The Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation is a non-profit focused on building a global SOF community— and SOFspot is our podcast! Join GSF Director of Marketing Chelsea Hamashin, with President Stu Bradin, COO Meaghan Keeler-Pettigrew, and?

Credits from Experience at Norwich
Jul 17 • 42 min
Norwich University has multiple programs that cater to current and former military to make sure military experience counts towards higher education.
Cities: A System of Systems
Jul 9 • 34 min
We talk about Urban Warfare and the training (or lack of) for this terrain.
Everybody Wants Those “Cybers”
Jul 2 • 27 min
LTC Natalie Vanatta of the US Army Cyber Institute talks how cyber fits into special operations (and more!)
Realities of Space Conflict
Jun 24 • 28 min
Two Space Professionals joined us to discuss the competitive advantage in space today and in the future.
Failure of Imagination
Jun 13 • 17 min
The Global SOF Team spoke with Nick Rasmussen about lessons learned from ISIS and counter-terrorism.
The New Great Game
Jun 7 • 29 min
We spoke with Sharon Burke, the former Ass’t SECDEF for Operational Energy, about the competitive spaces around natural resources..
Rethink our National Security
Jun 3 • 16 min
Congressman Seth Moulton discusses his views on the US Defense Strategy.
A Totally Different World
Apr 23 • 22 min
Norwegian SOF Officer Magne Rodahl shares the story of the Telemark Raid of WW2.
Unify Across Party Lines
Apr 16 • 45 min
The Honorable Jim Locher, former Asst. Secretary of Defense for Special Ops/Low-Intensity Conflict, talks about his career.
Maintain Diverse Talent
Apr 8 • 42 min
We talked to two founders of PROMOTE, which focuses on inclusive leadership and maintaining diverse talent within a SOF workforce.
Grow through Failure
Mar 15 • 52 min
The perks and pains of working for a small business in the Special Operations defense industry.
The Bennies of SkillBridge
Feb 11 • 40 min
Two Veterans discuss their experience with the DoD SkillBridge Fellowship Program
Sit Down and Have A Meal
Jan 18 • 45 min
Learn the ins and outs of conducting defense business on an international level.
Are you ready to exit the aircraft?
Jan 17 • 64 min
A look at SOF for Life— a program to better prepare Special Operators for life after active duty.
How did this all happen?
Oct 31, 2018 • 51 min
Global Special Operations Non-Profit discusses its history and mission.