GlastoCast - (unofficial) Glastonbury Festival Podcast

GlastoCast - (unofficial) Glastonbury Festival Podcast
(unofficial) Glastonbury Festival Podcast

Our Glastonbury Festival 2019 – the best bits!
Oct 3 • 95 min
It’s been a while! Sorry everyone for the delay, but we’re back with our unofficial Glastonbury Festival podcast, and it’s the first episode since we started this project where we’ve been and come back from Worthy Farm! We have so much to talk about that…
Taking steps towards a greener festival, and a greener future
Jun 24 • 56 min
We talk reducing waste and keeping your items safe before you take them all home.
An insight into the Glade and Avalon
Jun 17 • 56 min
We talk to Glasto veteran turned Media Manager Paul about his new experiences from the other side of the stage.
How do you Glastonbury?
Apr 24 • 57 min
In this episode, we share stories on our favourite performances at Glastonbury Festival, give tips on how to try not to get lost from your mates (spoiler: you probably will), salivate over the amazing food options, and discuss our plans for the next…
Where to camp at Glastonbury?
Apr 5 • 74 min
Glastonbury Festival is vast and there are many campsites available so in this episode we talk about where we chose to pitch our tents and give advice on how you can make your own decision.
Arriving at Glastonbury
Mar 6 • 55 min
With the help of our listeners, we discuss the pros and cons of the different ways of getting to Glastonbury Festival and the best time to get there (spoiler: it’s as early as you can).
What to Pack for Glastonbury – Part II
Feb 14 • 36 min
It’s Part II of our packing guide, and we talk about food, booze and cleanliness. Do you really go for five days without showering?
What to Pack for Glastonbury – Part I
Feb 4 • 28 min
For those new to festivals, or even just new to Glastonbury Festival, we take a look at the big necessaries and what you need to know before buying them. We talk tents, sleeping gear, chairs, clothing and footwear.
What is it about Glastonbury?
Jan 29 • 31 min
In this episode, we introduce ourselves, and ask, why podcasting? Why Glastonbury? Hear stories of our first times’ at Worthy Farm, and hear us try to put into words the “magic” that kept us coming back year after year.
Your guide to Glastonbury Festival is coming soon
Jan 16 • 1 min
Coming soon - a guide to help you prepare to Glastonbury Festival full of tips and interactivity.