Beyond 1st Level

Beyond 1st Level
Join the squad of Kelley, Will, Samantha, and Cesar as they try and make it through the World of Atlas with your DM David at the helm. We don’t take ourselves to serious so neither should you. Let’s see how they travel beyond 1st level in… Beyond 1s

30.5: Talking Beyond - The Solstice Games
Aug 19 • 93 min
Use this episode to catch up with everything from 21-30 and hang out with Beyond 1st Level.
30: The Solstice Games - Roth’s Plan (Beast Fights)
Aug 13 • 138 min
2 rounds left of the Beast Duels have The Rain fighting for their lives. What does Roth have planned for them…
29: The Solstice Games - Trouble for Zasai
Aug 6 • 159 min
The Rain go under investigation from the League…
28: The Solstice Games - Nadia’s Secret
Jul 30 • 96 min
Nadia’s secret finally comes to The Rain’s attention…
27: The Solstice Games - The Shroud Vs. The Yuan-ti
Jul 23 • 147 min
The Rain find themselves in the middle of a dangerous situation…The title speaks for it self.
26: The Solstice Games - Exploring the Underground
Jul 16 • 120 min
The Rain take a break from competing and begin to explore the city.
25: The Solstice Games -The Mage Duels Close
Jul 9 • 147 min
R.A.I.N finishes the first 2 events in The Solstice Games; The Mage Duels and The Strength Competition (Arm Wrestling)
24: The Solstice Games - The Mage Duels Part 2
Jul 2 • 142 min
The Mage Duels continue, and the gang cant pass a check to see a wall in front of them.
23: The Solstice Games - The Mage Duels Begin
Jun 25 • 143 min
The Mage Duels are underway. How will our party fare against those from across the kingdom?
22: The Solstice Games - Opening Festivities
Jun 18 • 132 min
The Opening Festivities commence and the Mage Duels begin. The Solstice games are underway.
21: The Breaker Gets Broken
Jun 11 • 129 min
Ishi finds his old teammate and the open ceremonies of the Solstice games begins.
20.5: Talking Beyond - The Path to Healing
Jun 10 • 108 min
The Beyond 1st Level cast summarizes and explains episode 11 - 20, to catch listeners up to speed in 1 quick episode.
20: Zasai
Jun 4 • 132 min
The Gang finally makes it to Zasai and starts looking for Ishis lost teammate.
19: The Hull
May 28 • 113 min
The gang has some good time and starts getting to know one another. Finally, What happened to Ishi’s arm?
18: The Run to Port
May 21 • 97 min
Rain runs through Port Vancaster to catch the last boat to Zasai…
17: Exploring the City
May 14 • 116 min
The Gang explores the new city and meet a lot of new people, nice or otherwise…
16: The Port Of Vancaster
May 7 • 144 min
The gang makes it to Port Vancaster…
15: Hard Choices
Apr 30 • 123 min
The Gang seems to have the end of the goblin den in sight, now only 2 thing stand in their way…
14: What the Hell Just Happened?
Apr 23 • 126 min
The Gang travels further down the cave and gets into yet another fight that ends with a bang…
13: Get off Me Goblins!
Apr 16 • 138 min
The gang rushes into another room only to find more Goblins to fight and hopefully defeat…
12: Oh Boy, Goblins
Apr 9 • 120 min
The Gang enters a goblin infested cave and is met with a fun trap?… And goblins
11: Where to Next?
Apr 2 • 115 min
The Gang head off on a new journey and runs into a group of mercenaries they decide to join for a quest to earn a little gold.
10.5: Talking Beyond - Swamp Arc
Apr 1 • 73 min
Beyond 1st Level cast summarizes and explains the 1st arc to catch listeners up to speed in 1 quick episode.
10: The Manatua Swamp Pt. 3
Mar 26 • 152 min
The gang gets to Moonsbright and the swamp throws everything it had at them to make sure they never leave.
9: The Manatua Swamp Pt. 2
Mar 19 • 48 min
The Gang goes further in the swamp and has to come up with some creative means to keep them safe…
8: The Manatua Swamp
Mar 12 • 63 min
To go into the swamp is suicide, but sure enough the gang has to go in and survive… They will survive… Right?
7: The Entangled Manor
Mar 5 • 105 min
The gang hold up in an old manor for the night and find it has an odd story to tell…
6: The Haunting Hunt Pt.2
Feb 26 • 125 min
The Gang does it all by putting spirits to rest and getting some help (and some secrets revealed) from a high wizard…
5: The Haunting Hunt Pt.1
Feb 19 • 114 min
The gang heads into the graveyard to hunt the haunting spirit and find things may not be as easy as swinging a sword…
4: Pay What You Owe
Feb 12 • 99 min
The gang decides to split the party and help out the town of Bonaborough with some odd jobs…
3: Off to See The Wizard
Feb 5 • 99 min
The gang fights in a tournament and make there way to see Dundle…
2: Bonaborough Bound
Jan 29 • 109 min
The Gang Heads towards Bonaborough and Riku gets an unexpected visit…
Ep 1: Meeting at the Sleepy Lodge
Jan 22 • 158 min
The adventure begins as 4 destinies meet at a roadside tavern named The Sleepy Lodge…