Choose Linux

Choose Linux
The show that captures the excitement of discovering Linux.

23: Void Linux + Contributing to Open Source
Nov 28 • 27 min
A chance to learn some Linux fundamentals in Distrohoppers, and the numerous ways we can all contribute to Linux and open source.Sponsored By:Linux Academy: Give yourself a year of opportunity and save $150. Get a full year of Hands-On Cloud Training.…
22: Finding Your Community
Nov 14 • 28 min
We talk about the best ways to get involved in open source communities, finding like-minded people, conference strategies, community hubs, and what happened to all the LUGs.
21: KaOS + How We Install Software
Oct 31 • 29 min
There are numerous ways to install software on a modern Linux system and we each have a different approach. Plus a lean and focused KDE experience in DistroHoppers.Links:KaOS — KaOS is an independent distribution focused on Qt and KDE.KaOS Sponsors — A…
20: Single Board Computers
Oct 17 • 26 min
We are joined by special guest Chz who is a long-time user of single board computers to talk about how we use boards like the Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, and ROCKPro64.Special Guest: chzbacon.Links:Raspberry PiOrange PiBanana PiODROIDPine64BrickPi
19: Android-x86 + First Steps into the Cloud
Oct 3 • 28 min
We have three different approaches to using the cloud, so we discuss various ways to expand your Linux knowledge beyond the desktop. Plus Distrohoppers delivers a mobile-like experience that splits opinion.Links:Android-x86 — This is a project to port…
18: Introducing New People to Linux
Sep 19 • 31 min
There's lots to consider when setting someone up with Linux for the first time. User needs and expectations, distro choice, hardware, and so much more. We discuss our experiences, and ask some fundamental questions.
17: Hardware hacking basics, Slackel + OSCAR
Sep 5 • 29 min
Getting into hardware hacking with Arduino, and analysing sleep data from CPAP machines. Plus a glimpse into the past in Distrohoppers.Links:Arduino softwareGetting started with Badgy IoTSmart RGB LED strips with Home AssistantSlackel — Slackel is a Linux…
16: PCLinuxOS + Hugo
Aug 22 • 30 min
We check out a great tool for learning web development basics, and Distrohoppers brings us mixed experiences. Plus which of the 10 commandments for Linux users we agree with.Links:Ell’s Trip to Hacker Summer Camp — The whole Choose Linux crew talk about…
15: OBS Studio + Endless OS
Aug 8 • 30 min
Distrohoppers delivers a distro that divides us, and we check out the video streaming and recording software OBS Studio. Plus a handy audio recorder that's as simple as it gets.Links:OBS Studio — Free and open source software for video recording and live…
14: Endeavour OS + Pisi Linux
Jul 25 • 25 min
We take a look at the continuation of Antergos called Endeavour OS and are pretty impressed, and Distrohoppers delivers an interesting distro that's obsessed with cats. Plus the only way to watch YouTube videos on Android.Links:Endeavour OS — An…
13: Qubes OS + Plex vs Kodi
Jul 11 • 27 min
Distrohoppers brings us up a fascinating distro where every application runs in its own VM. Plus Drew and Joe disagree on the best media solution.Links:Qubes OS — Qubes OS is a security-oriented operating systemQubes OS video tour — Talk from the Circle…
12: Regolith, Rosa, and Antsy Alien Attack
Jun 27 • 27 min
Two new hosts join Joe to talk about a nice i3 implementation and an amazing arcade game written in Bash. Plus a new segment called Distrohoppers, and a useful hidden feature of GNOME.Links:Regolith Linux — Regolith Linux is a distro for people that…
11: Zorin OS 15 + LineageOS
Jun 13 • 29 min
Zorin OS is described as “a powerful desktop you already know how to use.” It’s elegant, beginner-friendly and looks beautiful, too. Should we be paying more attention to it? Then in another first, Jason installs his first alternative mobile OS, and Joe…
10: BTW, I Installed Arch
May 30 • 29 min
He didn't stop at Xfce. Jason became that Arch Linux guy. Is it as challenging to install as we’ve been told? We discuss the hard way, and then the easier way. Then we take the mighty Oryx Pro laptop from System76 for a first impressions test…
9: Intel’s Clear Linux + The FOSS Contribution Project
May 16 • 28 min
Practically overnight, Intel’s Clear Linux OS has turned into a distribution worth paying attention to. But is it ready for regular desktop Linux users? Plus, Jason goes down yet another awesome rabbit hole with a new project on GitHub aimed at giving…
8: Ubuntu MATE on the Pi + The Linux Community
May 2 • 31 min
We take Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for a test drive on the Raspberry Pi 3. How does it compare to Raspbian? After that, a fascinating discussion about the Linux community. What are the high points and low points? What’s that magic ingredient that makes it feel so…
7: The Xfce Surprise + Entroware Ares Review
Apr 18 • 28 min
Jason leaves the warm embrace of GNOME and finally tries Xfce for 24 hours. What happened took him by surprise! Then we dive into some hardware talk about the latest All-In-One Linux PC from Entroware, which packs in a lot of quality for the price. But…
6: Manjaro 18 + Starting Your Journey
Apr 4 • 29 min
The Linux Gaming Report rolls forward as Jason throws Manjaro 18 on the test bench and walks away shocked. Then we offer some best practices and tips for, well, choosing Linux! How to pick the right hardware for your needs, where to discover your perfect…
5: Linux Gaming Report and Purism Librem 15
Mar 21 • 31 min
Jason goes deeper down the rabbit hole by exploring the state of Steam gaming on 9 different Linux distributions. Find out how Fedora compares to Pop!_OS. Plus, first impressions of Purism’s brand new Librem 15 v4 laptop.Links:Linux Gaming: Usability And…
4: Fedora Challenge And NextCloudPi
Mar 7 • 31 min
The distro challenges roll on with Fedora Workstation. Jason shares his thoughts on getting it up and running, feeling at home with vanilla Gnome, and why Fedora may be perfect place for his Magic the Gathering addiction. Plus, the Raspberry Pi journey…
3: Raspberry Pi and Retro Gaming
Feb 21 • 33 min
Jason finally discovers the bottomless well of potential that is the Raspberry Pi, and talks about his first experience with Raspbian. Then Joe and Jason take a nostalgic deep dive into retro gaming on both the Raspberry Pi and the Pinebook. Plus some…
2: Anyone Can Benchmark + openSUSE Challenge
Feb 7 • 31 min
Episode 2 is all about opposites, such as the major differences between benchmarking graphics cards like Radeon VII on Linux and Windows. Then we dive into the Phoronix Test Suite, a robust tool that isn't just for tech reviewers. Find out why you should…
1: elementary OS and OpenMediaVault
Jan 23 • 28 min
We kick off a brand new show with a discussion about Jason's elementary OS community challenge. Then we get into the pros and cons of setting up your own NAS with OpenMediaVault. Plus, find out more about your hosts and what we have in store for future…