Change One, Change All

Change One, Change All
International thought leader and spiritual pitbull, Chris Walker joins best selling author and award winning film maker Troy Jones in this weekly show that will challenge and support you to think different.. so that you can be different. Inspired by n…

15: Thoughts at the last gasp of life
Sep 28 • 75 min
Evolve, grow, develop, love, change one change all
14: When is the right time to leave my relationship?
Aug 22 • 54 min
Ending your relationship. When is the right time? How do you know if its the right thing to do?
13: Six steps to getting through heartbreak
Jul 28 • 37 min
Strategies for overcoming heartbreak
12: Building an inspirational day
Jul 7 • 47 min
Build the perfect day, a step by step process to create an inspired life
11: Something to do; Someone to love, Something to look forward to
May 14 • 11 min
How to achieve balance in a modern life
10: The reflections of ourselves in others
May 5 • 20 min
- Spiritual beings learning to be human - The reflections of ourselves in others - Donald Trump as a reflection of ourselves - You are the trump that you dont like
9: 3 steps for getting the promotion at work
Apr 30 • 25 min
3 steps for getting the promotion at work
8: Where is God?
Mar 12 • 36 min
laws of nature, self improvement, appreciation, vibration, sex, love, humanity
7: Depression and Elation
Mar 5 • 21 min
elation, depression, religion and fear
6: How business and sex go hand in hand
Feb 26 • 19 min
Losing your vision or imagination makes you unattractive.
5: More sex
Feb 19 • 20 min
sex, affection, love, men, women, intimacy
4: Inspired by nature.. It is impossible for a human being to be out of balance
Jan 24 • 21 min
Chris Walker and Troy Jones find the spirituality in nature and humanity, touching on parenting, relationships, work and loving things before leaving them.
1: When helping your partner out turns bad
Jan 14 • 8 min
The answer to this common relationship mistake.
2: Turning Up Happy - Why its so important; and how to do it
Jan 14 • 12 min
How to Turn Up Happy - into every situation
3: The 7 areas of life that need balance.
Jan 14 • 21 min
7 areas of life that need balance - Spiritual, Mental, Social, Relationship, Social, Career, Financial and Health.