The New 1% Podcast

The New 1% Podcast
Hosted by Savanna Ashley - entrepreneur, life coach, and full time traveller, The New 1% Podcast will give you tips and strategies for getting paid to do what you love & live a life you love to live. Each week, you’ll be introduced to stories and ideas that help shift your mindset, so that you can become the healthiest, wealthiest, and most fulfilled version of yourself!

16: Use your pain to find your passion with Ted X speaker, Megan Gallagher
Apr 18 • 35 min
Today’s episode guest stars Megan Gallagher, author, public speaker, and coach for teens. In this episode we discuss Megan’s journey to the Ted X stage, her health scare and encounter with the Medical Medium, and being your own advocate in life. Follow…
15: Turn your passion into a career with Shayla Christine
Apr 10 • 47 min
Today’s episode is with long time IG friend, Youtuber and entrepreneur, Shayla Christine. Traveling full time since 2015, she’s vlogged her travel experiences every step of the way! We talk about being an opportunity chaser, travelling (of course!),…
14: Break the sabotage cycle and THRIVE in your business with Stacy Raske
Apr 8 • 53 min
Todays episode is with high energy coach and strategist, Stacy Raske! As an Iraq War Veteran, recovering from PTSD and major overthinking, she’s taken what she has learned and distilled it down into a powerful toolkit that’s simple and actionable. She’s…
13: How curiosity can transform your life with Robynn Deedat
Apr 8 • 49 min
If my message and brain had a sister with a South African accent, she would absolutely be today’s guest! I am thrilled to share today’s episode with guest Roybnn Deedat, a young entrepreneur, pole dance instructor and human design enthusiast. Robynn lives…
12: 5 Mindset hacks for a happy life!
Mar 26 • 19 min
In today’s episode, I share 5 mindset hacks that you can implement at ANY point during the day to get into a positive, healthy flow. Check out other episodes, and join me over @savannaashley for more!
11: Give yourself permission
Mar 18 • 10 min
Interested to find out more about my new 1 month course? Head over to and subscribe to my email list to be the FIRST to hear about it when it drops! In this episode, I drop in for a quickie to talk about giving yourself permission to…
10: Get Paid To Do What You LOVE
Mar 15 • 23 min
In this episode, I run you through 3 SIMPLE questions that will change the way you work, FOREVER! PLUS, 5 HOT tips on how to really maximise your professional efforts. Ready to make money doing something you love?! LISTEN NOW! Grab the download I…
9: The Power of Mindfulness
Mar 15 • 64 min
Julia Prescott, my mentor and friend, has an incredible story from being highly respected for her work as an assistant director in prisons both in the UK and in New Zealand, to falling ill and going on a beautiful explorative journey back to INCREDIBLE…
8: Learn the art of surrendering!
Feb 28 • 15 min
When is it time to let go? Does surrendering mean giving up? In this episode of The New 1% Podcast I answer exactly those questions! Grab a notebook because this is full of so many golden nuggets of wisdom! ✍🏼✨ AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS…
7: 25 Lessons learned in 25 years
Feb 28 • 31 min
THE BIG 25! In this episode of The New 1% Podcast I share 25 of my biggest lessons in 25 years! There is more than one way to do something. Serve from the saucer, not your cup. Food is your friend. Say yes more. Say no more than you say yes. Keep an open…
6: Stop letting age hold you back - Gemma Hulbert (The Yacht Stew)
Feb 28 • 42 min
Gemma Hulbert (@theyachtstew) and I got together to discuss leadership at any age, what makes a leader, how we deal with criticism and hurdles in an ageist world, and how to empower others around you PLUS so much more!
5: What are your feelings teaching you?
Feb 18 • 11 min
Thank you for listening to me & coming into my world. No matter how great someone’s life might look like on the outside, there might be something else going on. Little or big. It’s important to be kind always & especially kind to yourself
4: Life Pivot - How to embrace change
Feb 10 • 22 min
In this episode we get into embracing change and how to recognise when it is time to pivot in life, the different kinds of pivots we will experience over our lifetimes , and go over some useful ways to gracefully and strategically embrace change with…
3: Life as a superyacht stewardess - Gemma Hulbert (The Yacht Stew)
Jan 30 • 32 min
Gemma Hulbert, a.k.a The Yacht Stew, has found an unlikely job working as a stewardess on board billionaire Superyachts, and I had the greatest luck meeting her in Europe during my time as a stew. We bonded over our love of blogging and learning and…
2: The secret to living to 100 in great health - Jason Shon Bennett
Jan 29 • 43 min
Jason Shon Bennett is a health researcher, best-selling author, public speaker and health guru. After a rough start in life with debilitating sickness, Jason cured himself at age 25 by ditching alcohol, rejigging his diet, and practicing Regular…
Welcome to the New 1% - our very first episode!
Jan 24 • 12 min
Welcome to the New 1% show with your host, Savanna Ashley. Personal trainer turned business owner, marketing ninja, and fulfilment passionista, join Savanna as she dives deep into discussions that will open up your mind, share improved strategies to hack…