Fohr Ground

Fohr Ground
A podcast about personalities in the influencer space hosted by Fohr’s Marketing Director, Tim Jeffreys.

Andrea Maria on incorporating spirituality in a material world - Episode 42
Nov 22 • 73 min
Andrea Maria (@dearmilano), as one of Mexico’s first fashion bloggers you’d think that she’d been wanting to do this her life, but that wasn’t the case. Growing up in both Mexico and Texas she loved style and fashion, but it wasn’t until a trip to Milan…
Micaéla Verrelien created her dream job - Episode 41
Nov 15 • 77 min
Micaela Verrelien is a creative director and content creator based in New York. While she was always artistic, she grew up on a traditional path and became an accountant. It wasn’t until she started her blog that she developed her sense of style and…
How Joe Greer makes photos into stories - Episode 40
Nov 8 • 110 min
Joe Greer is a self-taught photographer based in New York. Having gotten his start shooting iPhone photos on Instagram, you can now find him shooting on both film and digital cameras. He stopped by our offices to share how Instagram shaped his craft, how…
Sharing your life as your job with Will Taylor - Episode 39
Nov 1 • 66 min
Will Taylor joins us to cover how he leveraged his background in traditional media to build Bright Bazaar, a lifestyle blog about interior design, travel, and men’s fashion. He talks about the urge to make the move across the pond and how, together with…
Brand Building 101 with Moti Ankari - Episode 38
Oct 25 • 56 min
From starting Metro Man eight years ago to building a brand from scratch, Moti Ankari stays busy. It was just three years ago that he and fellow influencer Marcel Floruss were guests on A Drink With James. Around the time, they also launched Ankari…
Lessons in running a small business with Emily Schildt - Episode 37
Oct 18 • 51 min
This week, we’re doing something a little different. With influencers running small businesses through Instagram, it made sense for us to sit down with brand consultant Emily Schildt who founded Pop-Up Grocer just this year. We learn what it takes to run…
Dennis Todisco fosters communities on Instagram and Twitter - Episode 36
Oct 11 • 62 min
Dennis Todisco is a Boston raised, New York City based content creator. He’s worked at brands like Nike and Twitter and now focuses on @outfitgrid and his personal account full-time. If you’re not familiar, Outfit Grid is simple: users submit the clothes…
How Jessica Torres became a role model for her younger self - Episode 35
Oct 4 • 52 min
As a blogger, podcast host, and YouTuber, Jessica stays busy. Throughout it all, she remains true to her goal of creating positive representation for women growing up just like her. In this episode, she talks about her journey to self-love, why she isn’t…
Jera Foster-Fell empowers women to be their best selves - Episode 34
Sep 27 • 58 min
Jera Foster-Fell is a fitness and lifestyle influencer born and based in NYC. She’s especially cognizant of sharing her passion with others in hopes it will inspire them to get the most out of themselves. And for the first time in Fohr Ground history, our…
How Tanyka Renee channels spirituality into her work - Episode 33
Sep 20 • 57 min
From swimming with jaguars in Honduras to partying with Rihanna in Barbados, Tanyka has come a long way from her small town in Connecticut. She shares how she had to get in touch with herself—through meditation and solo travels—before she got in touch…
Essence Gant on breaking into the New York media industry - Episode 32
Sep 13 • 61 min
Essence Gant is the Beauty Director at BuzzFeed. As more people in the media industry are motivated to grow their social media and cultivate a personal brand, she sets an example of doing that while being true to yourself. In this episode, she shares the…
Matt Chu on finding his sense of (art) direction - Episode 31
Sep 6 • 55 min
Matt Chu is a New York based art director and full-time fashion buyer. One glance at his Instagram and you can see clearly what he’s about: taking amazing photos and showcasing his unique, genderless style. In this episode, he talks about developing a…
How Gigi Ivanova self-launched her first fashion label — today - Episode 30
Aug 30 • 56 min
On the podcast, we’ve talked to influencers with dreams to start their own collections and even a few who already have their own brands. Gigi is in the unique position of launching her first fashion line right. now. She talks us through the journey, what…
Olivia Caputo believes in using her platform for good - Episode 29
Aug 23 • 44 min
A year into being a full-time influencer, Olivia shares how she got to where she is today. From Florida to New York, pageants to content creation. Hear her open up about having anxiety, using her platform for good, and living in the moment.
Sabrina Poon’s nursing career makes her content stronger - Episode 28
Aug 16 • 52 min
Sabrina is a nurse, content creator, and lifelong New Yorker. While many influencers aspire to create content full-time, she balances both her passions and has no plans to stop. Hear how the contrast of the two helps her excel in both.
How Missy Lynn succeeds over tough times - Episode 27
Aug 9 • 65 min
Before her flight from NYC to Dallas, Missy stopped by Fohr HQ to talk about how her military experience shapes her perspective and process. She also opens up about why it’s okay to take a step back from content creation to deal with real life.
Tyla-Lauren Gilmore on her natural hair journey - Episode 26
Aug 2 • 56 min
Tyla’s influencer career as we know it began with one big moment: her decision to document her natural hair journey. Since then, she’s been on a mission to help women embrace their natural selves and how to look their best for less.
Leo Chan creates Asian representation for the next generation - Episode 25
Jul 26 • 66 min
Growing up, Leo read the pages of GQ and watched popular movies, never seeing anyone who looked like him. That set him off on wanting to be the representation he sought. Sure enough, he did just that. Hear how he made it work and why it’s so important…
Sai De Silva on motherhood and balance - Episode 24
Jul 19 • 66 min
We’re back with a brand new season. Tim is joined by Sai De Silva, an influencer and blogger from New York City. She also happens to be the coolest mom we know. In this episode, she shares her insights on work-life balance and embracing her identity…
Season One in Review
Jul 17 • 30 min
And that’s a wrap on season one! The past 22 episodes have been filled with memorable profiles of the industry’s top personalities. We hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed recording.For the upcoming season, you can expect a brand new format.…
Christina Caradona (Trop Rouge) - Episode 22
Jun 13 • 70 min
Christina Caradona is the content creator behind Trop Rouge, a blog centered on personal style, fashion, and travel. She’s been running the site since the industry’s infancy nine years ago. If you’re familiar with her bubbly, charismatic personality, it…
Carly Hill - Episode 21
Jun 7 • 60 min
Carly Hill is a Senior Account Executive by day, fashion and food blogger by night. She’s a true testament to following your passions no matter how busy your calendar.
Steffy (Steffy’s Pros and Cons) - Episode 20
May 30 • 60 min
Steffy is a Long Island based content creator. She talks about her affinity for the colors yellow and orange, her eclectic career path, and how she found her style.
Katie Sands (Honestly Kate) - Episode 19
May 24 • 64 min
Katie is a woman of many talents: fashion blogger and Make-A-Wish board member by day, guest speaker on news channels by night. She shares how her acting background helped her develop her online persona, why she prefers to collaborate (not compete) with…
Sarah Bryant (Sarah LouWho) - Episode 18
May 16 • 69 min
It was just three years ago that Sarah had a following of 800. After cutting her hair to her signature pixie cut and going viral, she decided to create content, a side hustle that quickly overtook her full-time job running a telecommunications company in…
Alyssa Lenore - Episode 17
May 9 • 61 min
Alyssa is a NYC based content creator. She dabbles in many niches, bringing her background in interior design in whatever she creates. In this episode, she covers getting brands to trust her creative vision, what it was like growing up in the Philippines…
Adam Bartoshesky (Captain Barto) - Episode 16
May 3 • 75 min
Adam a.k.a. Captain Barto is an LA based photographer. Growing up in rural Maryland, he surfed up and down the east coast. His love of the sport led him to find his passion for film photography.
Casey “Quigley” Goode - Episode 15
Apr 25 • 72 min
Live from LA, Quigley talks us through her journey from making music to creating content online. We hear about her experience as a semi-finalist on American Idol as well as how she began to channel her creativity in fashion and Instagram.
Erin Sackman (Style by the People) - Episode 14
Apr 19 • 51 min
Erin Sackman, aka Style by the People, is a Los Angeles based content creator. She and Tim discuss it all: from the career path she forged for herself at age 18 to the community present in LA’s unique influencer scene. They also cover how she’s preparing…
Caroline Vazzana (Making it in Manhattan) - Episode 13
Apr 11 • 80 min
After spending time in editorial and print, Caroline used Instagram and blogging to support the launch of her book, Making it in Manhattan. In this episode, she and Tim discuss her upbringing in New York City, how she began making clothes, and landing a…
Aaron Vazquez (Blue Camelot) - Episode 12
Apr 5 • 91 min
Photographer + videographer Aaron Vazquez talks breaking out of routines and getting out of your head, staying motivated while being your own boss, plus the year he went without eating a slice of pizza. We also get to hear how he uses rules to structure…
Caitlyn Warakomski (How Do You Wear That) - Episode11
Mar 28 • 57 min
Caitlyn talks with Tim about how she found her style, how she creates sustainability as a business, how she thinks about the future of Instagram. I found it really interesting to hear about her work ethic and the pressures of the industry. In true Fohr…
Wilonda Previlon (Imported Chocolate) - Episode10
Mar 22 • 49 min
Based out of Atlanta, Wilonda joins us on the podcast during a trip to New York. She and Tim talk about her military child background, her Haitian roots, being an influencer outside of the big coastal markets, and what it’s like balancing her Instagram…
Cass DiMicco - Episode 9
Mar 15 • 67 min
Tim chats with Cass DiMicco, a fashion and lifestyle influencer based in New York City. After starting her career as a buyer at Lord & Taylor, she used her keen eye for style to turn blogging to a full-time career, a move that’s two years in the making.…
Igee Okafor (Bond Official) - Episode 8
Mar 6 • 83 min
Host Tim Jeffreys sits down with Igee Okafor, the editor and founder of his eponymous lifestyle blog. He calls it a destination for lifestyle enthusiasts to learn and create a conversation around menswear and culture. He also recently launched a menswear…
Idalia Salsamendi - Episode 7
Feb 27 • 52 min
It’s time to hear from the brand side of things. Idalia Salsamendi talks to our host Tim Jeffreys about witnessing the beginning of the influencer industry as well as her work with influencer Chriselle Lim. Idalia’s honest, no BS approach is something we…
Lex Dieck (Lexicon of Style) - Episode 6
Feb 21 • 56 min
Lex Dieck (also known as Lexicon of Style) is an NYC based style blogger and fashion designer. Her mission is to embody every aspect of style. She sees it as a visual dictionary where women can unite to find inspiration to express themselves through…
Marcel Floruss (One Dapper Street) - Episode 5
Feb 15 • 57 min
In episode 5 of Fohr Ground, Fohr Marketing Director + host Tim Jeffreys sits down with menswear influencer Marcel Floruss. They discuss everything from growing a following on YouTube to the meaning of creativity.
Alyssa Coscarelli (Alyssa in the City) - Episode 4
Feb 6 • 52 min
Alyssa Coscarelli is a freelance fashion writer, editor, and consultant based here in NYC. After graduating LIM College, she immediately started working at Refinery29 after a successful internship there. Over time, her Instagram work on the side outpaced…
Jovel Roystan - Episode 3
Jan 30 • 68 min
In our third episode, host Tim Jeffreys talks with Jovel Roystan, menswear influencer based in New York City. He started his career as a buyer at Macy’s before moving to ASOS as a Social Media Executive for three years.While working in corporate jobs, he…
Danielle Bernstein (We Wore What) - Episode 2
Jan 25 • 50 min
In the second episode of Fohr Ground, our host Tim Jeffreys talks to Danielle Bernstein, entrepreneur and blogger behind @weworewhat. Fohr Brand Communications Manager Stephanie Rubin joins the conversation as one of Danielle’s longtime friends.They…
James Nord (Fohr) - Episode 1
Jan 17 • 99 min
James Nord, CEO of Fohr, host of A Drink with James, and general bon vivant is our guest in the inaugural episode of Fohr Ground.