The Siècle History Podcast

The Siècle History Podcast
The Siècle is a history podcast covering France’s overlooked century between Napoleon and World War I. Visit for annotated scripts, pictures, maps, sources and more.

9: Legitimism
May 21 • 27 min
Meet the “legitimists,” the group of right-wing ultra-royalists who would have a profound influence on 19th Century French politics. Champions of natural order and Catholicism, liberty and inequality, they had a sophisticated philosophy rooted in opposing…
8: The Unexpected Chamber
May 2 • 23 min
The restored king of France, Louis XVIII, faces a stiff challenge from the parliament he just created. But these champions of parliamentary power aren’t who might expect. Like what you hear? Support the show on Patreon!
7: The Charter
Apr 19 • 25 min
After the fall of Napoleon, France got a new constitution — one full of contradictions. Learn about The Charter, a constitution literally for the 1%. Like what you hear? Support the show on Patreon!
6: Our Friends the Enemies
Apr 3 • 39 min
After Waterloo, France was invaded by a huge multinational foreign army — and they didn’t leave for more than three years. Learn more about the facts and consequences of this occupation in an interview with Prof. Christine Haynes, author of a recent book…
5: The White Terror
Mar 20 • 35 min
France plunges into violence after the final fall of Napoleon. Featuring: invasion, murder, treason, extortion, art theft, 300 million bottles of wine, rude drinking songs and seditious chickens. Like what you hear? Support the show on Patreon!
4: The Paradox of Paris
Mar 6 • 23 min
Paris in 1815 was a city of intense contradictions, where shining palaces and squalid slums sat right next door to each other. Meet the city that is not yet the City of Light at the dawn of the Restoration. Follow along with maps at…
Supplemental 1: The Hundred Homers
Mar 4 • 2 min
Napoleon’s famous Hundred Days, told in Simpsons GIFs, the format these epic events have been waiting two centuries for. Special bonus The Siècle content available now at
3: The Kingdom of Louis Dix-Huit
Feb 20 • 29 min
What kind of kingdom had Louis XVIII managed to win after Waterloo, anyway? We take a tour of France in 1815, from its mountains and rivers to its hardscrabble peasants, wine-trading merchants and imperious nobles. Follow along with vital maps at…
2: The Hundred Days
Feb 6 • 21 min
Napoleon returns from exile to reclaim his throne, and Louis flees into exile. But as diplomats scheme for advantage, the fate of France will be settled on the fields of Waterloo. Find out more at
1: The Return of the King
Jan 20 • 20 min
The Siècle begins in the year 1814. Napoléon has abdicated, and the Bourbons are back in charge of France. Here’s how they screw it up, the first scene in our century-long saga of a country at war with itself. Find out more at
0: The Century Between
Jan 20 • 7 min
What exactly is The Siècle? An introduction to the new podcast chronicling French history between Napoleon and the First World War. Find out more at