The Proven Principles Podcast

The Proven Principles Podcast
Hospitality is a big, complex industry. Each week, join Adam Knight, a long-time hotel operations executive and owner of Proven Principles, a hospitality operations consulting company, as he demystifies hotels and shares his insights on the skills needed to be successful in any customer service focused business. Whether you lead a team, want to improve your operations or just need to hear some great career advice, this is the podcast for you.

#8 - The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews
Apr 24 • 11 min
You need a customer review strategy! As a leader, understanding how your customers interact with and experience your business is vital to your success. This is why reviews are so useful… because they give you intel you may not normally have.
#7 - How To Inspect for Cleanliness
Apr 17 • 13 min
Cleanliness is arguably the most important aspect of running a successful hotel or restaurant - Beautiful properties can be hugely diminished if they’re dirty and the reverse is true… older, unrenovated properties can be enhanced if they are kept…
#6 - Why You Should Define a Common Goal
Apr 4 • 9 min
In this episode we discuss how and why it’s important to have everyone contributing to the same goal and how to develop better communication throughout your operation. Highlights from the episode: - There is a “guest first” mentality throughout the…
#5 - 10 Tips To Immediately Improve Service
Mar 27 • 12 min
In this episode shares 10 simple practices that you can use right away to improve service in your operation. 1. 5/10 rule 2. Ending employee conversations when guests are present 3. Acknowledging guests when you pass them in the hall 4. Opening doors…
#4 - Handling Difficult Customer Requests
Mar 8 • 9 min
Customers will make requests that are difficult to accommodate but there is a right way and a wrong way to say no. In this episode we discuss how to respond to those requests and why never saying no without offering an alternative will set you and your…
#3 - How To Hold Effective Pre-Shift Meetings
Feb 28 • 9 min
Every employee should get a short briefing before starting their shift. These first five minutes are crucial for setting your team up for success. In this episode we discuss what to cover in a pre-shift meeting, how to do it effectively and why you should…
#2 - Everyone Needs a Checklist
Feb 23 • 7 min
If your operation is struggling with consistency or if things keep falling through the cracks, job checklists are the surest way to get it back on track.
#1 - Service vs. Hospitality
Feb 14 • 6 min
The thing that sets every great hospitality operation apart from the rest is that they understand there is a difference between service and hospitality. In this episode, we discuss the practical application of both.
#0 - Who We Are and Why We’re Here
Jan 23 • 5 min
Our first ever episode discussing who we are and why we’re here! Proven Principles is a hospitality operations consulting company and our podcast aims to deconstruct the best practices of the luxury hotel industry to help you improve your hospitality…