Advertising Jackpot

Advertising Jackpot
Are you one of those people who think that the podcast is just another time wasting medium? If yes, keep reading. If not, do the same. We all know that to be a great marketer, you have to be up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the marketing world. The problem is - who has enough time for doing that? World top marketers are choosing podcasts as a powerful learning tool. That’s why we developed a 777 theme podcast called “Advertising Jackpot”! No games here. Only highly valuable and easily digestible information. Sponsored By: Val Bullerman

Automate Your Business- Easy Tech Tips
Jun 7 • 8 min
As an entrepreneur there is never enough time in our day. I often hear I would love to do this or that but I just don’t have enough time in the day. To my surprise many entrepreneurs are unaware of some simple software’s that can save us TONS of time and…
Understand Your Customers & Increase Your Sales By 300%
May 7 • 8 min
The most common mistake salespeople are making is delivering their presentation based on their own personality types, not on the customer’s personality type. That means the average salesperson communicates ineffectively up to 75% of the time, which could…
Impact of Online Reviews
Apr 7 • 8 min
The importance of responding to customers online could not be more prevalent as reviews continue to grow more than ever before. Aside from the fact that reviews from customers help others decide whether they should visit a business or not, reviews are now…
SEO tips- Be Seen Online
Mar 7 • 8 min
Learn from SEO expert Justin as he shares SEO tips and tricks to climb the search rankings. Find more resources at Thank you to our sponsor Val Bullerman
BONUS EPISODE—Guide to Incorporating Color Psychology into Your Advertising
Mar 6 • 7 min
If you don’t know the basics of color psychology then you’re losing money. It’s that simple. According to HubSpot, simply changing the color of a call to action button can increase sales by 21%. How Color Psychology Impacts Your Advertisements Choosing…
Advertising- Colors and their emotions
Feb 7 • 9 min
Join us Dr. Lisa Van Allen a clinical psychologist, executive coach, spiritual director, and award winning author with over 30 years in private practice dive into the psychology behind advertising. If you don’t know the basics of color psychology then…
New Year New Business: All Things Advertising with guest Speakers from Iowa’s SBDC and our sponsor V
Jan 7 • 7 min
You’ve got this spark in your eyes. You’ve finally made the leap, and you know your business will be great for you and your customers. Tune in to hear from business growth experts Brook Boehmler and Amy Dutton of Iowa’s Small Business Development Center…