ScriptBlast Screenwriting Podcast

ScriptBlast Screenwriting Podcast
Hosted by screenwriter and producer Hudson Phillips, the ScriptBlast Screenwriting Podcast exists to help you write better screenplays and write a better life. Learn more at

6 - Productivity: The Mental Slog with Jessica Coleman
Mar 18 • 29 min
Rejection. Distraction. Excuses. Low self-esteem. This is the mental slog, Hudson interviews screenwriter Jessica Coleman all about the emotional ups and downs of the screenwriting journey and how having a writing partner helps her navigate it all.
5 - Productivity: Work/Life Balance with Van Jensen
Mar 11 • 50 min
Hudson interviews comic book writer, filmmaker, and multi-hyphenate Van Jensen about balancing work and home alongside your dreams, the importance of protecting your mental energy, and maximizing your productivity.
4 - Productivity: Habits with R.B. Ripley
Mar 4 • 58 min
Hudson interviews professional screenwriter RB Ripley to learn how he first worked his way into the business, how his previous life as a tuba player prepared him for the journey, and how a daily writing habit can make all the difference, even at the…
3 - Productivity: Goal-Setting with Samantha Wilson
Feb 25 • 33 min
Hudson interviews screenwriter and professional script reader Samantha Wilson to discuss how to set the right goals, how to make them a reality, and maybe most importantly, how long it takes to make them a reality.
2 - Productivity: Mindset with Jennifer Blanchard
Feb 18 • 32 min
The first step to changing your career is changing your mind. In this episode, Hudson interviews best-selling author and mindset coach Jennifer Blanchard to learn about how our way of thinking has a massive influence on our writing—from first motivation…
1 - Productivity: Why You Write
Jan 25 • 9 min
The first step to any journey is to figure out WHY you’re on it. In this episode, Hudson will help you clarify your “why” so that you have a reminder to drive you as you go through the ups and downs of the writer’s journey.