The well women podcast

The well women podcast
Dr. Laura Pipher , ND discusses hot topics and interviews various experts in this informative women’s health podcast . This podcast focuses on getting women information that they need to know when it comes to their health , because well women can change the world ! Please note that the information provided in this podcast is for educational purposes only and is not intended be used as medical advice . Please speak with your healthcare provider Cover art photo provided by Sam Manns on Unsplash:

Estrogen, Insulin & Weight Loss
Sep 16 • 30 min
Have you been struggling with weight management? Join Dr. Laura in this weight loss & hormones series, discussing how different hormones can make your weight feel impossible to lose. Learn about the role Estrogen & Insulin play in your weight picture, how…
How estrogen is impacted by your digestion
Sep 9 • 22 min
In this week’s episode, Dr. Laura discusses the importance of our gut bacteria in our hormone balance. Learn how estrogen impacts the good & bad bacteria in our gut & what that means for our hormone balance. Dr. Laura also discusses her top 3 tips to help…
Is your thyroid sabotaging your weight loss efforts?
Aug 29 • 21 min
Have you ever had your thyroid fully evaluated? Learn the importance in looking at full thyroid hormone testing when it comes to managing your weight & start getting answers today! Listen to the audio version of Dr. Laura’s instagram LIVE discussing…
PCOS- What does a diagnosis even mean ?
Jul 29 • 25 min
PCOS - What does the diagnosis actually mean ? Why is it so difficult to get a diagnosis ? Is the birth control pill the best way to treat PCOS ? Dr. Laura answers all of your questions in this weeks episode talking all about what a diagnosis of PCOS…
My pregnancy journey & the things no one tells you !
Jul 21 • 41 min
Dr. Laura gets personal in this episode as she deep dives into her experiences with pregnancy & the symptoms many people don’t talk about . This episode is meant to ease any fears and anxieties you may have with respect to pregnancy & some tips on what to…
Can you avoid pregnancy without hormones ??
Jul 7 • 32 min
More and more women are wanting to come off of birth control because they don’t like the side effects, but they are nervous about the chance of pregnancy . Women have been lead to believe that their options include : birth control or pregnancy . Is this…
Clean up your skincare without breaking the bank!
Jun 17 • 16 min
Which products should you be using for your skin ? Does more expensive mean better for you ? Learn the chemicals you should be avoiding in your products & two of Dr. Laura’s brand suggestions they are good for your skin & your wallet !
Is vaping actually a healthy alternative to smoking ?
Jun 10 • 32 min
What is actually in a vape ? Are these ingredients safe ? How do you know ? Should you use vaping to quit smoking ? Get these answers and so much more as Sam and Dr. Laura dive into the current available research to get you the facts you need to know…
The Black Food Fad - Activated charcoal
Jun 3 • 33 min
Join Dr. Laura and Sam as they dive into this weeks trending topic : activated charcoal ! Should you be adding this to your daily smoothies ? Is it safe in the food you eat ? Take a Listen for all of your answers !
Probiotics - do you actually need to be taking them ?
May 27 • 52 min
Are you confused when it comes to probiotics ? Is it just a fad or are probiotics the real deal !? Should you be taking them ? Do they need to be refrigerated ? Can probiotics come from food ? Join Sam and Dr. Laura as they break down everything you need…
Evaluating the safety of Herbs & Supplements in pregnancy
May 21 • 44 min
Let’s face it , pregnancy can be an overwhelming confusing and scary time for a woman . In this episode Dr. Laura dives into all of the pertinent information you need to know when it comes to the safety and evidence regarding common herbs and nutrients .…
Ditching the likes & Ignoring the trolls with ALC Wellness
May 13 • 69 min
we are going ALL in on workplace wellness , mental health , and social media in this episode with Ashley LeClair , founder of ALC Wellness . Learn about why parents should be concerned about their kids when it comes to social media apps, how Facebook…
Health hacks with Dr. Laura - Can marijuana increase testosterone ?
May 5 • 13 min
Can marijuana benefit your testosterone levels ? Dr. Laura breaks down the recent news headlines and helps you understand what you should be doing to benefit your swimmers (or your partners) !
Food Sensitivity Testing with Dr. Megan Boucher
Apr 28 • 67 min
Join Dr. Laura and special guest Dr. Megan Boucher , ND as they dive into everything you need to know about food sensitivity testing . We are answering all of your questions as well as talking about the recent controversies in the news . Follow Dr. Megan…
Hangover Cures 101
Apr 15 • 43 min
Sam & Dr. Laura are talking all about hangovers and the reasons why we experience the inevitable after a night of drinking . Learn the key nutrients that are depleted by alcohol, and if “hangover pills” are just a marketing scheme. If you choose to…
Apele Period panties - Everything you need to know
Apr 7 • 46 min
Join this special episode as Dr. Laura speaks with Stevie from apele to learn all about their performance underwear and period panties ! Learn how they can be helpful beyond just periods & how you can benefit from these stylish undies ! BONUS - Apele is…
Health Hacks with Dr. Laura - Optimizing your sleep !
Apr 1 • 21 min
Do you have problems with your sleep ? Have you always been told you are supposed to get 8 hours a night but wonder how on earth that could ever happen ? this episode is for you ! join Dr. Laura as she breaks down everything you need to know to hack your…
Be Mom Strong With Alissa Blais
Mar 25 • 60 min
Dr. Laura interviews Alissa Blais , founder of the Be Mom Strong Training academy , yoga instructor , personal trainer & mom of two as they take a deep dive into fitness and weight loss after kids, goal setting , finding the right diet for you and so much…
Health hacks with Dr. Laura - 10 tips to optimize your fertility
Mar 18 • 15 min
In this weeks mini-sode, Dr. Laura is giving her top 10 tips to help optimize fertility for you and your partner . Are you looking to conceive now or in the near future ? You don’t want to miss this !
Mental health, confidence and social media with Jessica Tyler
Mar 10 • 54 min
Dr. Laura interviews Jessica Tyler (also known as Jenna Middleton from Degrassi) as they talk about growing up in the public eye , not meeting expectations , mental health and the impact of social media, and learning to love yourself . Follow Jessica on…
Health hacks with Dr. Laura - Constipation 101- moving your bowels !
Mar 3 • 19 min
Are you pooping everyday ? What does it Mean to be constipated ? Learn about how to treat your constipation in a pinch , how to identify the cause of your digestive concerns and what investigations you may need to be requesting .
Hormonal Birth Control - the good the bad and the ugly
Feb 24 • 52 min
Are you on hormonal birth control ? Are you wondering how it works or side effects you should be aware of ? Does birth control impact future fertility ? Join Sam and Dr. Laura as they discuss everything you need to know about your hormonal birth control…
Health hacks with Dr. Laura - treating colds & flus
Feb 17 • 16 min
In this weeks health hacks with Dr. Laura , Laura discusses her favourite products to treat colds and flus , and tips on how to support your immune system all year long!
Essentially Inspired with Laura Skjelmose
Feb 10 • 64 min
It’s Laura x2 ! Dr. Laura takes a deep dive with friend and essential oil expert Laura Skjelmose as they highlight the importance of detoxifying your life and how essential oils can be of benefit. Learn what to look for when searching for the right…
Health Hacks with Dr. Laura - Testing Your Thyroid
Feb 6 • 7 min
In this mini - episode Dr. Laura talks about what you need to know about thyroid hormone testing and how to know if you could have a thyroid issue !
Collagen & Skin health - fact or fad ?
Jan 28 • 44 min
Dr. Laura talks with Sam all about collagen & skin health ! Find out if collagen is something you should be taking or if it’s another trend that should be avoided ! Also learn which nutrients are important for your skin health and if you should actually…
Introduction to the well women podcast
Jan 21 • 1 min
Welcome to the well women podcast ! Dr. Laura, ND is bringing you a trusted resource for all things women’s health . Follow her as she takes a deep dive into trending health topics & brings in different experts so that you feel completely confident in…