t set yourself up for that let down! Mark also annouces the first ever Blue Collar Gold Summit held in Nashville TN August 8-9!
#18 Living in the Moment
May 31 • 29 min
We start with a public service announcement about the alarming stats concerning Alzheimer’s disease. Mark’s father is suffering from this disease and some of the lessons he has taken away from it while he watches his father go through the stages.
#17 Not as it Appears
May 24 • 29 min
Have you ever made a wrong decision based on what someone told you? This episode explores how wrong we ll can be about issues and how, as a business owner, you must get all sides of the story before acting on the information. Mark also talks about how…
#16 The Joy of Problems
May 17 • 27 min
There is a joy in solving problems in business. That’s where you feel accomplishment. That’s where you become an expert. That’s were the recognition is. Learn to embrace it and delegate through it.
#15 Hiring
May 11 • 30 min
One of the biggest challenges in running a business in this booming economy is hiring people…even getting them to answer an ad or show up for an interview. This episode shows you some tactics that will help you to fill your roster and grow your business!
#14 Nails in Fences
May 3 • 29 min
Do you know people that damage others with their words and actions? Do you have employees that cause problems but they are great at saying “I’m Sorry” ? This episode talks about the way to handle telling people the hard truth sometimes while truly caring…
#13 Transformational Leadership
Apr 25 • 30 min
What is transformational leadership? It’s how you lead people through transforming them into positive ambassadors for you and your brand. Its how you bring joy and happiness to their lives through the seven core beliefs of a culture of gratitude . People…
#12 Money Money Money
Apr 12 • 28 min
In this episode Mark talks about pay, compensation and score keeping for employees. He references the Profit First and Rich Dad Poor Dad books for some source material. Mark is also giving away free copies of Blue Collar Gold so listen up!!!
#11 The Buffalo and the Cow
Apr 5 • 28 min
Leadership is the main driving force in all business and in this episode Mark talks about the leadership lessons that we can learn from Buffalos and Cows. He also talks about hard lessons and mistakes that he has made as a leader. He asks you to figure…
#10 Spouses and Business
Mar 29 • 31 min
In this episode Mark talks about ideas and tactics to use if you have a spouse that affects you and business. Some spouses are there for support or sometimes the wet blanket on your entrepreneurial dreams. Sometimes they are your business partner and can…
#9 Gravity Sucks
Mar 22 • 28 min
In this podcast Mark talks about the weightlessness of “Convention World” and how easy it is to get caught up in motivational speakers and events. Then coming back to the “gravity” of the real world and problems we face every day. Some people love…
#8 Marketing 101 - What Most Businesses Miss!
Mar 15 • 28 min
In this episode Mark discusses his style and thoughts on marketing. He will talk about the simple marketing mistake that most companies miss! Also covered are his book recommendations on marketing and simple ideas about getting your company found by…
#7 Rainbows and Unicorns
Mar 8 • 28 min
In this episode Mark talks about the studies and science behind being happy and how it affects your business. The book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor is one of Marks favorite books and he talks about how it is applied to business.
#6 Habits of Success
Mar 1 • 31 min
In this episode Mark talks about some of the defining habits that he has seen or developed that can lead you to success!
#5 Going Negative!
Feb 22 • 26 min
It was a rough day for Mark and he talks about firing employees and about the pressures of business. There is a benefit of going negative to get a positive outcome!
#4 Get Started - The Time is NOW
Feb 15 • 29 min
In this episode Mark discusses if you should start a business and what is driving your decision. Do you have excuses? Do you have a calling?
#3 Spongebob Stonerpants
Feb 8 • 24 min
This episode is about accountability and an embarrassing nick name that Mark got by being to “spongy’ as a leader.
Episode 2 - Setting Your GPS
Jan 30 • 27 min
In this episode Mark talks about setting your direction in life through a couple of stories about a troubled employee named “Cheeto” and another one about his daughter and her lemonade stand
#1 - Welcome to the Blue Collar Gold Podcast!
Jan 30 • 29 min
This is the introductory episode where Mark tells his story of getting into business. He also talks about early struggles and the fall off a roof from 30ft that changed everything!