The Growth Dynamics Get Down

The Growth Dynamics Get Down
Growth Dynamics, LLC is pleased to present quick-hitting sales coaching, training and tips through our “Growth Dynamics Get Down” podcast. Tune in on Monday morning for our audio version”Monday Morning Manager” and don’t forget to do the drill a

15 Years Experience
Nov 10 • 6 min
15 years of experience or one year’s experience 15 times over and over again- what would you prefer?
What Happens Next
Nov 3 • 5 min
Learn the importance of asking “What Happens Next?”
Consistent Production
Oct 27 • 5 min
Leave the ups and downs to the market and gain stability with consistent production.
To-Do Lists
Oct 21 • 6 min
Use a more efficient and organized way to stay on top of your tasks.
But They Loved The Demo
Oct 14 • 5 min
What happens when a loved demo turns into a no sale?
End of Year Planning
Oct 7 • 5 min
Don’t try to forecast the future without speaking to those who help you get there.
Buying Habits
Sep 30 • 6 min
Your buying style is letting your clients impact your selling style.
Clutter and Distractions
Sep 22 • 6 min
Clutter, distractions and hysteria are no good for your or your clients.
Bill of Rights
Sep 15 • 4 min
Know what your RIGHTS are as a seller. The customer may not always be right.
Buyer’s Bus
Sep 8 • 6 min
The basics of it all: The Buyer’s Bus
Willpower & Oulook
Aug 25 • 4 min
Negative head space does nothing for your outlook and willpower.
Let’s Pretend
Aug 19 • 4 min
Explore the world of hypothetical sell with Let’s Pretend.
Joint Calls
Aug 12 • 4 min
Joint calls can be a blessing or a curse.
Mid-Year Review
Aug 5 • 5 min
2020 is right around the corner for sales goals be ready by planning a strong 2019 finish.
Can you commit all the way?
Jul 29 • 5 min
Can you commit all the way?
Defection Model
Jul 22 • 5 min
Don’t wait until it’s too late to keep a client from defecting.
Talk About Their Business
Jul 15 • 5 min
Take time to become a true sales pro by working on one simple thing.
Stamp Collecting
Jul 8 • 6 min
Are you a stamp collector and you don’t even know it?
Be Where Your Feet Are
Jul 1 • 5 min
Learn to be where your feet are.
Opinions, Facts, and Emotional Static
Jun 24 • 5 min
When conversations don’t go as planned break out your toolbox to fix them.
Are Your Beliefs the Real Roadblock?
Jun 17 • 4 min
Are Your Beliefs the Real Roadblock and Getting In The Way of Your Success?
If it’s not scheduled, it isn’t real
Jun 10 • 5 min
A simple hack to keep you on task.
Jun 3 • 4 min
How does one go from needing something “ASAP” to becoming a ghost?
Limit Setting with Customers
May 20 • 5 min
Working hard to get the sale is good, but what if that creates unrealistic expectations after the sale?
Name Your Days
May 13 • 5 min
Learn how to manage your time with one simple trick.
Is Sharing Caring?
May 6 • 5 min
Sharing is caring or is it? Give it a listen to gain more insight into being the best salesperson you can be.
Prospecting: Hit Your Goal in Target Time
Apr 29 • 6 min
Leave the sales roller coaster behind and hit your goals in target time.
Are you trying or are you lying?
Apr 22 • 4 min
Are you trying or are you lying?
Why are you asking me how to get him to buy?
Apr 15 • 4 min
It is important to ask the right questions to find out what it takes do to business.
Slow Down to Speed Up
Apr 8 • 4 min
Unlike two-footed driving, slowing down to speed up is a skill all salespersons should know.
Don’t Be A Fool
Apr 1 • 5 min
Special episode on how to strategize for success and not be a FOOL.
Verbal Business Cards
Mar 25 • 5 min
If you listen to just one of our podcasts, this might be it! Give this one a listen and be ready it improve your discovery process.
Person vs. Performance
Mar 18 • 5 min
This episode of Monday Morning Manager takes on the difference between person and performance.
Audition Prospects
Mar 11 • 4 min
Audition prospects to decrease time spent on no-buyers.
Act As If
Mar 4 • 5 min
How would your sales change if you were to ACT AS IF
2-25-19: Monday Morning Manager: Reality vs. Interest
Feb 25 • 3 min
Do you know how to qualify, or disqualify, interest vs. reality?
2-18-19: Offense and Defense Emotions
Feb 18 • 4 min
Emotions can take you so many places- listen to this episode to learn how to stay on the positive side of a negative situation.
2-11-19: Scrambling is for eggs, not you
Feb 10 • 3 min
It is hard to believe we are midway through February already! Seven weeks into the year. Now is a great time to revisit the goals you set for yourself and refocus you habits. This week’s podcast is all about that. As always- send in you…
2-4-19: Monday Morning Manager
Jan 30 • 4 min
In this episode we visit with Paul. Paul is *this* close to closing a big deal, but a last minute request has the potential to throw him off his game. Listen in to DISCOVER how Paul handled the situation. Be sure to send in your Drill r…
Monday Morning Manager: Mind reading and meeting expectations
Jan 28 • 3 min
If mind reading was a super power, would that be the super power you would choose to have?