Conversations with Commerce Trust

Conversations with Commerce Trust
Various specialists at Commerce Trust Company dive into the latest research, insights and market news in Conversations with Commerce Trust. From deconstructing the headlines to foundational investment insights, this podcast is designed to help you unde…

Chief Investment Strategist, Joe Williams, on Equities in the 2nd Half of 2019.
Jul 15 • 10 min
hief Investment Strategist, Joe Williams, Discusses Equities Outlook for the Second Half of 2019.
Director of Investment Research, Barbara Turley, on Rebalancing Your Investments.
Jun 27 • 6 min
Director of Investment Research, Barbara Turley, discusses rebalancing your investments.
Chief Economist Scott Colbert on the Longest Economic Expansion in U.S. History
Jun 25 • 12 min
Our Chief Economist, Scott Colbert, discusses the economy and the outlook for the second half of 2019.
Breaking Down the Choice of Lump-Sum vs. Pension Retirement Options
May 29 • 12 min
Sustainable Investing: Doing Well By ‘Doing Good’
Mar 19 • 11 min
Sustainable investments and how investors are including these impact investments in their portfolio successfully without sacrificing returns.
2019 Investment Summit - Joe Williams
Feb 6 • 11 min
Senior Vice President, Director of Investment Strategies Joe Williams, III, CFA® discusses International Stocks, bonds and possible headwinds heading into 2019.
2019 Investment Summit - Scott Colbert
Feb 6 • 18 min
Chief Economist and Director of Fixed Income Management, Scott Colbert, CFA® discusses the potential for the stock market and the possibility of a recession in 2019.
Active vs. Passive Management Update
Jan 17 • 7 min
Our Director of Investment Research, Barbara Turley, CFA®, discusses how active vs. passive management fits into our 2019 Outlook
Fixed Income Outlook
Jan 17 • 5 min
Senior Portfolio Manager, Doug Koester, discussed how fixed income investments and interest rates fit into our 2019 Outlook.
2019 Market Outlook Overview
Jan 17 • 17 min
Our Chief Economist and Director of Fixed Income Management, Scott Colbert discusses how the stock market affects our 2019 Outlook
Alternative Investment Outlook
Jan 17 • 5 min
Our Senior Portfolio Manager, Cindy Rapponotti, discusses how alternative investments fit into our 2019 Outlook