The Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation is a non-profit focused on building a global SOF community— and SOFspot is our podcast! Join GSF Director of Marketing Chelsea Hamashin, with President Stu Bradin, COO Meaghan Keeler-Pettigrew, and?

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Aug 26 • 49 min
Bryce Mahoney of The Darby Project talks military transition and doing what makes you happy.
You Can’t Keep Up with Belgium
Aug 22 • 24 min
Members of the GSF team talk about European SOF & our upcoming event in Belgium.
Uncomfortable in Transition
Aug 15 • 27 min
Marcus Hull & Steve Berry of the Three Rangers Foundation talk about military transition and how they support Veterans.
Unbroken Chain of Army Rangers
Aug 9 • 14 min
US Army Ranger Veteran Tony Mayne talked to us about the 2019 Ranger Rendezvous!
Law Enforcement: Continue to Serve
Jul 25 • 38 min
The Pasco County PD talk about the programs they have for former military (specifically SOF) and continuing to serve after their time in the military.
Credits from Experience at Norwich
Jul 17 • 42 min
Norwich University has multiple programs that cater to current and former military to make sure military experience counts towards higher education.
Cities: A System of Systems
Jul 9 • 34 min
We talk about Urban Warfare and the training (or lack of) for this terrain.
Everybody Wants Those “Cybers”
Jul 2 • 27 min
LTC Natalie Vanatta of the US Army Cyber Institute talks how cyber fits into special operations (and more!)
Realities of Space Conflict
Jun 24 • 28 min
Two Space Professionals joined us to discuss the competitive advantage in space today and in the future.
Failure of Imagination
Jun 13 • 17 min
The Global SOF Team spoke with Nick Rasmussen about lessons learned from ISIS and counter-terrorism.
The New Great Game
Jun 7 • 29 min
We spoke with Sharon Burke, the former Ass’t SECDEF for Operational Energy, about the competitive spaces around natural resources..
Rethink our National Security
Jun 3 • 16 min
Congressman Seth Moulton discusses his views on the US Defense Strategy.
A Totally Different World
Apr 23 • 22 min
Norwegian SOF Officer Magne Rodahl shares the story of the Telemark Raid of WW2.
Unify Across Party Lines
Apr 16 • 45 min
The Honorable Jim Locher, former Asst. Secretary of Defense for Special Ops/Low-Intensity Conflict, talks about his career.
Maintain Diverse Talent
Apr 8 • 42 min
We talked to two founders of PROMOTE, which focuses on inclusive leadership and maintaining diverse talent within a SOF workforce.
Grow through Failure
Mar 15 • 52 min
The perks and pains of working for a small business in the Special Operations defense industry.
The Bennies of SkillBridge
Feb 11 • 40 min
Two Veterans discuss their experience with the DoD SkillBridge Fellowship Program
Sit Down and Have A Meal
Jan 18 • 45 min
Learn the ins and outs of conducting defense business on an international level.
Are you ready to exit the aircraft?
Jan 17 • 64 min
A look at SOF for Life— a program to better prepare Special Operators for life after active duty.
How did this all happen?
Oct 31, 2018 • 51 min
Global Special Operations Non-Profit discusses its history and mission.