Common Valor

Common Valor
Vetflix, a leader in documenting and sharing the veteran experience, proudly brings you real stories from those who served in America’s military. Each episode explores what veterans go through during their service, the impact it has on them and their f?

#13 Sal Scali: Drafted into Vietnam
Jul 11 • 12 min
Salvatore Scali recounts his days in the Vietnam War.
#12 Dennis Martin: Homeless, not Hopeless (13:01)
Mar 27 • 13 min
Perhaps through some trickery by his father, Dennis Martin ended up serving in the United States Coast Guard. Always a good swimmer, Dennis enjoyed life as a Coastie and his role in helping fight the war on drugs. He remains a proud Amer…
#11 Leo Thomas: The Worse Storm the Better (11:15)
Mar 13 • 11 min
Leo Thomas enlisted in the Navy in 1943 and served in both the European and Pacific theaters.
#10 Larry Morrison: World War II in Okinawa
Mar 6 • 9 min
Larry shares his recollections of service in World War II.
#9 Paul Roy: What America Needs to Know
Feb 26 • 6 min
In today’s story, we meet Paul Roy who served in both the Marine Corps and New Hampshire National Guard.
#8 Dangers of Deployment
Feb 19 • 5 min
These are the Dangers of Deployment today.
#7 Johnathon Starnes: The Greatest Job on the Planet
Feb 12 • 12 min
Starnes was a first class petty officer in the Seabees, or US Navy Construction Battalions, when we interviewed him.
#6 Carl Barrett: We Build, We Fight. Stories from a Korean War Seabee
Feb 5 • 16 min
Carl Barrett served over 20 years as a utilitiesman, or UT, including in the Korean War.
#5 Michael Brophy: Bootcamp
Jan 29 • 5 min
Today’s short story is a modern rendition of commitment to country and the transition to service life.
#4 Bill Donoghue: You Will Kill My Family
Jan 21 • 13 min
Bill Donoghue became a hospital corpsman in 1967.
#3 Jack Mallory: The Little Girl At My Door
Jan 10 • 14 min
Jack Mallory served in the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Jack’s story tells us about his time in Vietnam during 1969 and ‘70 and the ghost he’s lived with ever since.This story was part of a veteran workshop celebration hosted at the …
#2 Ginger Munson: Stories from the Homefront
Jan 10 • 13 min
Ginger Munson served as a helicopter pilot in the Army on active duty from 1988 to 1996.
#1 Curtis Graham: Valor
Jan 8 • 10 min
Curtis Graham grew up in New Hampshire and served in the Marines as a combat engineer from 2010 to 2014